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    Monday 24.9.18


    - Warm-up: 30 double/ 90 single-unders, 30 s hollow hold, 8 down-ups. 3 rounds. I picked a good rope which helped me to jump without it catching on my feet (at least not so that I'd have to stop), so I went as fast as possible so I don't need to jump more than the approximate rope width :D I loved this rope, nicely swishing all the time. And I finished almost a full round earlier than the rest, even! :) We were told not to hurry, though, but jumping slowly actually makes things harder, unless I am already tired to begin with.

    - Stretching

    - 12 minutes, every other minute (therefore 6 rounds) do 1 Clean&Jerk. Squat clean if possible and definitely from hang. Weight: 85% of the max, add weight if possible, but don't go to max. Honestly, since we had to go from the hang, I asked if I really needed to add anything, as my 1 RM for clean from the floor is 50 kg, I suspected form hang it would be around 40 or something. Also considering that after my summer break everything still feels heavier than it used to. Because of that, I started at 30 kg. Which was very light, considering we were going for one rep and long rest. I did 35 kg the next round, which still felt light, so I added right away, again and in the end actually finished with 50 kg! :) And it felt like I could probably do 55 kg, too! It was definitely a surprise! :)

    - 4 rounds of:
    - 5 front squats - 3 s down, dynamically up. We were told to pick a weight, so that at least for the first three reps, we can really go up dynamically. I tried 45 kg and I think it was a good weight for this, so I kept it till the end.
    - 4 broad jumps right after that. When the coach was demonstrating, I, hahaha :D thought he must have been a frog in his previous life XD Well I definitely wasn't :oops: This is probably not my thing and the squats before made it probably even worse, so I was unable to do all 4 in a row as I was losing balance and felt overall funny :D I really, really hope no one was watching me XD
    - 1 min rest

    - WoD:
    - 21, 15 and 9 reps of:
    - Wallballs (14 lbs ball)
    - Chests-to-bars, or pull-ups for people like me :D With my favourite black band.

    - I was able to do all the wallball rounds without a break, which was good. I did, of course, take breaks for the pull-ups, but I decided to try and go for the kipping even with the band. The band sometimes makes it even harder for me, but the swing helps the pull-up, so it was hard to decede. However! Today, the kipping went quite ok! I think I must have looked really stupid as the band screws the kipping somewhat and the result must be really funny, but they came easier to me, than normal! Apparently, I wasn't the only one thinking that as after we finished, the coach told me I should probably take the green band... :eek: The slightly thinner one. But I don't think I am physically, nor mentally prepared for that! :D It could have been also because today's training was unusually relaxed and easy (see the results). I finished at 5:40, which was actually quite a good time :)

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:03
    Max HR: 178
    Average HR: 130 (Unusual for crossfit! :D)
    Training benefit: Tempo training
    Kcal: 472
    Fat burn: 32 %
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    Karate Kids:
    Only 3 came today! :O I wonder what is wrong, but on Wednesday at CrossFit, I heard about how everyone, including the coaches is sick, because of the sudden change to autumn weather (Yep, it was pretty cold on my Scooter on the way home!)
    There were some troublemakers, still, but we managed to cover quite a lot and I had a good feeling from the class, although not having the kids stictly under control all the time, but I have sort of given up on that, as long as it is manageable. They are kids, after all and this is their free time activity. They like the classes, the newest troublemaker said, but I suppose that is how they are. And unless I am a huge menacing man, I suppose it is how they are going to be.
    We did age uke and tsuki - quick resume of what we did last time. Tried than on the pads, then included hiza geri and mae geri (after some practise of the technique) and combined all those into a pad I was holding - I hit, they block with age uke, attack with kizami and gyaku tsuki, finish with a knee strike.

    Karate adults:
    Sensei called me in the morning that they have some event in school and he won't make it, at least not on time. He didn't come at all in the end, but... there were still only the two of us brown belts, who taught the class, one friend and three teenagers, who all left earlier as they usually do since they don't want to stay till late (they use school as an excuse usually, hahaha) :D
    We did a game of tag for a warm-up, then Junbi undo, some belly work-out (plank, hollow hold, Neko Undo and something more, I think? - I was making those things up, but I forgot now :D).
    Then combinations to the pads and first bunkai. The teenagers left then, so we asked our friend what she's like to do and we went through the first two kata and bunkai and finished 15 mins earlier.

