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    Karate week in Malá Morávka

    On Monday 3.8. I got up early - before everyone else, and practised Taiji for a little bit. As we expected, it was raining whole day, so we only went to visit a nice cave and played games for the rest of the day. Not much activity otherwise. After the cave visit, the others wanted to go to a sauna center. Me and Sett didn't really feel like it. We would not spent the supposed 3 hours there, and if we wouldn't the price would be a bit too much. And we thought there would be too many peoplee just like in the cave. Our car therefore went back to our cottage, which had a small sauna of its own, which we used twice, we ate the remainder of spaghetti I brought from Prague, finished with a lefover cake we also brought and enjoyed the sauna. Later it turned out we were actually the only ones to be to a sauna at all. One group decided they are too tired and went back after a lunch, the other went to a pool only...

    Tuesday 4.8. was also a lazy day. We visited a castle, at a last moment were able to get an excursion to a local beer brewery, where we had a lunch and also went to visit an arboretum. We barbecued in the evening. It was raining for half of a day.

    Wednesday 5.8.
    We slept a bit and our group then only visited a watchtower. I wanted for everyone to be back by lunchtime so I could prepare the pot of Japanese Curry I also brought from home with me and I thought we better not leave it any more days to get spoiled. Then we went to get a cake and I fell asleep. I was like the only one to keep awake all days until now and I was always the first one up in the morning, so... After dinner, I went outside, where I mistakingly thought everyone was sitting by fire and spend most of the evening just chatting with sensei about life, karate etc. I kind of passed him a thought about perhaps making at least one training for the advanced students, which we could benefit from as there is not much time to go through the more advanced stuff when there are beginners in the class. And sensei seemed to like the idea. That would be great.

    Thursday 6.8.
    We planned a trip to the second highest mountain in our country - Praděd (1492 metres).We had a three year old with us, so we drove as close as we could and only walked 4 km there and 4 km back on an easy road and not even too great of a hill. So it was mostly relaxed. We did not visit the watchtower on the summit as the whole mountain was covered in thick fog and it was rather cold. We wouldn't see a thing from the tower...
    In the afternoon we played a bit of tennis, although very amateurish as no one knew how to do it well. I left my place to others and practised my Taiji form for a bit.

    This was a last evening for everyone since sensei was already leaving tommorrow. He therefore asked sensei "I" from Slovakia to do a training if he could. We started with some combinations in pairs and solo with footwork originating with sensei Bakkies, then went through most of our kata. We finished with Sanseru and since I asked sensei if we could go through bunkai, he wanted us to do so, but invited our sensei to show it as they do have some differenced in Slovakia. We practised once, then everyone demonstrated one kata and the training concluded after a bit over two hours. We were jut about to go back when sensei offered to go to the pool. The past few days, with the exception of today wasn't very warm and I am not a huge fan of pools, so I haven't been there yet and knew the water was cold etc. and didn't feel like going. When I declined I immediately realized what was inevitably going to follow and jumped back a bit just at the moment sensei pounced at me, still grabbing my legs. I was going to the pool whether I wanted to or not... I wrestled with sensei quite successfully and we were still quite a distance away from the pool. I shouted for Sett's help, but the guy chose not to help mee, his girlfriend, since he always took sensei's side in situations like this. However, he did not dare to help sensei either, so he stayed passive. A friend wanted to help me, but as soon as sensei asked whether she wanted to go to the pool, too, she silently dissappeared. That was when sensei asked for sensei I's help. By this time I was doomed. Two 5th dans with a combined weight over 200 kg... What could I do? I struggled as much as I could, but the pool was down a hill and I was dragged there in a moment and thrown in with a huge splash :mad: The water wasn't as cold as I had expected to be honest, but after I got out I made sure to at least hug sensei I properly to get him wet. Our sensei was to quick to run away and me too lazy to give chase. Then I told Sett about what exactly I thought about his passivity and as soon as I said he's going to the pool, too, he didn't even wait for anything as it was as clear as a day to him that there was no way he could get away dry. So he just went and jumped to the pool as he was, too :D

