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    Wednesday 8th February

    Taiji fan
    The teacher started the form with us today, then we did it once by ourselves. Then we were asked to go bit by bit from the start and the teacher would give us corrections. He corrected many of the moves. And we learned a new one.

    Taiji 27 moves
    Practicing Cloud Hands and High patting on Horse mostly. These are two difficult moves. The teacher gave us a few tips, some were new for me and definitely helped!

    Taiji 16 moves
    I led the silk reeling as usual, then joined the group working on the 15th and 16th moves. Again, we got several useful tips and we also laughed quite a bit. As in the previous classes, actually, so the atmosphere was relaxed and fun today

    Taiji - 2 moves
    Silk reeling - I didn’t participate in this, my back and hamstrings were getting stiff and a little painful from overwork I think, so I took this time to stretch insted, a bit more gently than usual. It was great, it alleviated the pain in my back as well and my hurting legs so I could practice the first two moves with the beginner group in low stances. Trying to push my knees a bit more apart, to stretch for better stances.

    Taiji - filming
    Yesterday the teacher said he’d like to film something, to bring a Taiji shirt (I don’t have a uniform) and do my hair and makeup. I was a little taken aback by this reminder. Why does he want me to put on a make-up? I don't wear it, I don't how to do it and I don't even have mascara, much less anything else.
    But since he wanted me to look nice, I brought what I had at home, which was... a hair ribbon XD The best thing I could offer. And I wasn’t sure what kind of video the teacher wanted and for what purpose, but I thought surely make-up wouldn’t ve visible anyway and surely, he only said in in jest. He did, right?

    Not sure if he made a mental note of my: “I don’t have make-up.”, but he brought his wife with all the necessary stuff. I swear, today was the first time in my life I had a make-up put on my eyebrows. o_O I am really not the make-up type. :oops: I was sent to do my hair and the teacher prepared the lighting and wanted to shoot a few moves with the taiji fan. Only the upper body - a few short sequences. I asked what the purpose of the video was, or where will it go. The answer I got was: “Everywhere!” :D Haha, no, the teacher wanted to make a FB ad for the fan course I should teach starting in March. This answer actually brought more questions in my mind, but... not sure if I even want to hear the answers to them...

    We left the school at 22.30. I was sooo tired. I actually burned over 1900 kcal today.
    I also bought my broadsword. It is so pretty! :) Unfortunately they didn’t have the double bag for it that I wanted, so I went home by public transport with a sword in a pouch over the shoulder and a black and gold broadsword in hand. I was getting glances.
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    Thursday 9th February

    Sensei teaching today, but he asked me to do a warm-up, he'll be back soon. We did Junbi Undo with some of the strethcing exercises I had learned at the kettlebell gym. We still had time, so I thought sensei often has us do sit-ups while everyone counts to ten. So I did that. Only after about 20 reps, seeing many people struggle or pull themselves up with hands, did I remember that sensei usually did those half-crunches or I don't know what they were called. Not full ones. Ooops. Too late to change that and furthermore there were only 13 of us. After about 50 when a few of the younger ones especially seemed exhausted, I said that if anyone couldn't go on anymore they can quit or rest for a while, but everyone has to do 10 when it is their turn to count. It went as I hoped it would, nobody wanted to give up and tried harder :) Of course, there were a few who'd take a break, but everyone tried their hardest. Unlike with push-ups I am fairly comfortable with this and did not realise it would be too hard perhaps? Obviously we need to work the abs more :D I'll take note of that.
    Sensei arrived and he wanted to do bunkai for the first kata. Also our friend and student, who currently studies in the UK came home for a week and turned up. She is getting ready for her shodan grading in a few months, hopefully, but didn't know the bunkai for the last kat she'd need. So sensei asked me to take her to the side and help her with whatever she needed. So I taught her the bunkai (honestly, I haven't been doing these advanced things in a while and I had to dig deep into my memory), we practiced them for a while nad she learned and remembered them well. So we went through Seiyunching bunkai, too, and Started Shisochin kata, but the class was over. I didn't get much exercise today. I only demonstrated the bunkai, but then was only attacking so that she could get as much practice as possible.
    Only 500 kcal after 2 h of training today.

    There will be additional trainig on Sunday to help this friend practice what she needed. Which is good news and a good opportunity for me to practice, too :)
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    Sunday 12th February

    Karate - advanced class
    A special training for blakc belt grading. And for blackbelts. There were 4 of us + sensei. Two frineds getting ready for whodan grading and two of us nidan, not getting ready for anything, just training.
    We worked on Sanchin kata and reviewed soem details, also went through the older version - the turning Sanchin kata. Then one kihon exeercise and San Dan Gi practice. We practised San Dan Gi 1-5 both solo and in pairs.
    Then we worked on the kata for our next grading, which for us was Sepai. Sensei always went through part of the kata with us, answered any questions we had, gave us corrections, let us practice that part and visited the other group, then came back for the next sequence.
    At the end we'd go through all of our kata with sensei watching. In the end he changed his mind and had the two of us join him in watching the two black belt candidates and the three of us each gave one correction to each of the two for each kata.
    At the end the two of us demonstrated Sepai and also got a correction from sensei.

    3 hours, 751 kcal.
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    Sunday 12th February

    Kettlebell gym
    Then I did the usual preparatory exercises - wiggling squats, pull-overs and the lever all with 12 kg bell.

    5 per each side. Like I was last instructed I did one with 12 kg and today the remaining 4 with 14 kg.
    Then I went to ask the instructor what next and she wanted me to try one more TGU with a 16 kg. I think it was easier than expected. So I was told to incorporate it in my work-out next time. Start with 14 kg, then do perhaps 2 reps in the middle with 16 kg and finish with 14 kg. I guess I will try to go with 16 kg for as long as feels comfortable, which may be the 2 reps, but I'll see.