    I forgot my phone at home -> couldn't start the training on my chest strap. I remembered I can start it with the Polar watch, too, but I need to be close to the watch. Meaning it stopped recording my HR after a few minutes, so I stopped it.
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    Wednesday 26.9.

    - Warm-up was supposed to be easy according to the board, but the coach chased us out since it is one of the last sunny and more or less warm days... :/ However, everyone seemed as happy about it as I was, so we ran rather slow :D That said, I still reached my 5th HR zone there XD I am hopeless when it comes to running.

    - Stretching

    - 5 rounds of:
    - 3 deadlifts, touch-and-go - we were told to go heavy, around 85% or our max. I don't think I did that, I was good with 75 kg, but it seemed just enough. Had trouble keeping my grip on it for all three, so in the last two rounds, I quickly adjusted before the last rep
    - 10 handstand push-ups (I didn't even try at the wall today, there were too many and after the deadlifts...), so I did push-ups from the box - feet 60 cm high, butt higher
    - 60+ seconds rest

    - 10 min EMOM: Each minute do 2 snatches and 2 overhead squats
    - We were advised to use lighter weight and focus on technique. Also there was quite a lot of rounds, so nothing too heavy. I took 25 kg, but that was really too easy, so I added to 30 after the second round. Honestly, it wouldn't be too hard if my wrist didn't start hurting (despite wearing the wrist straps - or whatever they're called). And here I was just being happy how they aren't giving me trouble lately just as I was going to the gym today :D

    - WoD:
    - 15 kettlebell swings (20 kg for women)
    - 1 lap run around the gym carrying a 14 lbs ball
    - 20 squats with said ball
    - 1 lap run around the gym carrying a 14 lbs ball

    - Heavy deadlifts, as I do them really rarely, always make my lower back hurt - not in a bad way, only muscles, but badly :D I could feel them already during the WoD. Running with the ball on one arm and having my back not straight, as well as the swings that use lower back and for some reason even the squats made my back rather uncomfortable. I was pretty slow, although this wasn't the main reason, I think. Everyone finished even the forst 15 swings faster than me and I have no idea how :D I was losing them more and more and finished by far the last, at 8:20. Everyone was cheering me on by then, but... I have a feeling I only did three rounds by that time. I finished then, though, since everyone celebrated there and the coach was cheering me, come on, last run! :D And my back hurt, I had trouble moving it around too much.

    - The coach psyched the guys into doing some planks, still. She was proposing like 3 rounds by 6 mins :D Hahah, yes, she is the devil. So I was just slipping by, but then everyone joined in and planks by 1 minute were agreed on, so I joined in, too. We did a normal plank for 1 min, 1 min side planks (with upper arm up), and last 5 seconds lifting the upper leg, too. When the coach saw a group of us, turned mostly into one direction, because the guy who watched the time was unreliable and made us hold longer, she started laughing, ran for her phone and made us do that again so she could record us. Must have been a really funny scene :D We finished with one more 1 min plank. The leader guy was proposing a plank for as long as we can hold, but I don't think I could do much over the minute. And everyone else seemed to like the one minute idea better, so... too bad :D

    - Stretching
    - In the end, we finished quite late, when the next class was already doing deadlifts.
    I worry I won't be able to move my back tommorrow :/ We'll see.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:23
    Max HR: 182
    Average HR: 145
    Training benefit: Tempo & Maximum training
    Kcal: 754
    Fat burn: 25 %

    - Stretching
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    Thursday 27.9.2018

    Sensei was away, but sent sensei M (who usually doesn't teach anymore, but will be doing the classes at the faculty starting next week probably). We started later and finished sooner, but it was a good training nonetheless. A lot of various kicking to the pads. Is what I remember....
    We also did push-ups to Bring Sally up, Bring Sally down. I actually finally figured the way the guy were doing it - finding the position down where you don't realyl use arm muscles, as I usually did. And that made it much easier! It was still hard, but now the hardest part was getting up from that position. Anyway, I lasted just after the second chorus, which is... exactly twice my previous result :D Yay! :D
    Sensei had to run to his job and he left us to train if we wanted to continue. We only went through Shisochin kata twice (I tried like after 3+ months) and one Sanchin kata.