    Friday 7.8.
    A trip to a nice peat bog Rejvíz. A walk of maybe 6 km. Then we ust went to look at a castle and stopped for a lunch. The later afternoon was spent packing our stuff as we were to leave tommorrow morning, but we found the time to go for an ice cream. In the evening, it was only the second time sensei I took his guitar and we sang. And were tasked with finishing the wine. Sensei I brought a few boxes of wine with unusual flavors that were all very tasty. Some 18 bottles I think? Only about 5 of us actually drank and did not want to get drunk, but we still managed to finish them during our stay here. And some bear and a bottle of my homemade strawberry liquor from vodka, water, sugar and strawberries. Yum!

    The holiday was very nice, although I expected to do much more training. But oh well. On Wednesday I am going for a 4 day taiji course, so I have to practise a bit till then. Hopefully I will be able to make it to Tuesday class.
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    Sunday 9.8.

    Bicycle ride (need to lose weight)
    Around 27 km, , over 900 kcal burned.
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    Monday 10.8.
    Needed to go to the post office as well as lose some weight, so I walked there. Around 4 km and 350 kcal.

    I am leaving for the Taiji course and leaving my kettlebell at home and Sett looked like he'd like to take advantage of that. So we scheduled a work out for the evening for me to show him some exercises. Did my usual routine, without my usual bodyweight exercises, though.

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:45
    Max HR: 159
    Average HR: 122
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 300
    Fat burn: 39%

    The chest strap is still giving me trouble and I think the HR is not very accurate. The max as well as the average should be higher.
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    Tuesday 11.8.

    Morning Taiji. This time the head teacher was teaching the advanced group and we were taught by the instructor who also comes on Monday. This is only a second time we had him and I really like his style of teaching, too, so I enjoyed the class. After meditation and silk reeling we did the first five forms to five directions, then we went through to the 14th form. It is quite hot these past few days and trying the longer form for a while in low stances mad sweat pour down my face and the rest of the body, too.
    Luckily for me it seems no new form was taught last week when I was away. The instructor then asked for questions and someone was wondering about the last form - a fist strike. The instructor explained to detail and we practiced the mechanics of only fist strikes, then with shifting weight and rotating the waist. Without the last two, the striking is pretty much identical to karate striking it seemed, so it was not too hard for me to figure out. If there was more space for questions I would have asked about the stepping form and how and where the feet turn, but there wasn't. Well, I should have plenty opportunities at the course.

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:58
    Max HR: 160
    Average HR: 127
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training
    Kcal: 454
    Fat burn: 36%
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    Taiji course at Talavan 12.-16.8.

    My first overnight stay at Talavan (Taiji teacher's home built as a wushu school with enough room for around 14 students to sleep, eat and train). A very very nice place near a forest with huge garden with several spots prepared for training in groups.

    We arrived on Wednesday shortly before dinner. I was accomodated in tha largest room with 4 other women. Two younger in their twenties, one instructor at the Academy, who doesn't miss a single seminar here (so she basically half lives here) and an older women who came from afar.
    After one of the delicious home cooked vegetarian dinners, we had a short training and the teacher told us some things about how things work here.

    Thursday morning I couldn't sleep since maybe 5:30, so it wasn't a hard decision to go join some people who start their practice at 7:00. This is individual training, so I stood in wuti for a bit and practiced the forms I knew. At 8:00 the senior student, who helps a bit with the instruction in the Academy led the training. The morning warm-up consisted every day of meditation in wuti, around 20 mins silk reeling and short stretching. Until a bells rings from the kitchen signifying the time for breakfast.

    At 8:15 the official morning training with the teacher starts. This seminar was mostly for beginners up to beginners at my level - those who knew 15 forms. We were all instructed and practiced the first two forms. The training officially ended at around 11:30, but since I was still fresh this first day, me and the two girls did not forget the offer of the older student that he'd show us some moves with the stick (he just learned them last month). We practiced rotating it (which I already did during our kobudo classes a few years ago, so I eased into it after a while, more or less). I still hit myself in the head pretty hard, just like in the old days :D
    When we more or less figured this out, the friend showed us hot to do six steps in a sequence, which is a repeating form - called the lotus blossom in the stick or spear form called Pear Flower Spear plus White Ape Cudgel (these Chinese names are really fun :D). We then practiced by ourselves and with another older student, who gave us a tip here and there. It was fun. Except for the blisters I got...