    Deadlift + negative pull-ups
    I was tasked with 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts and 2 negative pull-ups like I've been doing. Last time the other instructor told me to do the pull-ups without holding the upper position and I only went down for 5 s. Today I was told to just hold up for "one, two" (not sure if she meant seconds of just quick count, but I tried seconds) and lower myself for longer, 7 s if possible. I really dislike the horizontal bar, she knows that, but shee keeps adding stuff :confused:
    As a trade I was allowed to keep the same weight (40 kg kettlebell) for deadlift and not add more. Well, I'd definitely prefer to add weight here rather than time for the negative pull-ups! Deadlifts felt good today. I think I am getting hand of the technique. Having a heavier bell actually helps. I had a good time and tried to lift a little bit wxplosively so tha bell would go up with a bit of momentum.
    I also pushed through with the pull-ups, but the second reps of the last two rounds were, well, not very presentable and did not last 7 s. Just a rather quick count to 7 :D:cool: Arms didn't listen.
    The instructor later asked how it went, so I said not that well at the end. Which I thought might awaken some sympathy in her, but she instead asked: "But you did all the reps, right?" with a smile. And I didn't feel good about that type of question at all. :confused:

    Goblet squats + push-ups

    Again the usual exercise. Today I added weight to the squats to 28 kg. I focused on the mistakes I had corrected and I think it turned out well.
    The most difficult part, to be honest, was to get the damned kettlebell into the actual goblet position. At home, with my 16 kg bell, I used do it just by squatting low nad grabbing it, pulling it up a little and then getting up. But when I sneakily tried with this, it, well, didn't really work (too heavy). So I went for what would probably be called as high pull as before, and quickly change grip. It did its job, but really, it was probably harder than the squats. If I ever go heavier, I am not sure I can keep using the tactics. The instructor than advised me, as before, to swing it up. But that type of thing looks exactly like something that may end up with me dropping the bell on my foot.
    As for the push-ups, I did 3 reps each round by the steps last time. And they felt quite good today. I am figuring out how to position myself with the slight elevation :) As told, I added 1 rep to the first round. which didn't feel like that much of a difference. After I'd finished I was told to add 1 more to the 2nd round next time and we'd be adding by one until I slowly end up with 5 reps each round. Then I can probably lower the elevation. I am thinking if I should actually just try to aim for 4 in all rounds next time (adding one rep per training will take forever :O). I feel like it may be doable, but on the other hand I don't want to compromise the form and I'd better listen to the instructor.

    Swings - EMOM 10x10
    There were still like 8 mins till the time for swings, so I went to get directions again, but the instructor asked me about swings, about the weight I was using, what was I doing last time, etc. I said I used 28 kg as usual, but was told to go for 24 kg for the last three rounds to practice the form as I got a correction. I got additional explanation for that and was allowed to have the 24 kg bell ready if I couldn't do all 10x10 with 28 kg. It is not like I can't, but it is easier for the technique. Anyway, I was sure I can do it unless I calluses before I finish (they again hurt from the hirozontal bar, which usually ends with finishing them off with the swings). If that happened, though, the 24 kg bell would be of no help anyway. I chalked up every three rounds and the skin lasted today, woohoo! Still, ebarrasingly, it was what hurt the most during the swings :/ One the positive note, I think the 28 kg felt a little bit more comfortable than it used to today :)

    Foam roller
    As for the stretching at the end, the instructor asked the group what we wanted to do today. Since she asked... I wanted to do the foam rollers. She keeps bringing them up, also sounding like they were the biggest torture, but always sees our tired faces and decides to postpone them. But I really wanted to try :D So we did. It was nice. I think it massaged the muscles nicely. It should help with feeling sore, too, right? I also have a foam roller at home, but don't use it, so I also wanted inspiration for the exercises :oops:

    569 kcal today
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    Monday 13th February

    Karate kids
    As we arrived, one mom called us over as there was another mom of two newcomers, who only spoke English. We answered questions she had. Her boys spoke mostly English, but obviously were catching some Czech, too, especially the older. I spent quite a bit of time with the younger - to explain, doing my best to do so in English. At times, however, his brother translated for him when we announced some exercises. That was helpful. Warm-up with a game of tag, then kihon and kihon ido, game at the end.

    Karate adults
    Sanchin for a warm-up. We decided to teach the first - the turning version of Sanchin, which should have been new for most of the people there. And a lot of people came today as well.
    After Junbi Undo we did kihon ido. I wanted to practice, too, but the dojo was full and there was not much space, the people knew their basics and didn't need to copy from me and a more useful role would be to watch and correct stuff, so I did. I kind of like that, too, it is awesome to see everyone's progress, but I'd better work on my basics, too.
    For the last 25 mins or so we split the class. Sett taught kata to the majority, while I took two brownbelts sideways. One a potential black belt candidate, soon, the other doesn't really get that much opportunity to work on her stuff. We worked on Seiyunchin. I watched, gave corrections and had them try again. I let the 3rd kyu friend practice by herself, then, and checked the other's Shisochin kata. Again gave her tips and corrections. She tried a few more times, but was tense and nervous. But after the group of others finished demonstrating their kata to each other, she went to do so as well. It is a good part of training.
    I completely forgot than at the end we wonted to do some work-out. I thought we could do an EMOM and just got an inspiration on the internet.
    The otiginal work-out was supposed to be 25 mins, but we didn't have that much time, so we only did 15 - thee rounds of:
    Minute 1: 10 burpeed
    Minute 2: 15 air squats
    Minute 3: 15 push-ups
    Minute 4: 20 jumping lunges
    Minute 5: 20 sit-ups
    I can see why there would be more rounds if one wanted a proper work-out, but this did make me break sweat and more so everyone else, who actually trained properly in the past nearly 2 hours (I mostly only watched, so I was quite fresh).
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    Tuesday 14th February

    Didn't make it to morning class, had to work.
    I should have received an order of a bag large enough for both my sword nad broadsword. It should have arrived today, but apparently it was sent to Romania instead... So I had to, yet again, travel with sword in bag on my shoulder and the broadsword (in its scabbard) in hand... I'd really hoped to avoid this. I'd better get the bag by next Tuesday (which I should, though).

    Taiji - fan practice
    There was our fan group - only 5 people today. A friend wanted to decide which part of the fan form we're going to demonstrate on Friday and to practice only that and try to synchronize ourselves. So we did that. OUr demo group will include some people who haven't come today nad some who did won't be there, but at least three of us will. We practiced this over and over. It is nearly the whole form we knew with the exception of the last 4 moves that we're not that familiar with, yet.
    Between forms, we also took breaks and chatted, had a lot of fun. I tried to explain things when someone asked, and in the last 10 mins I talked the others into practicing the latest moves, too, that won't be in the demo. I had to re-explain the last one as no one really remembered (I hope I did). The teacher came to check on us just beofre the end, gave us a correction, some tips, checked on what we had decided to demo. Nice class.

