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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Thaiger, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Wildlings

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    Nothing against this, sir. Just pointing out how most prefer to go light instead of not competing at all.
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    Muay Korat etc is not an alternative to Ring Rules Muay Thai. Because Korat, Chiaya are trad versions. It's not a case of either/or.

    The best way for most folks to learn Muay Thai is to do Muay Thai. It's really difficult to find true authentic 'old-style' Thai Martial Arts as it is. And the training is really different to ring-rules training.

    Muay Chiaya is an art designed to work against weaponry and multiple attackers. It has to be seriously modified in order to use it in the ring (to it's dilution).

    I have no idea who you're generalising to there? I fought in quite a few (double figures) ring rules muay thai bouts (early 1990s). And the no money thing is why I stopped.

    Full rules is the only way to show full Ring Rules form for sure. But as I expect you know. There's much more to Muay Thai than just the ring rules techniques.

    Good Luck
  3. Thaiger

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    Hmmm,Do'nt know yet.

    I have a couple of places in mind but haven't approached them yet.I planned on going along to have a chat with the trainers and watch a session before signing up anywhere.

    Any recommendations for the North London area anyone ?.
  4. daggers

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    Muay Thai is ring sport and should all be A class in my opinion
    Light contact , old style etc is NOT muaythai , it is a derivative of ( Boran, korat etc)
    And probably 80% of leading Muay Thai champions have no idea of Boran korat and probably very little interest in it either
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  6. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    If you really see stuff from this point of view, then none of the western stuff is autentic muay thai to the thais. Just go outside and see what they have to say about it. Most recently heard:
    "The farang won but he didn't do muay thai".
    You know, stuff keeps evolving, blessed be Darwin.
  7. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    True Ring-Rules Muay Thai is a ring sport business. It comes from the older systems of Muay including Korat, Chiaya etc. Each of these systems has their own Mae Mai and Luk Mai (major and minor 'tricks').

    Go to a quality Muay Thai camp and you'll learn these techniques. Ring-Rules and Non-Ring-Rules techniques are part of any decent Muay Thai camp.

    True IF you go to a gym that is primarily about turning out ring fighters then they'll tend to concentrate on solely ring-rules techniques.

    Ring rules Muay Thai is a whittling down of techniques from those older arts that:

    A) Work in the ring under the current rule set

    B) Look cool for the crowd

    Entertainment is an important factor as they want the crowd to come back for more. And spend more money.

    C) Make Money (It's an industry)

    For the promoters and stadiums. And a bit for the fighters.

    D) Cause LESS potential damage and fatalities to the fighter

    Just in the last 20 years look at the throws and 'forcedowns' that became 'illegal' under the ring-rules. Look at all the techniques that are 'grey areas'. You'll learn as Trad techniques but won't do in a ring fight.

    E) Can be mastered quicker because of less techniques

    You can crank out fighters quicker WHEN they only use a limited scope of techniques.

    Muay Thai can be what you want it to be. To me it WAS full on full contact ring rules. To someone else it could be just training for self-protection.

    As I came to understand more about south-east Asian martial arts my knowledge of Thai, Burmese etc arts has grown.

    This lead me to train in Muay Chiaya, Krabi Krabong, 'Fandab' etc. None of these things are ring-rules Muay Thai but so what?

    This is true. And I couldn't care less what these 'leading muay thai champs' think. They're interested in ring-fighting. It's pointless for the to train in anything else that takes away from the execution of their sport.

    Just being ignorant of your own culture - Or ignorant of the OTHER aspects of the culture Muay Thai comes from is only an excuse for paying no attention.

    You seem to be saying because Buakaw etc doesn't know about this Older Muay stuff (he does because he's been in a few movies about it) then it's not worthy.

    Whether these 'champs' know anything about Muay Korat etc is irrelevant. It's like asking Olympic Fencers what they know about the use of the Broadsword...Maybe something, maybe nothing.

    Muay Thai is Muay Thai...And There is far more to Thai Martial Arts than just ring-rules Muay Thai.

    Whether 'leading muay thai champions' know of that or not. Whether they care or not.
  8. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Depends where in North London you're based.

    Minotaur (Back Lane, Burnt Oak - Edgware - Nearest tube Burnt Oak) is a good 'fighters' gym. A friend trains there. They crank out a lot of ring-rules fighters.

    You could contact Stan Prescott (on Facebook). He teaches a wider expression of Muay Thai. And is based in Kingsbury.

    As you're training more for self-protection it's always best to check out the places. Talk to the instructors. See what the main gist of their training is. As you know it's not that much use (some use naturally) you signing up to a fighters camp IF you want to train more for self-protection.

    Good Luck
  9. Thaiger

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    Minotaur is one of those I've thinking about in fact,Not too far away from me.

    ...Can I get you to drop me an e-mail Russell, email removed as it breaks the ToS

    Cheers !
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  10. Thaiger

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    Apololgies.It was only later after posting up my e-mail that I realised it may not be acceptable.Did'nt get the chance to remove it :bang:.

    Sorry once again
  11. daggers

    daggers Valued Member

    Some western thaiboxing is NOT Thai! I fully support proper muaythai scoring and am qualified in judging under a scholar of lumpini stadium judges

    This is why I am here! To help educate on proper Thai scoring

    But back to the op... In my opinion only

    Muaythai is ring rules
    Boran is old style .. Etc
    There are separate sub divisions of Thai martial arts
    If you won the Muay Boran demonstrations championships you would NOT be a muaythai
    Champion would you!
  12. Wildlings

    Wildlings Baguette Jouster

    "Proper muay thai scoring" is but a recent product. Ring rules were introduced in the 20s - surprise! to appeal more to the westerns by making it more similar to boxing - before that the fighters had no weight classes or rounds nor protection gloves, in fact they could even fight with pieces of glass on their handwraps.
    Allright, is anybody here fighting like this?
  13. daggers

    daggers Valued Member

    That's not muaythai , it was back then but where are we living? In the NOW
    and now it's called muay boran korat etc because Muay Thai has evolved into a sport.
    If you choose to go round dipping your hands in glass and " extinguishing the lamp" yrs im a qualified boran coach too! then good on you but it's not muaythai as we know it today it's muay boran and there's a very big difference

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