    At 12:30 the bell rang for a lunch. Since it was hot, the training was scheduled to start no sooner than 4 pm. In the meanwhile we drank pu erh tea and chatted and had a lot of fun and playing a kicking game with the fun weird Chinese ball or whatever it is.

    At the afternoon training we started with repeating the first five forms in all four directions and doing 5 rounds. A good practice, although a bit tiring. We then again worked on the first three forms. When the official training ended, I practiced the few steps stick form. Maybe even a bit after dinner...

    After a five course dinner we sat by a bon fire and the teacher was talking about the origin of Taiji and got up to how he learned Taiji and I asked a bit about how he came to start the Academy, that now makes his living. We went to sleep around 11 pm, fairly tired. And I didn't really go easy on myself today. According to my Polar watch, I burned a little over 4000 kcal.
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    Taiji course at Talavan 12.-16.8.


    I slept not too well, still waking up and I couldn't fall asleep since 5:30 again... Went outside to start my practise at 7 am again. With the group of the friends I made here. Half watching the Teacher and the instructor from our room going throught the forms. Pretty cool. I again did the standing meditation, practiced my forms and took some time to stretch, especially my legs.

    At 8 am the same morning training began - wuti meditation, silk reeling and short stretching.

    After breakfast the teacher went with everyone through the 4th and 5th forms and we practiced the five forms (also called the Five elements I think) to four directions five times. I already felt my legs, surprisingly also my knees. I don't usually have any trouble with the knees, but they started hurting a bit a few days ago out of nowhere and hurt more during taiji yesterday. I probably do something wrong, but I took care to line my knees with my feet and it did not help.
    After that we split into two groups - those who did not know anything past the 5 forms and our group of about six people who knew up to the 15th. More or less. We practiced the sixth form - White Crane Spreads Wings. We did the form over and over and when the teacher came, he'd point out mistakes and explain things. As a group of six, we got about 5 corrections, one of which was directed at one woman and the rest... at me -_- How is it even possible to make so many mistakes in two steps? And I tried really hard, too :D

    Just before lunch I practiced the lotus blossom with the stick again, only for a bit.

    We started the afternoon training at 3 pm today. After again doing the 5 elements to for directions five times (the teacher started enjoing this and would make it a part of every single training). Our then group worked on the 6th and 7th forms - White Crane Spreads Wings and Walking Obliquely.
    After that, since the teacher saw the three of us girls and a few of the advanced people were practising the stick, he offered to teach us a bit. So everyone who wanted made a group - most people and the teacher explained a few things and we practiced the rotating again. The more advanced student who taught us and the instructor knew part of the forms, so they practiced by themselves. Only the other advanced student stayed with us as he did not know much of the stick form, either. After most people got the rotating, the teacher explained the six steps forming the Lotus Blossom. Now only feet, without the stick. When he explained, he went to instruct the others, asked if I remembered the steps, stood me to the front and told me to instruct the rest. This again...
    When he returned after we practiced this bit for quite a while, he showed how to do the steps with turning the stick. This part is not too easy thought and several people were rather lost. Or very lost. When the teacher left soon after, I was told to teach them -_- I felt quite bad for this, honestly, since this was the case of me being literally one lesson ahead, and I was not the only one and there was still the more advanced student. He said himself he's not the leader type or what, but I was still a bit frustrated... The students were quite lost and it became obvious it would be best not to just show again and again, but try to explain individually. Luckily the girls and the advanced student took to the task with me automatically, so I was very happy about that and we managed to make most people get it. Although two gave up shortly after the teacher left. When the teacher returned, he only watched from the sides as we were helping the others with the couple of last steps.

    After dinner we stayed inside and the teacher was again talking about Taiji etc. Everyone was tired, legs hurting, so we all went to sleep shortly after 10 pm.
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    Taiji course 12.-16.8.