    Taiji - jian and dao
    I was all tired already... but pushed through the three usual jian forms. But I made some mistakes as it is always a bit conflicting to take a sword right after the fan. There are moves that are the same, or slightly modified, and I tend to confuse them for the fan variations. Then we went through a part near the end with the teacher, got some corrections.
    Then we took our broadswords and practiced the basic skills. I tried my new broadsword for the first time today :) It felt nice. But I was all sweaty and the sword was slippery and had a tendency to rotate a little in my hand, so I did my best to grip it tightly enough. Otherwice the weapon felt very nice to practice with. Definitely better that the lighter practice broadswords and better than the wooden one, too :)
    I got a safe spot in the very back. Until we started practicing facing the back so we turn and see the teacher in the front for the newest move. I did tel him I didn't learn the broadsword, yet he still told to look at me if anyone did not remember. Not sure if I was of much help, though, as I confused the feet position when we started somewhere in the middle. I changed the front foot about three times before I saw the teacher, after looking at people around, but everyone had a different foot forward and it was like 50:50 :D Not helpful!
    Anyway, we learned a new move and practiced all 4 we now know. I had a lot of fun. This is a nice dynamic form and I can't wait to learn it whole, I already love it :)

    Taiji - Laojia Erlu
    Laojia Yilu for a warm-up, then Laojia Erlu three times. The latter two times without fajins, just trying to figure out the position, wehre the weight is, how to turn, before getting this stuff lost among the jumps and strikes. It wa a good exercise. THe teacher asked for any questions so that we cna first correct what we wanted before learning new stuff. I asked about the move similar to Cloud Hands. I just mess up the turning and steps and hands and it gets progressively more messy. And I am confident the teacher will have an aweomse tip for it as usual. And indeed, he did. :) We practiced that for a bit before learning the new move - the sweep. It is a hard one. The teacher taught us the reagular, easy verson and the more challenging one with going low, hands on the floor. I seemed to be the only one actually trying to learn this one, but it was hard. Especially to figure out how to smoothly shift the weight and turn and how to finish the move, which the teacher then didn't explain in detail. So we all tried to learn at least the easier verson for now, but even then it wasn't easy to coordinate at all. I'd better try at home before next week. Most people go to another class on Thursday as well, which I can't due to karate, and I'd rather not fall behind if I don't figure this one out.

    Taiji - 6 moves
    As usual I stretched my whole body for about 30 mins. Surprisingly, although these three classes were not the easiest physically, I didn't feel as exhausted as I usually do. Also after about a month Polar agrees I am not overtraining anymore and I got my cardio back to my usual level. Not sure if that is the reason, but I still felt like going today, so I joined the class to practice 5 moves and learning the 6th. It was going to be slow nad relaxed, which was what I needed to loosen my limbs, too. It felt good :)

    Time: 4:11
    Average HR: 129 bpm
    Max HR: 174 bpm
    Kcal: 1901
    Training benefit: Tempo Training+
    Cardio load: 339 - Very high

    A good training! :)
    Over 4000 kcal burned today in total according to my watch. That doesn't happen to me often :)
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    Wednesday 15th February

    Taiji fan
    The teacher was there from the beginning and started the form with us. Then we did the forst half or so by ourselves and then bit by bit for the teacher to see what needed more work. And we got corrections and practiced, then especially the latest moves. We were taught two new moves today. The second one was a turning kick, a rather cool one, but there wasn't that much time to practice. We will spend some time with it next time, though, I am sure. I was being moved around the gym, wherever I would act as reference. It was a bit hard for the last move that we've tried a couple of times, but I surprisingly didn't mess up. Well, at least not with anything obvious, but I got a correction right away :D

    Taiji - Laojia Yilu - 27th move
    A bit of silk reeling, then we spent a lot of time practicing Cloud Hands. The teacher left us to it and I kept the group practicing it without a break. When the teacher came back, I could tell he was looking at me and even though I had my back turned to him, then, I was so sure he found something wrong. And there I thought I was getting the hang of it for a bit after we practiced for so long now. SUre enough, as soon as we stopped, I was told what I did wrong. Yeah, it was one of the things I think I can do (hopefully) right if I focuse on a certain movement pattern, but there are always so many things to focus on...
    We then moved onto High pattin on Horse. Seriously, I find these are two of the most difficult moves in the whole form. At least for me. But we got very useful tips today again. It was great.
    For breaks I was told to do all 27 moves with the group about three times throughout the class.

    Taiji - Laojia Yilu - 17th move
    I led silk reeling today, but hte whole sequence, facing the class. So doing it in a mirrored way. I probably didn't mess up. Or at least not too much and that was good enough for me :D
    We practiced the 17 moves with the more advanced group then, again spending time mostly with the last two. And Stepping three steps. Again, mayn useful corrections. This time, the teacher didn't show stuff on me, but on a potential new instructor. What a relief. My legs hurt quite a bit today already.

    Taiji - Laojia Yilu - 3rd move
    As for the next class, I did not skip silk reeling today, but I did it in a stance much higher than usual. My legs hurt. More than usual on Wednesday. Might be due to the additional class yesterday. We then practiced the first two moves nad the teacher explained the third. There usually is a friend whom the teacher uses to assist, but she didn't come today, so he asked me if I had strenght left. I said not much, so I was sent to the front and told it was a good opportunity for me to learn these moves in a higher stance. The teacher was on the spot, it wasn't that easy, so I would always automatically sink lower, only to be reprimanded :D He used me only for a bit whenhe wanted to check how everyone was doing the new move, I was pardoned soon after. I really hurt today. Legs, lower and upper back, really, those muscles I don't realize I usually use for taiji, but hurt and get tired with prolonged practice.

