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    Message from the founder of Panjo. Arash Dibazar

    Panjo is a Persian based self defense system which is designed with the understanding that in a self defense situation, the most important thing is to SURVIVE!

    Panjo is self defense in its most raw form. It deals with attackers quickly and effectively. In Panjo the only techniques practiced are techniques which work 100% of the time regardless of the practitioners size or strength. Panjo does not require much muscle or power since the power in the techniques is sufficient enough to take out any attacker. Any person of any age can benefit from Panjo, however at IMC, the minimum age required to start training in Panjo is 13. Any person of any shape or size is encouraged to train since everyone can benefit from the knowledge of true self defense.

    Panjo also encourages the practitioner to explore their personal strengths keeping in mind that each individual is unique and possesses different strengths and weaknesses.

    We recommend that for your sake and the sake of the people you love that you study and explore Panjo and may you never fear anyone again

    [ame=""]New Age of Martial Arts [Part 1] - YouTube[/ame]
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  2. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    Why do you have these jumping and flipping kicks then?

    [ame=""]IMC Academy - Fear No One - YouTube[/ame]

    Also, biting people in this day and age with all the blood pathogens out there is a terrible idea.
  3. gapjumper

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    Are you Arash or one of his students?

    What is the "Persian" base? The IMC website seems to mention a background in BJJ.
  4. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    The photos on his website are deceptive too.

    He's posing with two other BJJ black belts yet doesn't appear to be a black belt. The school he is at, Sandro Batata BJJ, doesn't have him listed as an instructor but does have a purple belt listed.

    This is also one of 3 companies he owns - the other two being a woman's fitness center and something about being the ultimate pickup artist.

    Apparently tricking and paired nunchaku are also useful self protection measures.

    [ame=""]an old video of arash dibazar in action - YouTube[/ame]

    I bet those facial piercings won't be too fun to have once he does end up in a real fight someday.
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  5. Smitfire

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    No such techniques exist. So in Panjo you do....nothing?
  6. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    If you aren't afraid of someone what right do you have to bite them, hit them, hurt them?
    Isn't hitting someone you aren't afraid of just plain old assault?
    There has to be some element of "fear for your own safety or the safety of others" for it to be self defence right?
  7. gapjumper

    gapjumper Intentionally left blank

    Also what is the meaning of the word Panjo?
  8. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Panjo string?
  9. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    The most disappointing part for me is initially I misread it as banjo and got excited. I was hoping for fighting banjos.

    [ame=""]Stacie Duke and Jerry Prince "DUELING BANJOS" kata - YouTube[/ame]
  10. gapjumper

    gapjumper Intentionally left blank

    Please let that be it. :D

    Their trademark move being to strum it.

    I wonder if he will ever come back? Or was it a FAF advertising spammage?
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  11. David Harrison

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    It's Esperanto for "mummy".

    " Etymology

    From patrino (“mother”) + -nj- (affectionate female diminutive, applied to the first or first two syllables of the word).


    IPA: /ˈpanjo/


    panjo (plural panjoj, accusative singular panjon, accusative plural panjojn)

    1. mummy, mommy (child's term for mother)"

  12. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    His agility in those trick demo clips is impressive.

    His freestyling SUCKS (as do the techniques he demonstrates with Electra - edit: it's probably "Elektra" isn't it? :rolleyes:
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  13. Hannibal

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    Absolute bollocks

    The self defence for women portion is pretty much a rip off of the ETGS cuuriculum from PFS, the "pure self defnce moves" clearly includes flip kicks (as Kuma has already shown) and the whole shabang smells of yet another pile of steaming hype with no substance
  14. IMC_BMOC

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    Okay guys, I am a student of arash. First off, I don't believe any of you guys have ever took the time go even create a style. Arash is a black belt in BJJ also the first under Sandro Batata, if you guys don't believe it why don't you go to his gym and ask, nothing you see on the internet can do justice, and it's probably not updated. Ultimately the reason of Panjo was for everyone to survive. If you were in the street and some idiot attacks you, you wouldn't just box them or kick box them, you would do anything that your body is capable of to either stop him or make an escape, so of course biting would be allowed. It's the street there are no rules. Yes arash did tricks, that's something he was passionate about. IMC start 15 years ago, I think most of is were still very young at that time, arash was 20-22, he created something amazing, no one just understand now adays, because all you guys see now is just MMA, Panjo was around before mma was a thing. As for the 3 companies he owns, in life don't you just wanna find stuff your passionate about and at the same time make a living off it?
  15. Hannibal

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    I've been training over 25 years son so no I wasn't still very young

    It helps if you know what you are talking about - and more importantly who you are talking to - before coming on here and spouting such nonsense
  16. IMC_BMOC

    IMC_BMOC New Member

    You say you've been training for 25 years then you should understand the rest of my post, rather than to attack one sentence of the whole post Mr. "Veteran"
  17. philosoraptor

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    Dear IMC BMOC,
    I have a bridge that I would like to sell you. I am actually a Nigerian prince in exile and will pay you for taking the bridge off of my hands. I just need a little bit of cash to grease the right wheels and process the paperwork. With a little work, you could put a toll on the bridge and recoup the money very quickly. $500 should do it, PM me for more details. After the transfer of the bridge I will send you $5000 for helping me with this transaction.
  18. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    Yeah jog on son - no one wants to buy your magic beans here

    It offers nothing I haven't seen anywhere else and can harldy be called "new". Perhaps you should reread MY original post - you know, the one where I pointed out the fact he has the entire ETGS syllabus carbon copied?

    Is he skilled? Probably
    Is it new? Nope

    Don't sell it as anything other than it is because it takes away your credibility in a heartbeat
  19. IMC_BMOC

    IMC_BMOC New Member

    Ok since you've been training so long, you should understand the rest of the post rather than to attack one sentence Mr. "Veteran"
  20. gapjumper

    gapjumper Intentionally left blank

    Greetings Arash Dibazar,

    Do you do a DVD course in Panjo?

    Mystic Meg* foresees a short MAP visit, so you may want to advertise it now.

    *Mystic Meg is a certified medium. It says so in her knickers. :)

    Peace out.

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