    Again did not sleep very well, woke up at 6 am. I went out at 7 for the usual routine. I noticed a bit less people today... After one form I decided to stretch thoroughly. It helped somewhat yesterday. My legs were sore, knees hurting and my back, too. Actually I was happy about the stick practice as I did not have to keep my back straight all the time. After two days of this, my back hurt quite a bit and stretching it to all the directions I could think of did not help too much. Luckily it was better today, so I mostly stretched my legs. As I lowered myself to the ground, Liu the cat (one of their nine cats) came running to cuddle. Before I knew it, she jumped on my leg and from it one neck and started purring while rubbing her face against mine and not to my delight sinking her claws into my shoulders. And she wouldn't budge. Not even when I was changing positions... After I stretched, though, I had an amazing sensation like I broke through some barrier of sorts as my legs just stopped hurting - I mean the soreness was gone and they felt light and soft in the hips. Like it was really easy to move them. Nice! All the hard practice the last two days must have done this :)

    Morning warm up went as usual - wuti, silk reeling and stretching. One spot below my right shoulder blade felt uncomfortably tight and I couldn't do anything about it, but it was definitely much better than the whole of my back hurting as it did yesterday. My legs werecompletely fine though, not hurting nearly as much as they always did during silk reeling.

    After breakfast we started right away with the 5 elements to 4 directions five time. An exercise taking around 20 mins without break. My legs felt fresh (except for the knees), strong and hips flexible, so I tried to do my stances as low as I could and lower than before. Lowest of the people present. Turning the five rounds and standing next to the teacher, each round I turned to him, I coul see his stance getting lower and lower as well :D Which promted the advanced student who was also next to him, to work hard, too. The student remarked to the teacher how he saw him getting lower and lower, so he had to do so as well and the teacher started laughing about how when he saw me, he had to get lower, too. Hehe, fun :D
    Then we split back into the groups, ours working on a form with the fist strike. The explanation was not simple and I struggled with many other things I was corrected. Some being rather structural problems that I was not sure how to improve - I was supposedly shifting my weight without turning and moving from my ankles rather than hips. The teacher showed what I do and how it should be dome. I saw the difference, listened to how to do it well, but still did not quite get it or being unabble to actually do it well. Very frustrating.

    During a break the teacher asked me if I could attend a Monday evening class with the instructors of his school. He said he liked how I did in the classes and in time would like me to become an assistant instructor. First helping only with the warm-ups which means the meditation and silk reeling. Wow, I was very honored. Although, to be honest, it did not come unexpected. For some time now it felt like I was getting a bit of a special treatment. I was getting plenty of corrections when compared to others as far as I could tell, was asked to lead my group of students on a bunch of occasions, and the teacher was generally nice to me. Obviously I could not dismiss that kind of offer. But I guess there goes my original plan of doing taiji just for fun and straightening my back.... Also I'd better start working a bit harder to correct the mistakes I do.... And I suppose I could not complain too much about being put in front of the class anymore since I basically consented to it (what a pity :D)... Still, it is quite an exciting offer, although I have quite a few doubts about my Taiji. And I will see how it goes. The teacher still may change his mind until the course starts in September.

    During lunchtime I asked the instructor from our room about what to do when my knees hurt when they did not used to. She said she noticed in the stances I had my knees further than my toes and it may be due to my posture and back and connected the problem to quite a few corrections I got from the teacher. She advised me to put more weight into my heels and when I would feel like falling over, then I can push my knees more towards my toes. She also gave corrections to another girl from our room, so while the instructor went to sleep, we went outside to practice some more...
    The afternoon training again started with the 5 rounds of five elements. After that the instructor said she noticed I managed to improve the posture how she advised me and it looked better. Nice! I will have to make this natural for me.