    Only 1300 kcal today, but my body is tired.
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    Thursday 16th February

    Sensei teaching today, we had the traditional type of training. Meaning Sanchin kata, Hojo Undo and Kote Kitae (Iron body conditioning). Sensei also planned Kakie, but unfortunately there was not enough time. Which is a pity. Regardless, I love this type of trianig, so I enjoyed myself. Sett couldn't make it today, but we had a visitor - a shodan friend from a different dojo. Good to him!
    I was paired with him for some Sanchin testing. After two Sanchins we stretched, then did Hojo Undo - 7 stations, we moved in pairs.
    After we went to do Kote Kitae. Not enough time left, so we only did the four basic forearm strikes. We make a line of pairs and one side always move to the right, so we rotated each between six partners.Doing around 24 strikes of the same type with each. A friend pardoned herself form this, and sensei happily took her place. Ha, he was in the same line as me and I would avoid him today :D:cool: I could see him checking the line and thinking about changing places with his partner, but probably as it would be good if he passed by the guest, too, he did not. However, he still couldn't help himself. When we finished the firs round - the 6 partners with the same type of strike, sensei said for everyone to do 10 burpees. I knew what was coming right away and attempted to start the burpees, too, but of course, sensei wanted to beat me up. :D Ouch. Luckily he only did this for the first strike. Doing kote kitae with sensei, whne he goes full power means bruises or lumps of whatever for me. And we have the TAiji demo tommorrow! He also mentioned that and left me be for the other rounds. I was glad, my forearms were already a bit tender after 6 partners. So I left with only one part - under the elbows - bluish. That is a relatively good part, it won't be seen that much. And it isn't bruised that much, either, maybe it'll disappear by tommorrow.

    One final Sanchin at the end.
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    As regards your conditioning exercises-use your T'ai Chi.

    Utilize as much relaxation as possible w/out losing structure. See how your training partners "feel" about pairing up with you!

    The more you can drop unneeded muscular tension the less uncomfortable it is for you, the more so for them,and the more power you'll emit.

    No one in town wanted to practice 3 Star Pattern with me-not even my Hung brothers. I even -and this is a laugh!-accepted 3 "formal challenges" in 3 Star.All were stronger/more muscular than myself and two were noticeably bigger (I was a 6 foot welter or middleweight). The one who lasted the longest was the smaller of the three,a buddy who did "Tibetan" Pak Hok and......Okinawan Goju!

    Of course I may be off the mark.Perhaps it wasn't the relaxation but purely psychological warfare as I would in time to the strikes hum/sing a number from the music group War -"Why Can't We Be Friends?".:D

    I can state I didn't get bruises. Don't know if it was just the relaxation or the 10-15 minutes every morning on a tree.With relaxation.

    Try it on a tree. Or a training partner.As in all things,don't start at full speed.Relax and let it go,ramp up speed as you see fit.Get a good Dit Da Jow for after.

    Hope ya got a chuckle on the idea of my being formally challenged in forearm bashing. I don't know what people thought that would prove.How tough they were, I guess.o_O
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    Thanks for the tips and for the story, haha :D
    I am, unfortunately, unsure what a 3 star pattern is. Could you enlighten me? :oops:

    As for the relaxation, it is indeed an important part of karate in general, of course. But not till the end of the technique. In this type of conditioning, while starting any strike relaxed is a given, at the end there is a kime. A moment of muscle tension. After all, hitting a soft relaxed muscle isn't ideal, right? That would hurt and could get you injured, no?
    It is true for forearms, and definitely also for body punches and leg kicks. That may not be what you would suggest, though.

    I believe you not getting bruises may indeed be due to practice. It definitely helps :) We don't do this conditioning that often and I tend to bruise after a break, although much less than I did in the beginning.

    I am not uncomfortable with this exercise, I like it and at least when the strikes (like yesterday) are simultaneous, I am really not afraid. Unless my partner is sensei, who saves his best for the blackbelts. And it hurts especially when he comes after several previous partners wjhen my arms are already tender :D
    I haven't tried Dit Da Jow before. Maybe I should. Is it useful to get rid of bruises? I don't even know where to get it, but I should be able to find somewhere they sell it. :)

    I can totally see how you can be challenged, to be honest :D Although it is a little funny to imagine it being done formally in all seriousness. But that may not have been the case :)
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    Friday 17th February

    Taiji celebration of Chinese New Year (belated) and the school's 22nd anniversary.
    This used to be a yearly occassion. I have been there once in 2020, when I started Taiji. Who would have thought that a pandemic would strike and by the time this event comes next, I will be one of the demonstrating instructors! :) I wouldn't have believed that. I remember I was completely awed when I saw all the demonstrations ad wished I could learn these forms and the weapons. I think my dream came true, in a way. I have a long way to go, still, but actually showing the forms with the very instructors I admired so much before seems like an accomplishment. I am really happy I was able to do this. And poeple seemed to have liked it.

    For this evening, I was supposed to be a part of a group of 5 performing the fan form. We have been learning it together, but in this particular group we haven't really tried, yet. So we came early if there was an opportunity to try, but there wasn't. Only one try before the event started.
    I wasn't asked to demo anyhting else, but just to be safe, I did ask the teacher last class if it is ok if I don't bring my sword today. We did sword with my little sis last time, but it seemed someone else - the teacher and a senior student would. For my question I was told: "Why not? Bring the sword." But it seemed like just in case. Nothing has changed before the event started, so I didn't try the form and I left my sword in a locker.

    Just when the people came and we were to start, the teacher told me and others that we would all do the beginning of Laojia Yilu together in the beginning, which was within expectations. We did, then two guys showed the Cannon Fist form and then the teacher came to me and little sis: "How about you two do the sword form?" -_- "Like, now?"
    I just ran to my locker to grab the sword while the teacher had a short talk and it was our turn right away. I can't say I was even surprised, though. I have learned to be always ready for the unexpected here. :D This event was planned so long in advance and I guess everyone mostly had an idea what the teacher wants them to show and practiced (like we did with the fan), but... Good thing Meimei and I are rather synchronized, even if we haven't practiced the sword together since the last demo... I had fun doing the demo with her, though. I really love the sword form, after all. :) And I think it turned out well. Well, I hope so. I didn't mess up, except for stepping on the tassel a couple of times. I usually don't use it and I had it attached today in case we were asked so that I could first try and decide to take it down if it was getting in the way. I didn't expect we'd be asked to do the demo without any prior notice at all. And the tassel is long and in lower stances it gets dragged on the floor at times.

