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    Wednesday, November 8

    A arrived in Prague at 11 am. The night passed thanks to the time change and I slept for barely 20 mins on the plane. Considering I also slept for only 4-5 hours the previous two nights, I was really tired. I decided to still take a day off.

    I unpacked some things and then dozed off for 1,5 hour, before my alarm set off as it was time for training! I was officially pardoned from Taiji today anyway, so I decided to use the chance to go to the Wednesday karate class which I usually don’t have a chance to go to. I was still more in a karate mood and honestly, that class would most likely be less tiring today. And it was.


    In the first general adult class, Honza (sensei couldn’t make it today) taught some kihon, I think, Gekisai dai Ichi kata and we practiced renzoku kumite.

    In the next class for people of 30 years of age, up, there were 3 newcomers, me, Honza and one of our brown belts. Honza was very talkative today, so we barely did any practice. These classes are supposed to be taken easy, though.
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    Thursday, November 9

    Stupid jetlag. Despite being seriously tired, I couldn’t fall asleep until like 3 am and I totally overslept…

    So I didn’t go to the children class as sensei couldn’t come today, to help Honza. I still have the cold - cough and runny nose, so I thought it best not to really show myself there. I did not skip the adult class, though ^^


    Honza was teaching and I do not remember too well, but we started with two Sanchin katas, then Junbi Undo, did some basic techniques in simple combinations and have been practicing them in pairs, then included some, well, take-downs. Not a complete take-down, just make the person bend over and control, but… I kind of threw a couple of guys, who are strong and I expected to be hard to bend them over, but… they didn’t really resist at all. And as we were trying those fast, they ended up down. It was a soft landing, though, but I should have been more in control… I just quickly stepped over the first one, who just lay sprawled there, with a "Sorry", gently kicked his leg away, only to then get a talking to about how he was waiting for me to help him up :D:D:D Oh man, guys these day :D :D :D

    Karate - advanced

    We had a guest today - a friend who used to train with us, a relatively fresh shodan who now studies abroad, and has nowhere to train right now. Last time Honza taught her Sanseru kata, which she would need for her next grading and we worked on that today, too. Along with another brown belt, who recently learned it, too.
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    Sunday, November 12


    It was not a large scale one, so maybe up to 30 people (maybe less). We already have quite a few black belts! Except for four teaching senseis, there were actually 6 of us - from 3 different dojos. So we had a group of our own.

    Since I just returned from an amazing seminar in Canada, I was asked to teach something. I offered to do the Junbi Undo - it was perfect for all grades and I had done two of those under sensei Torben, who explained some techniques to detail that we often overlook or didn’t even know. So I noted those down, read my notes on them today and explained to everyone the best I could.

    First block in groups by grades we had sensei Vilda, who loves kakie and various joint locks, etc. He also has a background in Aikido. So we did that. Three combinations of a few things like that. Including sweeps, arm-bar, joint locks, etc (I cannot remember the third one!) D:

    Second block was taught by our sensei, who wanted to focus on one kihon combination that is often used in grading. I haven’t done it in a while, mugh less with a partner and we continued that under pressure, with some finish added. And forearm conditioning, too.

    Third block was taught by sensei Vlasta - also a 6th dan since not long ago. He had us work on Gekisai Dai Ichi kata to some detail, especially for footwork. It was really nice. And we had a bit of time to practice a kata of our choice - usually for our next grading. There were three of us working on Sepai. There was no time, though, so sensei wanted us to practice only a part of it. As we did, I went ahead and explained the details I remembered from my trip to Canada. I haven’t done many kata sessions, but had 4 on this one :D So I brought back a lot of info. The friend - 3rd dan from another dojo was really interested, so I imparted what I learned. In the end he said I completely messed his Sepai up :D And I haven’t even told him everything! We only did a part… But yes, it indeed is hard to focus on many details et every move especially if they are not how you usually do the kata. But it is a good thing I learned so many!

    The last block with sensei Robert we worked on Gekisai dai Ichi oyo bunkai - the basic bunkai with more finishing techniques, ideally a take-down. I was trying to vary things, but not everything worked. then we did so under pressure in a circle of attackers. I was nearly the last and as I cooled down, my mind was suddenly blank. Which is a good think sometimes, but it wasn’t now :D I really should improve in this…

    Then sensei gave out the black belt certificates for people who graded within the past half a year, which I brought from Canada. And we went for a dinner and did some yearly resume and planning of our association. It was a lovely day :)
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    Monday, November 13

    Karate Kids

    My turn teaching today. We did game of tag, some footwork, before we split the class. I took the more advanced group to do 2 bunkai of Gekisai Dai Ichi kata.