    After that the teacher had us bring the sticks and he showed us how to finish the steps of the lotus flower with a lunge. We practised. Well, only the persistent ones. The girls and I and two others who struggled a bit more. Later we were shown some other basic skills we could practise: Two blocs just by making a circle with the stick and a thrust. The teacher did not get into huge details as this was a bit of a practice for fun. He did bring a huge 4m long stick he said was to use to practice these two skills. I was allowed to try, but it really was rather hard. It was basically a cut tree, so it was not only long, but quite a bit thicker than a regular stick, too. I could not do the thrust with it - could not keep it horizontal when holding it at the end. So I was given the teacher's longer spear to try to use this to practice the final shaking of the flexible stick. With the heavier head of the spear this was easier than with the stick. I only tried for a bit though, as the spear was too long for me to rotate with (the teacher is much taller than me and the stick I was originally practising with was at the limit of the suggested lenght for me). The whole thing was really fun, though :)

    Finally before dinner, like last time when I was here, teacher recorder our first 5 forms. We were video taped in pairs to be analyzed later that evening. We did that right after dinner. I was told I improved, just as everyone else was, so I think it was also motivational. The teacher did not go into detailed analyze today, but gave each one some direction. I was told I simply needed to stop shifting my weight without rotating my hips. I know, but can 't figure out how to :( Basically my way of doing the silk reeling is wrong and I brought that into all my forms. It is a bit discouraging...
    Later the teacher showed us a few videos of his teacher - Zhu Tiancai. I do not understand everything that is apparently so awesome about his way of moving (don't know all the thibgs to look for), but some things I found very impressive.
    The teacher also showed a video that should have been motivational for me, of a Chinese master demonstrating the form with stances where his butt is barely an inch above the floor. It looked totally crazy and superhuman and honestly, at times a bit bizzare. But wow. That went completely beyond my understanding of mechanics.... When the teacher had some technical trouble and wandered what to do, I asked, as I planned, if he could read us one of the what they called "shaolin fairytales". I heard so much about them last time. It was the topic of the day and it really kept everyone amused till evening. It is one of the things the teacher reads by bonfire, which we did not have today (there was a storm anyway). But the teacher agreed and read the one fairytales. Haha, really lovely, especially in his narration. :)
    I was really really tired today and after the fairy tale, I went to bed like nearly everyone else. When I was falling asleep, we had a short chat with the instructor in our room. There were only three of us now, and five minutes later we ended up sitting on the instructor's bed, watching her videos of people from the Academy practicing various weapon forms. Then she showed some pictures from their trip to China to learn from master Zhu Tiancai as well as the master's visit here and listened to her lovely stories about her experience with him. When the last girl from our room came back, we all sat there, chatted and laughed (so we were reprimanded a little the next day as apparently, we weren't the quietest room...). I was half falling asleep, though and before I knew it, it was midnight, so I was really sorry, but I simply needed to go to sleep. -_- At least those six hours...
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    Taiji course 12.-16.8.


    Tired, but was up in time for the 7 o'clock training. It was a beautiful foggy morning with sun rays creating halo patterns through the fog and trees. Today I did the wuti meditation, the form for a bit, stretched thoroughly again and practiced with the staff.

    At 8am we did the wuti meditation and silk reeling.