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:22
    Max HR: 179
    Average HR: 124
    Training benefit:Basic training, long
    Kcal: 560
    Fat burn: 36%
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    There was actually a 4-hour long training on Friday evening (it was usually shorter), but we didn't make it and only arrived and 9 pm when it ended. There were four of us 4th-1st kyus from Prague and then several people from the other dojo in South Bohemia, who came early and participated in the training. Our sensei, the Czech chief instructor was supposed to come early, too, but was busy with work and planned to go on Saturday morning, which would mean he'd have to get up really early. He didn't make the training, nor Sayonara party in the evening and in the end, wasn't able to come on Sunday, either, sadly. However, even though there were only a few of us and no sensei from our dojo, we decided we were old enough to take care of ourselves :D We weren't sure how to approach sensei Nakamura to greet him, since that was always sensei's job and we only went in a tow, but I was confident we met sensei Nakamura enough times already and he'll remember us. Which was indeed to case and as there were not too many of us, we didn't greet him with a bow only, but I even earned a hug :) It was "only" a handshake for guys, though :D
    Sensei Nakamura is awesome and I have a hard time comprehending his memory for faces. He must be meeting so many people and still remembers familiar kyu grades from across the globe. That is beyond me as my memory for faces is pretty bad :D
    We also met sensei Victor, sensei Nakamura's student and also a teacher from his dojo, who doesn't travel to seminars, but in the end accepted the invitation. He is great, a friendly man. He is amazing purely by the fact that he started karate when he was 50 and now, at 77 years of age still practices and teaches karate and just earned his 6th dan. That is so cool!


    The training today was from 9 am to 1 pm. In the morning we arrived and just met sensei Nakamura in front of the gym and indeed he seemed to remember us and only asked about where our sensei was.
    The attendees were mostly black belts (half of the people, at least), up to 6th dan from several countries. The usual came, people from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, this time even Germany, one student from Canada who came with the senseis, and most surprisingly, there were a sensei and a student from Nepal! They unfortunately only arrived for Sunday, because they missed their plane in Dubai. It is amazing they came from such a distant place, though!
    Altogether, there could be perhaps 70+ people (+ kids), 12 of us from the Czech Republic.

    Sensei Nakamura took all the kids downstairs to the dojo and we all had a session with sensei Victor. It was mostly Junbi Undo + some kihon like hiza and mae geri.

    Kids were over and we were split into kyu and dan grades. We had sensei Victor teaching us mostly basic techniques, like age, yoko, harai, uchi uke which we also practised in paires and were told to go harder. One of our friends ended up with huge bruises spread over most of his forearms from practising with one Polish guy, who is notorious for being really hard all the time.

    The groups stayed the same, only now we had sensei Nakamura. We did a lot of footwork, sliding to all directions. Every single time I see sensei demonstrate, I am awed. He is so fast and nimble, able to change directions all the time without stumbling... He also explained some details about general and particular movements, which part of which foot to use to iniciate the movement, which part to change directions or stop etc. Amazing stuff! I think that was actually all we did in that hour (or maybe slightly less).
    Fort he last 10 minutes, sensei called us all to listen to some stories - the history of the past masters of our style. The stories that were passes to him by sensei Higaonna and that come from his masters. Yesterday, unfortunately, we missed the history of sensei Kanryo Higaonna and how he brought the style from China. Today sensei Nakamura spoke about sensei Chojn Miyagi, about his two masters and then his students. Really interesting stuff that isn't probably written anywhere. We asked sensei later and there is supposedly a book, but it is not available in the stored anymore, but should be printed again for the next year's Budosai. :) Anyway, once we got back to our room, I wrote everything I remembered down.