    Having just returned from Canada and witnessing how quiet and orderly a children class can actually be, I decided I am simply not going to lose my voice today :D

    I said “yame” (stop) when I needed to talk. Obviously, not everyone quieted down, so we did 10 push-ups (me too). Still nothing, so another 10 push-ups. There wasn’t complete silence until 70… Even if only one or two would be whispering quietly, there would always be someone on top of that running and slamming into the mats on the wall.

    THe kids would protest loudly when I announced the next push-ups, so I reminded them what they are supposed to say when sensei gives an order and since then, instead of protests I only heard even half enthusiastic “Hai, sensei!” :D :D :D Awesome! Much better to my ears.

    We did about Idk, 200 push-ups that class. Obviously, it wouldn’t be perfect push-ups, but I made sure to praise the class for perseverance. And one of the rules we have: “Never give up!” I was fairly happy with the class. it went well, my voice lasted and the more advanced group was easy to work with near the end.

    Even the line-up, which took forever in the beginning and we did again in the middle and at the end, got progressively faster, when I challenged everyone to. Phew.

    Karate adults

    I started the class with a warm-up to push partner to another corner of the dojo, or pull them. Odd number of people, so I took part, and worked with the person left out - usually youngsters.

    Then one partner is lying on his belly, the other has a minute to try and turn him over, touch his shoulder blades to the floor. This time I got (still a youngster) - a 15 yo boy, who recently got taller by a head and is of similar weight to me. I was happy to win both rounds. Otherwise I wouldn’t hear the end of it from him :D :D :D

    Junbi Undo and then the class I did was a stolen one from the honbu dojo I attended, wow, pretty much exactly a week ago! :) Focused on stances, transitions, principles of generating power from those, etc.

    Karate advanced

    I also invited one bluebelt who would soon like to grade, so we could help him with Seiyunchin kata, which we don’t have much time to do in regular classes. There were two other brownbelts, so Honza and I split the group. I helped one brownbelt with refreshing Shisochin kata. I had the other listen to some details, but as he wanted to he later practiced Sanseru kata by himself.

    I feel that today went well. I still have a bit of a cold, but only in the upper respiratory system, otherwise I feel fine and never felt bad after training. But teaching is something else, I did feel quite tired after.
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    Tuesday, November 14

    Taiji - Spear

    Morning taiji class. Omg, I so didn’t want to get up this early! But I did. Proud of myself!

    When I came to the Taiji school, I met a friend B in the door. He welcomed me with something like: “Oh, so you do turn up here once upon a blue moon?” Heh, yeah, I really missed this… :D .

    We worked with the spear - basic skills and then split the class in two groups - I was in the more advanced which already had an idea how to do the steps with twirling spear - “The blossom”. We were practicing over and over with different techniques to end it. I was in the very back, but after a while, I noticed the friend - B - watching me. I, and the instructor here are the only ones who already know the spear form, so while I am not proficient with it at all, I’ve still had much more practice than the rest. So while my twirling isn’t anything to brag about, I guess I do better than, let’s say … B. When I noticed him staring, I looked at him and he turned away with: “You know what, just stay home next time” :D He hates when someone does better then him, lol :D

    Taiji fan - teaching

    I asked the group how far they had gotten with the teacher in the previous two weeks. As expected, they learned two new moves. We started the class as usual and I spent a good part reviewing these two moves. Most people remembered the first, but got lost at the second and one person missed the last two classes, too, so….

    At the end I started teaching the next move, but it is not the easiest one and I would prefer to first study my notes for some detail and so I ended up teaching only the footwork.

    I have to say, although I didn’t do any taiji in two weeks, I at least did plenty of karate and I did not feel stiff at all and I felt good doing the forms. What a pleasant surprise!

    Taiji - sword

    Basic sword skills practice, then two sword forms and after a looong time we did one broadsword form. Then sword practice in pairs.

    Taiji - 108 form

    We did the 108 form at the beginning. I have not done much taiji lately, so my legs were tired and somehow my whole body. Progressively so during the form.

    I still haven’t ridden myself of the cold. It is getting better every day, but the taiji today caused that I started coughing pretty often and I just didn’t feel too well. Sickly tired. Not much, but I kind of felt like going home. I finished the class, at the end we worked on the Cannon Fist form, which was great, I forgot some details. When the class ended, I briefly stretched and left.
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    Wednesday, November 15

    Taiji - Fan and Double fan

    We did only one form before the teacher showed up and did one with us, then let us do one on our own. And we practiced its ending for a bit.