    After breakfast we again started with 5 elements to 4 direction five times. Worked hard on my stances and posture. We then split in the two groups with ours working on the 15 forms. We again practiced the 14th with the fist strike. I got corrections abou closing my body and where to get the energy from the hips while simultaneously closing theshoulders I think, but I did not get it :( I learned the 15th form which is thee same as the first, but there is a different turn before it that I did not know. It is a very nice turn, though. Now I can chain and practice the 15 forms to 4 directions just like the five. Or only 5th to 15th form which we did now for a bit. The teacher also corrected the Three Steps of the two students, so I took the opportunity to ask for explanation of this form, which I got, including the applications.
    The teacher still was not happy with me shifting the weight without turning and demonstrated and explained again. I think in a bit different way as he presented a relatively simple movement to fix it that I could finally reproduce! Woohoo! Now I just need to fix this in all my forms and silk reeling :D Once I get it, though, it should not be too hard.
    Instead of the usual break before lunch we got one more lesson with the staff. There were now only us two girls (one had to leave in the morning)and the two other students we took great care to explain the Lotus Blossom to. The advanced practiced the form by themselves. Our group of four was shown the first three forms of the spear/staff form Pear Flower Spear plus White Ape Cudgel after which comes the Lotus Blossom form with a lunge. We copied the teachers movements with him explaining not into as much detail as he probably could. I really liked the forms. They were very kung-fu-like :D We repeated the forms a few times when the teacher went to the next group and left us to our own devices, telling us to correct each other. So I took care to check on the two students, who were struggling a bit and tried to give corrections by repeating what the teacher said and based on what I noticed him doing or on simple logic.
    The only problem about the staff is that there are no regular classes for it. Except for one general for weapons, that unfortunately clashes with my karate and they are just finishing the staff form anyway. The teacher said that due to space and time, it is best learned here on the seminars. There are several weekend seminars available till the end of the year without specific topics and he said if we come with the intention of learning the staff, he'll teach us. Ideally if there is a group of two or three and we can perhaps learn better in a group. It sounded like a great idea, so I exchanged the contacts with the girls and will try to find a weekend when we can perhaps come to learn the staff. Other than that the teacher advised that when coming to the regular morning classes, either the gym or the terrace is usually free before and after class, so I can grab a staff and practice the few forms and the basic skills for a bit. That sounded great to me, although I will be shy when there are some people to watch. I count for a beginner still and ... I don't enjoy practicing in front of people much less with a staff. But I will have to do it, I guess, if I don't want to forget.
    My max HR in the morning block got to 176 bpm. Who could say Taiji is a relaxing exercise?

    We had a shorter break after lunch so that we can squeeze in one more training. We started at 2pm. I did not feel too well as I stuffed myself at lunch. I only asked for half the portion of rice when I saw it, but I was incredibly thirsty and drank like a liter of water and felt sick when even moving :oops: Luckily it was probably due to the huge amount of water, so it got a bit better just before training.

    We started with the 5x 5 forms to 4 directions again. After a bit of the teachers talking. None of us had much energy left to be honest... Later the teacher wanted to talk about how the silk reeling and Taiji principles work with the staff. He originally only wanted to show us, but at least I would rather try, too, so we grabbed the staffs and spears again and practiced this for a while. We finished at 3:30 pm as planned, grabbed our stuff, said our goodbyes to everyone and left.

    I originally planned to continue with the morning routine, but on Monday, my knees still hurt, so I will let them rest today. There will be a class tommorrow morning anyway :)

    As for the whole course, I enjoyed it really a lot and I absolutely do feel I got better and my legs stronger. I was able to deepen my stances in the course of these few days and pick out some rather big mistakes that I can hopefully get rid of, soon. And I had a lot of fun with the other students as well. And did not honestly have much time and energy to think about the world outside of the school. It was just great :) I am glad I already paid for another three days at the end of September :)
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    Monday 17.8.

    Rest day. My knees still hurt, although I can feel it going away. Actually it feels perhaps more like a muscle ache in the knee. It doesn't really feel like joint pain. Maybe. Maybe stances my knees are not that used to could help strenghten them? Or is that a nonsense? I don't know.

    Tuesday 18.8.

    Morning Taiji

    Arrived 15 mins early to practice with a staff for a bit when the gym was empty.
    After we had the warm-up with the usual instructor - meditation and silk reeling. The few day seminar has indeed helped improve my leg strenght. I do not think I did lower stances for the silk reeling, but I felt more stable. The muscles did start to burn, but sort of in a way I needn't pay it too much attantion as the legs were still holding me firm. Really a good feeling. I should practise in the morning if I have the chance, every day, but I suppose it is a bit unrealistic for me...
    After the warm-up our group was again taught by the head teacher. We did the 5 elements for - only once, not 5 times today, then once again with mistakes corrected and then we worked on the next sequence of 6th - 15th form. Mostly the last two forms. I figured how to shift the weight in the final turn to keep myself stable. But I have yet to try that properly.
    Also, still excited with the seminar I just returned from, on my way home through the reception, I signed myself up for another weekend in October :D
    I may not have another chance till the end of the year then, as the terms clash with my program, so I could at least make that one more weekend :)

    Burned a bit over 530 kcal today.