    Then our group did the fan form. There were a two young girls this time, so I moved to the back since I was taller. The fan for is really nice. And it looks pretty good in a group. We didn't practice together like this before, so we weren't too sanchronized, but when I saw a video of us later, the timing was actually rather good. Well, better than I expected it to be.
    Then I only enjoyed the forms performed by others. I love watching that. It was a great evening. :) It was a pity that one of the instructors fell ill, so two forms he'd be the performer of, were omitted.
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    Sunday 19th February

    Kettlebell gym
    Started with the usual foundational exercises with the 12 kg bell.

    5 reps per side. Last time I was told to starte using the 16 kg bell. Start the first rep with 14 kg, then perhaps 2 with 16 kg, then return to the 14 kg. I think it went quite well with the 16, so I did 1 rep with the 14 kg to start, and did the rest with 16 kg.
    Instructor asked how it went and told me if I felt comfortable starting with the 16 kg, next time I can do all rounds with this weight and then perhaps try to only press the 20 kg up to get a little familiar with this weight, too, which sounded like a good plan. I did a TGU with 20 kg before - when I first learned it, but I worried about smashing my face iwth it the whole time and had an instructor (at crossfit at that time) be there ready to catch. So I feel after 16 kg my days of easy TGU that I don't need rest for between rounds are over.

    Goblet squat + pull-up holds
    Next exercise was 5 rounds of 5 goblet squats and holding in the upper position of a pull-up.
    Last time i did the squats with 28 kg and I think it worked well, except for getting it up into the goblet position. I asked the instructor if she couls show me the other way to get it into the goblet position - to swing it up. She originally suggested this as a better way that the high pull I'd been doing, but I feared I'd just slam the kettlebell into my chest. She demonstrated again today, and I tried and... slammed the kettlebell into my chest XD Only a tiny bit, though. I was more careful in the next rounds.

    As for the pull-up practice exercises, she suggested that I try only once each round and try to get up to the bar and just hold the upper position with chin above the bar, for as long as I can. I was very sceptical about me being able to do this for more than like 3 secs and she told me I can go for 5 s. It thought that would be very hard, but... I was able to do 15 s! :eek: How? Well, I lasted 15 s only for the 2nd and the last round, the others it was 12 s before arms gave out. And then I would lower myself slowly down.
    Unfortunately, the instructor saw and sarcastically said that it looked like more than my 3 secs. So from next time onward, I will be trying full pull-ups (I think) with the assistance of the rubber band. Noooo. I hope they have a thick one, That doesn't actually sound that scary, but knowing the instructor, I bet she would make the exercise into something I don't like at all XD

    Since the instructor was hard on me with the horizontal bar, she wanted to let me have a little rest and told me to do 5x5 of deadlifts, this time not combined with anything else. Whn asked, I told her I was using 40kg last time. She raised her brows: "40 kg?" with a slight surprise. Looks like she thought I was taking it too easy, most likely. :oops: I was told to get the next heavier one - 44 kg, but focus on the technique that she explained to me once again. 44 kg didn't seem like that much of a difference nor that much of a challenge (but I suppose kettlebells aren't meant for finding the 1 RM for deadilft). So I wasn't particularly enthusiastic that I was told to rest for 2 mins between each round. I didn't feel tired and the break time seemed waaay too long. But I couldn' t exactly ask for the next exercise in 3 mins, so I kept it (well, nearly, I started the next round every two minutes) and stretched between rounds.

    I practiced them in a separate exercise today. I was told to go lower - as in put my hands on only one step instead of two. And try to do 2-3 push-ups and 5 rounds and again, take 2 min rest. I wasn't up for this anymore, though. I only rested for a minute. There wasn't even that much time left before the swings anyway. I went for 3 push-ups. The one step lower didn't feel like that much of a difference, except for the fact that the second step was getting in my face. Literally. So I couldn't get as low and I would have tried. I tried to focus t keep my back straight and keep all the muscles tight. I think my form is lacking.

    EMOM - 10x10 double-handed swings
    Took the 28 kg as usual. Today, it felt easier! :) I mean, I could feel the progress as I was getting used to this weight and (maybe also because my calluses got harder and didn't hurt as much) didn't have much trouble finishing each round.
    At the 7th the instructor told me I should keep my heels on the floor. My stomping took the work off my hips. So I did the last three rounds with heels planted and it indeed made my hips more tired.
  13. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Monday 20th February

    Karate Kids
    17 kids today and as soon and it was very lively. I spent the first at least third of the class trying to work with a new, very young boy, who was a foreigner, but wouldn't listen to anything from anyone in any language. At least in the beginning.
    This is starting to be a little challenging in general as most of the children speak Czech, but some speak English, and some Ukrainian. Most of them understand Czech, but maybe not all of them that well. I can explain in English, but not in Ukrainian. Generally, it is a good thing there are two of us instructors. One can focus on teaching the class, and me on explaining and helping those who don't understand or simply need more attention.
    We did some pads nad games today, a little bit of kihon, too. Just punches, I think.

    Karate adults
    Sixteen people and two of us instructors, a good group as well! We started with Sanchin 3x and one turning Sanchin. One guy would do a grading this weekend since he missed the last term, so we adjusted the class to practice more what he needed - today we focused on Ronzoku kumite. We tried solo a few times, then in pairs. There were, however, three younger boys with a lwoer grade, who didn't kno it. I did my best to stand by their side and help them, but it was hard to keep up woth the rest. So I took them away and explained it all again step by step. We managed to practice both sides again and I think they caught on better, then. And actually enjoyed it. :)
    Two hours were over like nothing.
    Sett and I tried one Kururunfa before leaving.
  14. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 21 st Feburary

    Taiji - fan
    Our group practiced by ourselves. We were only 4 today, worked on the form and on the final moves. I wanted to read my notes before class as I had trouble remembering, but forgot. In the end, I put it together with the help of Meimei. But now that I read the notes, it seemed I remembered wrong and changed it slightly XD Dang.
    The teacher spent some time with us giving us tips and corrections for the first and the last move.