    Then we switched to double fan form. I didn’t really get the last move last time and I haven’t touched the fans in 3 weeks… so… I didn’t particularly want to be in the front, but… had nowhere to disappear to. Oh, and as I was expecting from yesterday, finally, some remarks from the teacher about me disappearing for a couple of weeks to do karate:
    “So we finished learning the whole form while you were away. But.. we’re now going to practice only the bit you know, so you wouldn’t be able to learn since you missed!”

    They did proceed with learning a new move. But, who knows if it was only one very long or three similar one in a row… Anyway, plenty of walking around in these! While trying to focus on the teacher’s tips, I tended to lose count of the steps and get lost.
    Otherwise the previous moves I somehow figured out, phew…

    When the teacher went to a side to check on the video of how the form was, I had a friend come and ask me about the new move. Really, guys, come on, ask the teacher! Why do all questions come when he leaves or even moves away for a bit. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help her. She obviously missed a few classes, but so did I.

    Taiji - 37 moves

    The teacher disappeared again, one group was taken by the usual instructor and the more advanced one was left alone. I usually help there, so I went to start it, but had to ask a friend from there what they were actually now doing for a warm-up - if they did silk-reeling or (which I guessed right) warmed up with the form. And also how far they had learned it.

    I started with wuji meditation, and the teacher appeared, stood besides me and took it from there. Surprise, surprise! Then he watched the second form.

    The group didn’t really progress, but learned a new move today. Good for me to practice this one, too.

    But I have to say, after exerting myself at the fan class, I started coughing more, and again, like yesterday, I wasn’t feeling the best. Not that I couldn’t continue, it was very mild, but I just didn’t enjoy it very much.


    So when we finished, I went to apologize to the teacher, that I will take the silk reeling at the beginning o the class, which is usually my job, but will go home, then.

    I did start to feel better now, but I was sure that more practice wouldn’t do me much good. So next time.
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    Thursday, November 16


    Sensei teaching today. We warmed up with a game similar to game of tag, but only moving in shiko dachi. Junbi Undo and then work-out in groups of three.

    Since in those group we would continue to do technical stuff, sensei put me with a mother and daughter duo to help them - both new students. It was all good, but for the work-out…. I’d say my weight is closer to both of them combined :D So we did all the easier variations for bodyweight stuff with the other’s bodyweight. Then it came to the pendulum. The middle person stands firm, and like a plank would fall forward, not moving their feet, where one person would catch them and then toss them backward to the other.

    I, probably, am heavier than what I looked like, because by now I tend to expect people trying this for the first time would drop me, as they often do.

    I was soooo sure this would happen again today! Luckily we have mats on the floor and I was ready to hold my position and fall. The mom first caught me when I started falling forward, and I told her in advance to come very close. But when she threw me, though not fast, the outcome was clear. I ended up on the floor. So the next round I started by falling backward on the daughter. She was careful, started close, managed to catch me and send me over. And yeah, the mom couldn’t do much about it, so I fell flat again XD I soooo knew it!

    Later we practiced Gekisai dai Ichi bunkai in those groups, in a fun way. The mother-daughter duo had never done those bunkai before, so I helped them and explained technique by technique and so we didn’t have time to always do all repetitions, but they were making progress, which was great. It was quite a lot of techniques at once, so fairly difficult to do.

    Then we changed groups into groups of 5, I think and each person did three rounds defending with those bunkai. It was fun, until my group decided to test me by attacking with the other hand. Which would be fine normally, but since the exercise was about chaining the bunkai by turning a specific direction and blocking in that direction right away. When suddenly a punch would come from the opposite direction…. Let’s say they were lucky that I was the last one to go in our group :D I would have totally had them taste their own medicine!

    At the end we did kata, one by one all the way to Sanseru. Those who did not know the next kata would sit and hold their legs above floor.

    This class took longer, so we did not have much time for the advanced class. To compensate a little, sensei had the only present brown belt do Sanseru kata and told me (in the middle of it) to tell him one mistake, and sensei would do the same. Something to work on.

    I have to say, this brown belt, our new assistant for the children classes, who is 15 yo, is turning out nicely. He used to be a bit unbearable at times, but his karate as well as mentality has really improved in the last couple of years. And he has recently been taught Sanseru kata and I have to say, he performed really well today. Obviously he’s been working on it a lot. I am kind of proud of him :) I’ll have to praise him next time, it was really a pleasant surprise :)
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    Friday, November 17

    Home kata practice

    All of my kaishugata (9) 3x and one Tensho. I did try to do all with power and as I wasn’t used to it, I took breaks and the training lasted for nearly an hour. I enjoyed it very much, though. As for the katas we worked on at the Festival, I paid attention to the new things I learned. I spent a bit of time drilling a transition in Sepai kata, where Sensei gave me 5 corrections within that one move…. It is not easy to get them all done well within that like half a second :D
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