    Polar results:
    Time: 4:17
    Max HR: 167
    Average HR: 110
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1310
    Fat burn: 45 %

    It wasn't a particularly hard training, but mostly technical, no real work-out for the sake of work-out this time.
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    After the training on Saturday, we went to eat back to our rooms. Most of the people even, I suppose, used the few hour we had to take a nap. I wasn't sleepy, so I wrote down the stories about history and did some other stuff. At 5 pm we got ready and walked around half an hour to a different pub than usual, which was reserved to hold a Sayonara party in. Most people ordered one of the four picked meals so they have the orders in advance and can get them ready quick. We came earlier, though, ordered something else, which, as they said, shouldn't be a problem. Someone got to eat earlier, someone later, no matter which food they had, apparently, but me and two others from our group actually got to eat after like 3 hours... And somewhat different meal than we ordered, eventhough we had to remind the kitchen... Anyway, the place was nice otherwise. During the long wait for food, the dan grading results were announced (8 people graded in the afternoon), the guest senseis were given presents and since the wait was apparently really long, the organizing sensei took out a bottle of home made 70% plum brandy :D Senseis apparently couldn't refuse and the Slovaks apparently used the chance to pour a shot for them as full as they could make it :D What a great thing on an empty stomach! Senseis drank, but avoided it ever since then and elegantly danced out of any other offer to get another shot. No can do, the Polish, Slovaks and us were eager and happy to take care of the rest of the bottle, which was empty after one toast. A strong, but nice brandy! :)

    As sensei Nakamura always does, he went around and sat to talk with people at every single table (there were probably 5 big tables altogether). When he came to sit with us, next to our senseis, I was told to switch places with one sensei to sit next to sensei Nakamura and act as a translator, as the senseis of our other dojo don't speak English and our sensei was back in Prague, after all. We were able to ask about some karate things and various stuff in general. Sensei Nakamura is very nice and cheerful person. Too bad he couldn't stay for longer. But! I still had one other mission at this party! When he was free, I found sensei Karol, the organizer, and approached him with puppy eyes asking for a favour. The school witht he gym where the gasshuku was held, does have girl and boys changing rooms, however.... only guys have showers! And since this was my fourth time here, I am well aware and wanted to to the same trick as last year! Since tomorrow after the seminar, we won't have any other opportunity to take a shower before heading home (5 hour drive + lunch on the way) and waiting till all the guys finish the greetings, chitchatting, taking final pictures with senseis and so on is a real pain(!) I asked sensei Karol if he can't do his magic again and send us (I meant at least the four of us Czech girls, but it was only two in the end) to the showers, before the rest of the attendeed are released from the final bowing and so on. Sensei promised he'd take care of it, but I had to remind him during the seminar again. Mission accomplished for now! :)

    Sunday 30.9.2018

    Again a four-hour long seminar.

    Junbi Undo led by Sensei Nakamura with a light partner work-out, again footwork practise and footwork practised to avoid kicks and train our speed and reflexes - partner work.

    During the break we went to grab some snacks at the room next to the gym and actually got to chat casually with sensei Nakamura. And we also learned he is coming again next year, together with sensei Ernie Molyneux and sensei Larsen! Cool!

    We were split into groups - yondan up and the rest and we had sensei Victor teach us (for the blackbelts mostly review) of locks and traps done one after another, transitioning smoothly. It was a bit too much to take in so quickly. I was able to, at the beginning, but time was running out adn we didn't have any time to practise the final part and sensei only managed to show us 14 out of 16 techniques. Before this we did some partner work - speed kicking and stuff. Also ways of moving and adding them up to move as fast as we can (step forward).

    The groups were changed, it was now brown belt up and the few remaining kyu grades. We had sensei Nakamura and quickly went through Shisochin kata. A few time slowly on count, then sensei spoke about some details of the kata, demonstrated the whole kata once (wow, awesome!) and we did some exercises and partner work to explore more of some particular movements and double block in the kata.
    Again, the last 15 minutes or so were spent listening to sensei Nakamura speak about the history of our style, beginning with the World War II and how it changed our lineage and so on. About the students of sensei Chojun Miyagi, how they split the style after he passes away, how sensei Higaonna learned and taught karate and how and why the IOGKF came to be and why it is what it is. Very intereting stuff, more complicated then yesterday, but I still wrote down everything I remembered later.