    Taiji sword and broadsword
    Three sword forms for a warm-up and the teacher practiced with us a part of the form somewhere in the middle.
    30 mins in we took up broadswords, shortly tried the basic exercises (left hand included) and the form. We again turned around with me in the front and the teacher directed those unsure to look at me and copy. And he - yet again - asked: "You've learned the broadsword before, right?" I did not.
    We practiced the moves before and added another one. It is going to be just one fast slash or stab after another it seems. And with the circular taiji movements and flow of energy from one move into another - I really like it :)

    Taiji - Cannon Fist form
    Laojia Yilu as a warm-up, then Laojia Erlu (Cannon Fist). We practiced the last few moves, including the difficult sweep from last class. We tried once, I barely remembered, I wasn't sure about the final transition, so I first tried it relaxedly, and a normal stance. But when the teacher saw no one went for the low one - hands on the floor, we were all made to practice this. Transitioning from this was, however, even harder. We asked about it, a friend had the same problem. The teacher explained and showed us, but I still didn't really get it. I tend to just do everything without stop and in one motion - which is probably a correct way also - but I can't really do it well, I lose balance. More practice needed.
    We spent quite some itme with this, but in the last 5 mins the teacher taught us the next move. Luckily, this one didn't seem nearly as hard.

    Taiji - Laojia Yilu 8-9 moves
    I stretched thoroughly by the wallbars as usual, which loosened my legs enough for me to join the second half of the class that was going on. I wanted a relaxed practice focusing on breath and on stretching in my stances. I had renewed energy to do lower ones, but I was already quite stiff in the hips. We practiced 6-8th moves and learned the 9th - Stepping three steps. We tried the stepping forward across the gym, without using arms for now. Which was harder for me as it changes the pattern. When we were practicing, the teacher took me sideways as I wasn't doing it correctly and showed me how to. I forgot the silk-reeling there in the hips. He showed me (had to do so a few times because I didn't get it) and I just practiced this till the end of class. It's hard. I appreciated him giving me a specific correction like that, so I made sure to thank him later :)

    Today, again, was a tough session. From the polar results probably one of my toughest trainings overall, actually :)
    Time: 4:08
    Average HR: 136 bpm
    Max HR: 174 bpm
    Kcal: 2059
    Training benefit: Tempo Training+
    Cardio load: 391 - Very high
  15. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Wednesday 22nd February

    I came a little bit early today and slipped in to wathc the ending of the children class. The teacher had the instructor work with the class while he came to chat with me and shared the outlook and some details and challenges about the children classes. Which was appreciated.

    Taiji- fan
    We worked on what we already knew, mostly the latest moves, tha last being a round kick with a turn, so a bit complicated. We also worked on the breathing within the form, slowing it down and practicing more relaxedly - tempo-wise, the legs hurt still.

    Taiji - 27 moves
    A bit of silk-reeling and Cloud Hands practice, then we did the 26 moves twice and worked on the later moves. Later we added a new one - the first kick in the form and drilled it.

    Taiji - 18 moves
    I led the silk reeling for a warm-up, then we went through the 16 moves twice and worked on the latest and added a new one. This class was a bit more relaxed then usual, the teacher spent some time talking and explaining the theory, which was fairly interesting.
    At the end he let us practice the last move, but people were still unsure about things, so I ended up getting several questions and did my best to explain the move again, adding some details I think should be done that way - it is the way that makes sense to me, at the very least. Luckily, when the teacher came back, saw people struggling, he added some details, including this one, which was a bit reassuring for me :D

    Taiji - 3 moves
    My legs were tired, but I did do the silk reeling with everyone else, albeit in a considerably higher stance than usual. We then practiced the two moves, one by one and with a few rounds of silk reeling in each and then added the third. And practiced this. The usual senior student whom the teacher asks to be in front, wasn't there today, so he asked me if I still had some strenght left. Not much, but I could scramble a little bit. So I drilled a bit with the class while the teacher would go around, correcting. He let me go back soon. We had a little break as the teacher does in the beginner classes where he would talk, explaining the principles and the moves we've learned. I was happy for a chance to sit down for a bit :)

    Over 1400 kcal today.
  16. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Thursday 23rd February


    We started with what we call "Scottish Five" - 5 types of exercises (today it was jumps up with hitting knees into the hands held hip-height; push-ups with a sidestep; crunches; spiderman push-ups and squat + front kick) each done 5x and in 5 rounds.
    22 people altogether today and by the time we inished this warm-up, the dojo was sweaty, smelly and with no fresh air. We opened the smaller windows slightly, but although I thought about opening the larger ones, I had a feeling sensei wouldn't approve. At least not of me being the one needing fresh air. So I didn't even try. :D
    Junbi Undo, bodyweight work-out and then for the remaining hour of training we did kakie - push-hands. First sensei again taught the technique and we practiced solo. I think most of the class had done it, but there were some young students today, some not even teenagers, and were a bit lost, so I spent most of the time helping them figure it out.

    Then we practiced in pairs and changing partners, but only within set groups by grade and age. It looked like sensei would have us agian go around correcting, but a friend had some issues with her hand and volunteered to watch and help, but definitely not practice. So I could join the advanced group instead to make an even number of people there. Yay! :) I like kakie. And I have things I want to work on there - inspired from Taiji if I can use the body's structure better... I tried to focus on this, but we then would push hard with every partner and it had become a battle of endurance and I had a hard time focusing on my structure.
    Now maybe I shouldn't have been teaching some of these things to people as I did the last two times we did kakie. This 1st kyu guy whom I've pushed hard to his limits held his own today, happily announcing me how keeping the back straight really makes such a huge difference, he can even keep up with me. I somehow was not that happy about it, hahaha :D
    Then we did kakie in groups of three. Sensei paired me with teh other two girls and so instead of giving it everything I had left, I had to go easy. Apart from the last round where I was in the middle and exercing the most - pushing two people at the same time, I could afford to go harder and try for my endurance. The other two always only use one hand so I thought they could deal with that and I at least had them switch positions so they can switch hands several times.