    Another think is that I am getting fat and really do not like it. I stepped on the weighing machine today and it showe the worst number it ever has - 79,4 kg! I feel really bad about all of it and since my attempts of keeping my kalories in the check thtoughout July did not work, I am going to be more strict with my diet now. I just bought plently of fruit, veggies (+ lots of tomatoes and other stuff just riping in the garden), and some dairy products. I would really love to get to something like 68 kg. Not sure if I can do it, but as of now, I am determined. Except for a few weekend seminars, I will be mostly at home, so I can keep a good track on what I am eating. I cook my lunches, too. Having strong will is the key!
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    Tuesday 18.8. - diet:

    Intensifying my diet starting today! I may try keeping a food log to motivate me:
    - 2 waffles and yoghurt + 300 ml of milk
    Taiji (above)
    - Carrots (200 g), ice cream (100 g) :oops:
    - Goulash soup (300 ml) with a piece (10 g) of crispy rye bread
    - 2,5 slices of the evening bread (around 80 g), ham, and blue cheese spread. And around 200 g of cherry tomatoes from the garden
    Intake of 1621 kcal, 2343 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -722, morning weight: 79,4 kg

    Wednesday 19.8.

    - 1 waffle and yoghurt (100 g at most)
    - Smoothie of half a banana, 250 ml kefir milk, a handful of strawberries and raspberries from the garden
    - Chicken breast with a few cherry tomatoes in a pesto + sour cream sauce with potato puréé (nothing but potatoes and milk) - 520 g
    - Watermelon 300 g and 50 g ice cream
    - Veggie salad (red bell pepper, garden tomatoes and cucumber, green onion) - cca 500 g + 55 g of feta type cheese
    Intake of 1524 kcal, 2371 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -847, morning weight: 77,6 kg (wow, cool! :D If only this trend would continue)

    I had a little bit of free time today and since I am still feeling like training as a continuation from the weekend, I did 10 mins of silk reeling, 15 mins of the Taiji form and staff practise (with my bo in the garden) and went through Shisochin, Sanseru and Sepai kata.

    Polar results:
    Time: 0:36
    Max HR: 169
    Average HR: 128
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training
    Kcal: 280
    Fat burn: 33%

    Our dojo's sensei and a sensei from a different dojo (both with 5th dan) were invited to teach a seminar in Slovakia. It was originally planned for the last weekend of September, but then was changed to the first. Sensei asked if we wanted to come, only to learn a couple of days later that the seminar was cancelled or at least postponed due to covid.
    The covid is spreading as fast as it did during the peak in April, but there are not so many serious cases. Anyway, the government just announced the face masks will again be compulsory basically everywhere inside starting Semtember. I did expect this, so I just received my order of face masks from china :D Luckily, the sports are an exception, so hopefully the trainings should go on normally.
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  11. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 20.8.

    Morning weight: 76,9 kg! Wow, this is a bit suspicious, even, but hey, I am certainly not complaining :)
    Also my nightly HR is getting lower these past few days. It showed 41 bpm yesterday and today 39 (who knows if there isn't some mistake, though?). And 44 bpm as my yesterday's lowest daytime HR.

    Morning Taiji

    I arrived a bit earlier to practice the staff, if possible. There were already some people in the gym, and I did not find the courage, so I at least practiced the normal form. Before I finished it, though, everyone realized we were going to start the training on the terrace, and left. So I grabbed the staff for five minutes or so, before I moved to the terrace also. There was an instructor I've never seen before. He led the meditation and silk reeling. I was working my legs out. Then we had the class with the normal teacher. Started the 15 forms, went throught them a few times and worked a bit on the 15th. Then the teacher switched places with the instructor and he explained some things to us and we practised the Stepping Forward Three Steps, which was good as I struggle a bit with this one.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:18
    Max HR: 160
    Average HR: 130
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady State training, long
    Kcal: 625
    Fat burn: 36%
  12. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Got some pictures from last week's Taiji course (I'm the one in the back in black):




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  13. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 20.8.