    At the finla etiquette, after the bowing and thanks being given, sensei Karol had a final word about organization, which was: "Girls! Go shower!" At which time I jumped up from seiza, bowed to sensei and ran through the lined people to grab my stuff. When running back toward the exit, I spotted sensei Nakamura, who was giving me a thumbs up as someone probably already translated to him what was going on, haha :D
    Anyway we were really quick and when we returned to the gym, there was still a majority of people chatting in groups, taking pictures with sensei and so on. After we said out goodbyes to the organizers, our friends and the senseis, we were on our way back home. It was a really great event! :)

    Polar results:
    Time: 4:30
    Max HR: 168
    Average HR: 113
    Training benefit: Basic training, long
    Kcal: 1476
    Fat burn: 43 %
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    Definitely been keeping yourself busy! :eek:

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    Of course, time to start preparing for the grading, after all!
    (Since there are even some unbelievable people making me doubt my current abilities) :D
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    :eek: :oops:


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    Monday 1.10.


    - Warm-up: 2 rounds of: 250 m row, 6 inch worms, 10 side plank rotations per side

    - Stretching

    - Snatch complex – 10 min practise (8 rounds or so) of: Squat snatch, Hang squat snatch, overhead squat and snatch balance – each once in a set. The coach had a lot to say to my technique, so I practiced with a lighter weight, 25 kg

    - 4 rounds of:
    - 5 push-presses – quickly up, slowly, 3 seconds down (2 rounds with 25 kg, 2 with 30 kg)
    - double kettlebell front rack hold (2x16 kg) for 30 s
    - 100 single-unders

    - WOD: 10 min AMPRAP
    - 6 handstand push-ups (I went push-ups from a box)
    - 10 sumo stance high pulls
    - 12 wallballs (6 kg ball)
    - 10 sit-ups with the same ball (touching it to the floor above head hen down and beyond the feet when up

    I did four rounds and 2 more HSPUs (=4+2). 4+4 was the best result so far, so I did quite good! Although the best and mine were both scaled (as I didn’t do the full handstand push-ups).

    My chest strap was sabotaging me and I couldn't download the training from it :( It was an average, not incredibly exhausting crossfit class.
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    Tuesday 2.10.2018

    Karate Kids:
    There were two sisters who came to try for the first time today, from Poland apparently. Together with the boy from Kazachstan and another from Ukraine, if I remember correctly, it is becoming quite an international class! :D
    I did some basic techniques, footwork, punching me to the stomach, pads and short partner work, game at the end and I thik made it quite a good class. The younger of the girls I spoke to enjoyed it, apparently and the older one, I't think, too, which is great. I am however, not very happy about the boys being loud, doing whatever they please sometimes. I had to have one go sit in the corner to chill a little, not counting all the burpees and stuff. I am really annoyed I have to yell all the time just for everyone to hear me. So I became more strict and forbade talking all together, which worked for a while. Phew, I suppose it is my authority which is failing, but these kids seem rather uncomfortable of hyperactive or what. :/

    Karate adults:
    - Junbi Undo
    - Short work-out
    - Different kicks alone and chained practised in pairs, targeting the other persons body with koshi, but gently, of course
    - Most of the class we did some partner work - sensei started with a ounch which we practised in pairs, then I was supposed to add a block and counter to it, then everyone, one by one also added a block to the last strike and counter. the sequence didn't become too long, but was nicely varied: Kizami tsuki, age uke, ura tsuki to the ribs, otoshi uke with the forearm and haito uchi to the neck, blocked with ko uke and countered with mawashi hijiate to the head, blocked by morote (don't remember the name of this block, but you put both forearms in the way) and countered with hiza geri, blocked with both forearms, pushing the partner and pivoting to ushiro geri, to which the partner has to move sideways and control with harai uke, getting to the back of the kicker and catching/hugging him from behind, to which the most obvious solution was a Seiyunchin bunkai escaping from that ending in pushing the partner away. We changed partners, sensei included and then had random attackers and defenders to do this.
    - Sensei started a self-defence class for women at his school not far away, but he has to leave 15 mins earlier. In that time we went through our kata - Gekisai Dai Ichi to Sanseru + Sanchin.

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:08
    Max HR: 160
    Average HR: 112
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady state training, long
    Kcal: 1005
    Fat burn: 41 %
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    Wednesday 3.10.