    Later we worked not that much with strenght, but more technique and did bunkai Gekisa dai Ichi from kakie. I did my best to still try to push a bit, to also challenge my partners a little. It was hard at tiem,s though as the air was awful, the windows getting foggy and we were all so sweaty that hands slipped easily and we woud either hit the other person's chest, or someone knocked off my glasses. I put them away as i knocked into them several times before. This was obviously unsafe for them :D

    Great class. We didn't ahve enough time for kakie last week and I am glad sensei did not forget about it and even spent the whole class with this :)
  17. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Saturday 25th February

    Karate - national seminar
    A four-hour long training not too far from here. Four blocks nearly an hour long, divided into groups. OUr group was that of brown and blakc belts, later joined by blue belts (4th kyu), who were, however, only 2.

    There was no warm-up for everyone together this time, our group warmed-up by Sanchin kata with 50% effort, then we briefly stretched and spent the hour by doing a kata at a slow pace, then trying all of its bunkai in pairs and the same kata, full effort. We went through Gekisai Dai Ichi and Ni, Saifa, Seiyunchin and Shisochin. No time for more.
    One last kata at the end - the one for our next grading - Sepai for me.

    Second block was dedicated to Sanchin kata. We practiced in pairs, with sensei having us practice Sanchin shime - the testing. From the beginning only being a resistance to the one doing Sanchin, then checking the posture from behind and finally the hits - calves, thighs, butt, shoulders. Or belly. I partnered up with sensei from our dojo, who hasn't been practicing for about 5 years - since having children. She was amazing, though, remembering everything well. She, however, wasn't that used to harder hits. Although she couldn't say anything, she gave me a few displeased looks and a talking to after the kata (although I thought I didn't hit so bad, but...). As she gave me the talking to, sensei called me over to be the next one to demonstrate the harshest thing - I do Sanchin, he does shime from behind and another person form the front. This is sensei's favourite thing to do and very hard to focus on everything at the same time, while also physically difficult. We then did this in groups of three.

    Third block we did three kihon ido combinations with a kick each. I hate this one with the back kick. I never, ever, step to the right side, which basically means getting kicked... We changed partners - rotated in lines. And unfortunately, when the time came to put these three combination together with the back kick being the last, I was with sensei, who took me forward to demonstrate this exercise with me. He went fast for the demo, I hadn't the opportunity to try before and when the back kick came, sure enough, I stepped to the wrong side, but definitely not wanting to be kicked, I basically ran away from the kick :eek::oops: At least everyone had a good laugh if nothing else ... :D As a final exercise of this type we added a couple of rounds of Ude Tanren - Iron body conditioning (hands only). I also got a turn with sensei. No matter how many reps we do, it always hurts as hell. Even if we do two rounds (twice) like today, he'd just put as much strenght into it as he can. I just do my best to hit agains him, but my hands would just fly away....
    And we briefly went through Gekisai Dai Ichi and Ni kata.

    Last block we did a few kihon and kihon ido combination solo, then worked on these in pairs with added finishing technique - preferable a joint lock or a takedown.

    In the end we all demonstrated our kata for the next grading, in groups by kata, watched by everyone else. Our Nidan group did Sepai again. Wow, so many Nidans! This was really a rare sight. There were actually five of us :) Considering there are seven in total in our association, this was a good gathering. In comparison, there was only one Shodan present.

    A great seminar. I think, at least for our group it was well balanced between technique nad conditioning. It wasn't too tough, but it also wasn't only technical.
    1343 kcal.
  18. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Sunday 26th February

    Kettlebell gym
    Warm-up, the preparatory exercises with 12 kg bell. Instrucotr said to go for 14 kg next time, it looked too easy. Not sure if it felt as easy as she made it sound :D But I can probably try.

    As advised last time, I did 5 reps per each side (alternating) with 16 kg. I didn't take long breaks, just stretched my wrists in betweena as they felt tense.
    Then the instructor had me try to lay down and just press up the next weight - 20 kg. Hold it up like that for 15 secs and if I felt like it, try to get on my elbow - the first position of the TGU. I did that. I was a bit surprised this was the exercise as the first position feels like the hardest one to get into in the whole TGU, which the instructor confirmed when I asked later. So I will be adding one rep with a 20 kg next time in between the rest with 16 kg.

    Deadlift + push-ups
    I was told to up the weight for deadlift - which was 48 kg kettlebell. Last time I did the deadlifts rather fast - as in explosively up, which I thought would be a good idea, but the instructor remembered and told me to do them slowly, but focus on the proper hip tension at the end. I think I was focusing on the final position and did it as she said, but as I go the kettlebell up fast, I didn't do the whatever the motion is called with the hip, that is also used for swings, so this would be a practice for that, too.
    I did 5 rounds of 5 reps of this and 4 push-ups with hands elevated on a step. It was one more rep each round from last tiem and I was told that if I couldn't continue, I can fo bakc to 3 for the remaining rounds. However, since I placed my hands on the first of two steps, I would touch the floor on the second step with my face while going down, and even if I did, I couldn't go as low as I would have tried, so I feel like these are probably even easier than push-ups on the second step. It is also easier to keep my back in line not sticking my butt up.

    Pull-ups + one-legged deadlifts
    The instructor has a good memory. Unfortunately. She promised that I would be doing full pull-ups today with the help of an elastic band and she actually remembered it. There were there thin bands hanged on the bar already, but I told her they look way too thin. Another girl reminded the instructor that there is a thick purple one just to the side and I immediately went: "Oh, yes, thank you, this one looks nice.", but the instructor forbid it :confused::(
    She had my try a pull-up with a combination of a thin black and red elastic band. To my great surprise, I actually got myself up, somehow, but the final part was a real struggle and I did it rather slowly with a lot of effort. The instructor showed my how to do it. It looked way too easy when she demonstrated -_- But she's tiny. She probably has around 50 kg. In the end she gave me another black band, so I used two black ones and one red :D She wanted me to do two reps without any break. Gave me tips to not hang low for long and to tighten my core, etc. I did two with a little struggle. She then told me to do all five rounds liek this. I had to ask: "But this does count as the first, right?" "Whatever." XD
    Ah, great. In between she gave me something easy to not get tired and focus on the pull-ups. So she showed me one-legged deadlifts, and I focused on technique, and tried only 3 reps per side with only 12 kg. I didn't do the last round of the deadlifts as if was already tiem for the swings EMOM. I hurried to at least finish the pull-ups. When I got a littel used to it, the second and third round felt rather ok, I was able to get up quite quickly. Unfortunately, this was the round the instructor saw and I bet I am going to regret it next time.

