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    Quick update, online classes are going well. It's a little frustrating to correct things but my instructor is doing a knockup job of watching me over video. His hour long class (intermediate/experienced because he knows I have a boxing background) is about 10 minutes stretching, 20 minutes footwork, and another 30 on the form and application. I don't even know what form I'm learning (started in the middle sort of ) but doesn't really matter to me, most of it already makes a lot of sense.
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    Just another one on the "judo is damn hard" train - i quit judo because the constant impacts from throws was wrecking my body.
    Uchikomi however proved invaluable and having a coach who gave me a lot of private lessons and understood the value of shadow drilling and grip fighting strategies to noobs and emphasizing where the kuzushi was rather than sticking you in gen pop and telling you to scrap was really important to make me better at throwing my bjj partners.

    Compared to bjj where i can shoot and the gripping strategy is more open (even in no gi) due to the ruleset, i much prefer BJJ's standup and passing the guard is one of the most enjoyable mini-games you can play.

    It also helps that my current bjj coach is extremely detailed and methodical with his teaching which isnt the case at most clubs (judo or bjj tbh)
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