    Karate at uni:
    Our main sensei doesn't have enough time to teach two days in the dojo and one day at the faculty, so he canceled it, but in the end, our youngest sensei - sensei M took over. He doesn't participate iin teh dojo trainings much, but seems happy to do this.
    The class was pretty similar to the first classes the previous sensei did. Some formalities first, then game of tag, stretching, hiza geri practise, alone, in pairs, in a circle and something like 60 sit-ups and 130 squats. Nothing terribly exhausting, but a nice training :)

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:25 (first 20 mins or so were spent talking)
    Max HR: 169
    Average HR: 118
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 518
    Fat burn: 39 %
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    Started counting calories again (I gain weight D: There was just too much good food in the summer!) and needed to burn quite a few today. But, sensei announced todays training was cleaning the dojo. Honestly, that is just what the dojo needed, it was still pretty messy fromt eh work we did in hte summer and the changing and shower rooms were full of random stuff. In the end we spent the whole training and didn't have time for the potential kata.

    Friday 5.10.:


    - 3 rounds of: 250 m rowing, 6 windmills per side (12 kg kettlebell), 6 inchworms

    - quick stretching

    - Around 8 rounds of 2x snatch balance (starting with the bar up to 80-85% of the max). When we were told to do the last round, I still added, at least to 40 kg, but it didn't feel as heavy as it should have, but no one seemed to be pushing it at all, either, so I left it be

    - 5 rounds with 2x12 kg kettlebells (maybe I could have taken 16 kg towards the end, but... well, didn't :D )
    - 8x deadlift
    - 6x double goblet squats
    - 2x double push presses

    - rest

    - WOD: For time (time cap 12 mins)
    - 50 overhead squats - 15 kg women, 20 kg men = an empty bar
    - 50 double or 150 single-unders
    - 40 overhead squats
    - 40 double or 120 single-unders
    - 30 overhead squats
    - 30 double or 90 single-unders

    Whe I first saw the WoD, I though this must be a pretty quick one, but then I saw the time of people from the previous lessons being between 10-12 mins, so there was obviously some catch to it. Apparently the squats were quite difficult, despite the weight looking easy. I can't do the double-unders properly, though, so I was a little angry again, that the single-unders were to be thrice as many :mad: That's so not fair! If it was twice as many (or I could do double unders), I'd totally have the best time!
    I did the first round basically without stopping, and I was first by the squats. But by the time I finished the single-unders, the only guy there caught up (he did double-unders). I had to drop the bar on my shoulders an shake my legs out twice in the next two rounds and always was first after the squats, in the third round, I finished more or less at the same time with the guy. However, he finished his 30 single unders at the same time as I did my 60 single-unders, but I still got 30 more left :mad: So he finished 15 s early (I wasn't going that fast toward the end). Still, I finished at 7:51, which was the second best time overall, no one else finished before 10 mins passed. Two girls didn't finish at all within the 12 mins. So I still had a good feeling about it! Squats are my strenght, if I can say I have anything resembling strenght in crossfit :D And skipping isn't bad, either.
    I had some complaints about the number of double/single unders and the unfairness and I was told that it should motivate me to learn double-unders, wh not practise after class. Well, I still think it is unfair, but they were basically right. After trying a few times and doing 4 in a row at most before smashing the wire rope into my arms for like the fifth time, I thought "screw it!" and was done with it XD Now I have five scratch-like red and swollen marks on my arms >:C

    Polar results:
    Time: 1:05
    Max HR: 187 (yay, I am finally getting back to these numbers I used to have before aking the month-long break! Woo-hoo! And I just felt good during today's WOD. It is awesome how the numbers nearly always reflect how I feel during the training. This was intense, but ok. I actually do better at times when I reach higher numbers and stay in the 5th HR zone longer - for 7:34 today - nearly the whole duration on the WOD). I am really happy about it, it feels like I am slowly gaining my fitness(?) back! :)
    Average HR: 142
    Training benefit: Tempo & Maximum training
    Kcal: 573
    Fat burn: 26 %
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    Tuesday 9.10.