    Food Log:
    - 2 waffle and yoghurt, 300 ml milk
    - Smoothie of 250 ml kefir milk and 200 g berries from my garden: strawberries, raspberries and blackberries
    - Chicken breast with a few cherry tomatoes in a pesto + sour cream sauce with potato purée (nothing but potatoes and milk) - 530 g
    - 85 g ice cream
    - Sausage cook in fire with one white bread roll and veggie salad (tomatoes, pepper, onion, olive oil, balsamico)
    Intake of 2100 kcal, 2812 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -712
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  14. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Great pictures! I always enjoy some outdoor taji practise on a sunny day :)
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  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Friday 21.8.

    Food Log:
    - 2 waffles and yoghurt, green tea
    - half a banana, slice of watermelon, snall 30g ice cream
    - Chicken breast with a few cherry tomatoes in a pesto + sour cream sauce with potato purée (nothing but potatoes and milk) - 530 g
    - Two slices of multigrain toast with a blue cheese spread, ham and cherry tomatoes from the garden
    Intake of 1465 kcal, 2450 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -985, next morning weight: 76,4 kg

    A went for a walk with my dad today. Roughly 5 km and 413 kcal
  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thank you, it indeed was great :)
  17. Morik

    Morik Well-Known Member Supporter MAP 2017 Gold Award

    Nice pictures! I don't really know much about Taiji, but it looks fun. How long are those staffs? Do most techniques with the staff use it from near the end (like in the last picture), or are there also a lot of techniques from holding the middle?
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  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Yep, it is fun - at least to me. I enjoy learning it :)
    I was told the staff should be so long that you can put your palm atop it when standing, not longer. So it is relative to one's height. I think most techniques are when holding it with at least one hand at the end.
    This is a video I was shown of the form when one student of the school I am going to performs it with a spear. He's pretty good:

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  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Saturday 22.8.20

    We made a trip to Southern Bohemia to take a look at my first art exhibition that is taking place at a muzeum there. There is a small ZOO next to it, too, and we got a free entrance, so we went to explore. Since expecting a larger lunch along the way, I squeezed in a short solo taiji practice in the morning. I did a short meditation, about 15 mins silk reeling and only went through the form once. I only had 20 mins and burned 132 kcal.

    Food Log:
    - 2 pices of multigrain toast bread with a blue cheese spread and ham. Green tea.
    - Got a pork liver with chips for lunch. The portion was huge, though, so I only ate about half of it and took the rest home. So around 150 g liver and 150 g chips.
    - 40 ml ice cream
    - Whole grain rye bread (80 g) with around 80-100 g pickled cheese. I prepared a few jars of this delicasy a week ago and it was just the right time to try.
    Intake of 1792 kcal, 2415 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -623, next morning weight: 76,2 kg
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Sunday 23.8.

    Sett's mum celebrated her birthday today so we planned to go for a visit in the afternoon. Since there would be cake and I needed something to burn those unwanted calories, I proposed to go for a bike ride in the morning and we did. And we switched bikes so that I could find out if riding a good newer bike makes any difference to my old one without any suspension. Well, not really when ridin on a road, but when switching to a path or riding up a hill, the difference certainly is there. For once my legs did not hurt and... Sett's did :D:cool:
    Well, the bike I have is 15 years old and it is my first ever adult-sized bike. So I think it can be about time to maybe look for a new one.

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:11
    Distance: 37,5 km
    Max HR: 168
    Average HR: 136
    Training benefit: Steady State training+
    Kcal: 1092
    Fat burn: 36%

    Food Log:

    - 2 waffles and yoghurt, green tea
    - The other half of the pork liver and chips from yesterday. It was only 110 g of liver and 60 g of chips. So even yesterday it had to be less.
    - Two pieces of different cakes and two glasses of Lambrusco :(
    - 300 g of watermelon
    - 100 g of rye bread with liver paste and a slice of ham, tomatoes from the garden
    Intake of 2170 kcal, 3107 kcal burnt.
    Total kcal: -937, next morning weight: 76,2 kg

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