    Karate Kids:
    It almost looked like we'll be all girls, but a couple of guys arrived at the last moment (I even caught the girls run to the boy's changing room to plead the first one to go home :D :D :D ). We practised blocks - age, yoko and harai, moving in stances and towards the end, my aim was to try the second bunkai of Gekisai Dai Ichi. The more advanced ones also wanted to do kata. There was little time for that, but I had them demonstrate three times for the beginners at the end.

    Karate adults:

    Sensei said he'd be late today. Which is sort of a code for not showing up at all :/ We played a game of tag, did some stretching, a little bit of bodyweight exercises.
    Then we did two rounds where each person names and shows a technique and count to 30 for everyone to do (I asked at the beginning if there was something specific anyone would want to do and kihon was the only thing one more or less new guy said).
    Then we moved onto ippon kumite. However, I wasn't feeling particularly energeting. Everyone is ill around here and some cold finally got to me, too. I had a sore throat, which was ok, until the kids class, which is really engaging for my voice. Anyway, I was feelinf really lazy, had some headache and generally felt less energy. Therefore I didn't enjoy the class that much, apologized and left half an hour early.

    I skipped Wednesday, too. Thursday was unsure, as sensei wasn't able to make it. My crossfit membership just ended, so I didn't get a new one yet, and won't until I feel better. Sensei might be planning some weekend training, but although I am not getting worse, I am not feeling better, either. So I am spending htese days working on stuff I need to catch up with. No resting 'like lying around in bed and stuff), but at least table work. If I find time, I'd love to go for a walk, but I have a great opportunity to catch with as much work as I can now, so...

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:28
    Max HR: 153
    Average HR: 96 (I was beig lazy throughout, kids class included)
    Training benefit: Basic training
    Kcal: 514
    Fat burn: 56 %
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  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 16.10.

    I had a kids class, so I was obviously going to come to the dojo today, and since morning I started feeling fairly healthy and was itching for a training. The only unfortunate thing was a call rom sensei apologizing he won't make it today, either.

    Kids class:
    There were only two girls today. I hope kids are just ill. On the other hand, they are both older and actually try and learn the techniques and want to prepare from grading, so I took the opportunity to do a class specifically for them as I wanted for some time, but it is hard with kids of varying levels and attention spans.
    We started with a belly work-out: 30 russian twists with a stone (they got the smallest ones), 20 knees-to-elbows lying on back, 10 V-ups. I did 3 rounds and allowed them to only go for two. They wanted a bigger stone at first, but the exercise turned to be a fair struggle. After stretching we went through all the bunkai for gekisai Dai Ichi. Solo, step-by-step, then in pairs (Sett, my co-senpai arrived, so each of us paired up with one of them to challenge and correct them). Then the other class was about to begin, but I let them, if they wanted, to step sideways and go through the bunkai by themselves oce again. Nice training, I'd say :) We covered quite a lot of stuff.

    Karate adults:
    It was mostly me teaching today. Usually the bigger part falls on Sett, but he wasn't feeling well today, so he also left early. We just switched roles from last week :D
    I planned and it was also requested by a friend to try a circuit training. We did around 11 or 12 stations, always by 2 minutes. Some hojo undo, some other body weight or light-weighted exercises. In between each station we always did one kihon technique 30x. This took about an hour (together with stretching and slightly late start).
    After we also went through all the bunkai of Gekisai Dai Ichi. There were three brown belts (me included), so we always made pairs with the three less advanced people, also younger. One person had to leave at 4th bunkai, so I stepped away and only went around, correcting. Then we tried a little under pressure - four attackers attack one person inside the circle - first round technical, second all out. Then we went through kata Gekisai Dai Ichi to Shisochin, each twice. Who didn't know the next kata, stopped at their highest one and kept repeating that.
    I was a little chaotic today, I think, but otherwise I think the training was nice. I enjoyed it, at least :D

    Polar results:
    Time: 3:01
    Max HR: 169
    Average HR: 118
    Training benefit: Basic & Steady state training, long
    Kcal: 1090
    Fat burn: %

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  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 18.10.

    Had to skip yesterday's class, unfortunately.

    - Some running, ducking, sliding, walking on all four forward and backward etc. for a warm-up
    - We made pairs, one person lay down face down, the other had... well, a really short time to turn them on the back. I had another brownbelt, A guy about a head taller then me. Couldn't turn him :mad:. Which made me really angry with myself :D Well, at least I promised to myself, that no matter what happens, I won't let him turn me, either. And I didn't :cool: Well, to be honest, he was really really close just before the end. He turned my legs and totally twisted me, which started to be quite painful, so I wanted to give up and turn, but the was he was on top of me, I couldn't. And my tapping wasn't noticed. Well, sensei just announced end of round anyway, so I took a moment to twist myself back and was ok. Then we did the same in groups of three - two people turning one person. A friend, a female blue belt joined us. To my dismay, even with joint forces we couldn't turn the dam guy :mad::mad::mad:. She lost, then, after which was my turn. I was determined! I really was! I came close to losing at one point, but recovered my position and got them! Yaaay :D Then it turned to be us three turning sensei. I thought this was a battle lost even before we started and I was right XD. Since the guy in our group didn't lose, yet, it was us women + sensei turning him. Well, after a couple of seconds I thought I'd do best if I just let go as senesi "finished" him basically by himself in a matter or seconds. Then sensei asked me, if I lost before. I didn't.. but... :oops: Since he didn't remember, I resolutely nodded XD That battle would be completely pointless :D
    - Junbi Undo
    - In a circle people move from one place to the inside and do a combination on every person in the circle, followed by others - various combinations with hiza geri, some stomach punches, blocking punches, set-ups for throws and the third and fourth bunkai of Gekisai Dai Ichi
    - Practising third bunkai of Gekisai Dai Ichi and one of Shisochin in pairs, where the strikes go to the pad the partner was holding
    - In groups of three one person falls backward, caught and pushed forward by the other, running to the other side, where the person attacks the second partner, switch places. This was fun, then we were switching places with the other group, too, so it became a little more chaotic. At that time, I was always the person catching sensei. I neve let him fall very much, although I try to let people fall as far as where I can still safely catch them and try hard, but push them back and forward. With sensei this was hard. He weights like a 100 kg and... I had a hard time! :D Once, when I was running across the dojo to stand behind him, just as I was taking the position, sensei announced (can't believe he was that confident :D ): " I'm falling". But he was already in the middle of it! My focus was just to somehow make him stop falling and d it in a way he doesn't smash the mirror with me (I was standing just in front of it), all technique aside XD
    - We then practised the first three combnation of ippon kumite in pairs, with techniques of our own added on top. The with multiple attackers on one person, under a bit of pressure.
    - Lastly we went through kata: Gekisai Dai Ichi to Shisochin, once.
    - The wery short (shallow?) type of crunches, 120x, and 120x with legs held a bit up (bent). If there are muscle groups I am quite confident in, it's my belly and my legs. I think I was the only one with sensei who managed not to take a break:cool: (I would really need some smug-looking emoticon here :D)

    Polar results:
    Time: 2:00
    Max HR: 181
    Average HR: 136
    Training benefit: Steady state training+
    Kcal: 981
    Fat burn: 30%
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  17. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Sounds like a really great session!

    We've talked in the past about the fact the you practice set Bunkai, which often leaves me feeling curious, so I wondered if you would by any chance be able to put into words (if it is at all possible) what exactly is involved - For instance, what bunkai 3 and 4 for Gekisai Di Ichi involves?

  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Yes, yesterday was nice! :)

    Hmm, I am not particularly good at explaining sequences of techniques, but luckily I remembered there are videos of youtube, which could help me :D
    Here is an old one with Gekisai Dai Ichi and all the bunkai. The bunkai start at just before or around 3:00. There are some slight differeces to how we do them now, but only slight. So it should give you a better idea ^^

    You sai in your system, you were also going to create a fixed set of bunkai for the purpose of grading and such, if I remember correctly. Did you go for it in the end? :)
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  19. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    Thanks Nachi, I'll have a proper look at that video later, when I have more time.
    Well remembered, yes - At least, that is still the plan, it just appears to be taking a little longer than initially realised. (That, and we appear to have misplaced some of the test Bunkai, that we filmed...)

  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    I see :) Are you also participating in the bunkai-creation process?
    Ah, that's a bummer. Hopfully you'll get them done when you need them without much trouble :)

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