    Swings EMOM
    10 mins x 10 double-handed swings, with my usual 28 kg. I paid attention to not lift my heels off the floor. I sometimes did in the very first swing when I forgot to focus and as it is the hardest one to get the kettlebell up. We are allowed to swing only to the lower part of one's chest, but I had always done them to neck/head height and I feel like I would be cheating if I didn't at least try.
    I am getting used to this weight, I can do the swings more dynamically and my hips didn't get that tired and I tried to move from the hips to the very last swing. And without lifting the heels. So I can definitely see progress :)

    At the end of the class the instructor gave ma a notebook with the gym's design to use as my training log, to keep track of what weigh I use for what, number of reps, etc. I saw people noting stuff down in their logs, so I will try, too. :)
  19. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Monday 27th February

    Karate Kids
    A game fir warm-up, then most of the class we did kihon ido - kicking combinations - and a game at the end.

    Karate adults
    When we finished the children class and wanted to start on time, there were only 5 people there. Which was surprisinly few considering there were between 15-20 or even slightly more coming lately. Then I thoguht people think that since sensei mostly starts late on Thursday and perhap, sometimes we do, too (a little), it ois ok to come late. But it is nearly every class that someone does this nad is so surprised the class has already started. And sure enough, 8 more people came a little to very late. I had no tolerance today. Push-ups for everyone! And burpees fo the guy who actually came 40 mins late! Well, he might have had a good reason (he didn't say, though), but I didin't care at that point. Where is some order? :D And the younger latecomers are quite funny, always telling me to make sure those who came later than them should get a harsher punishment and generally snitching on each other, haha :D

    We worked on both Sanchin kata at the beginning, then Junbi Undo and then practicing the Renzoku kumite in pars, but divided into 5 smaller parts. There were only two young boys today, but this kind of stuff, especially since they haven't learned Renzoku kumite that well, were a a bit beyond them. I tend to feel kind of bad to isolate them into a separate group to practice with each other within that group, but today, they came to ask if they could just practice with each other separately. Since there were two of us instructors, I took them si the side and spent the rest of the class with them, helping them to get the hang of it. It took several repetitions of everything, but we had enough time for it and before we moved to the next combo, They actually got it :) One of the brothers is motivated and enjoys even relatively "boring" stuff like this. The other isn't as motivated, but definitely tried hard today and together they made it work, which made me really happy. Especially that they, I think, genuinely put in effort.
    At the end we did kata till Siyunchin, three of us observing and giving corrections on whatever we noticed.

    I didn't practice much. I only did the bodyweight exercises, Junbi Undo, Sanchin and a bit of kihon ido, but Polar says only 450 kcal after over 3 hours...
  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Tuesday 28th February

    Taiji - fan
    Not official fan class, but sort of a study group that I sort of lead with the teacher coming once or twice to give us advice, if needed. Which usually is. There were only four of us today, we did the whole form a couple of times and worked on the latest, rather difficult moves. I wasn't sure about a few things and asked the teacher later. However, as soon as I saw him inthe door, I knew he was in a bad mood. So I hoped my questions aren't be too dumb. He helped us figure it out, I finally understood, although had some trouble doing it.
    The others didn't dare to ask much, but as soon as the teacher left, all of them had a ton of questions about how he meant this and that and how to do it and basically wanted to re-explain and asked me to check if they did well, so I did and gave corrections till the end of class,so I didn't really have much of an opportunity to try to practice it myself. Nevermind, there will be time tommorrow.
    Today the girls were kind of jolly the whole time (since last week, actually), since they had learned that my upcoming fan class I am supposed to be teaching will be open to complete beginners, poking fun at me as to how am I going to teach them the principles within the form and with no knowledge about silk reeling, how to step, how to work with weight, how to keep a good posture, etc. One said she might just come and watch the show -_- Damn them! However, it was a bit randomly later, in the middle of our practice when another one realised out of nowhere: "Wait, if you're going to teach the beginners, who's going to teach us?" :D Oooh, who, I wonder? The answer came with the teacher, though, who told them it wouldn't be a waste of time to come to that class also and learn the moves again and properly, hahaha :D

    Taiji - sword and broadsword
    3 sword (jian) forms at the beginning. The teacher saw the last one and had us work on the very last move. We got interesting tips and when I did as the teacher said, the move felt much better! So I was fairly happy about the practice.
    Then we took the broadswords and did a little of the basic moves practice, tehn drilled the few moves of the form we already knew and got some tips for the latest one. The teacher mentioned, while explaining soemthing else about it, that in the end, we should turn slightly left. As per my logic, though, we turned left just beofre, so wouldn't this be right? I was thinking whether to ask or not, but truth be told, turning right didn't work perfectly and I struggled to do this stab well. It would make sense to turn left, but I had no idea how to do it after the previous turn left. Luckily, on the other side of the gym, a senior instructor had similar thougths and she did ask, so we got a more detailsed explanation, which was great. I still need to coordinate myself well, but at least I know what to do in theory.
    And we learned the beginning of the next move, which the teacher warned us, would be complicated. And he explained by tiny steps, very patiently.

    Taiji - Cannon Fist form
    Laojia Yilu for a warm-up, then the Cannon Fist form and we practice the latest moves and got a bit more theory on fajins to help us with it. Ah, very good tips! I understood better and was able to do better. The teacher said I got it correct, but I should relax more and keep myself straight. Yeah, I was having funa dn put strenght it. I guess these strikes resemble karate too much and I couldn't help sneaking in a kime :oops: It still looks to me like it is there, too, but maybe I probably have to adjust the mechanics to use more rotation, less muscle. It is generally what I am trying to do, but.... We again added a new bit.

    Taiji - 9 moves
    I did my usual stretching routine, this time I took full 45 mins, but it felt sooo good! For the last 15 mins I joined the class just when they started wroking on Stepping three steps. Last week I got a correction from the teacher. I didn't have much of an opportunity to practice, but I still couldn'T figure it out, so I did try. Still couldn't though. I think I must have misunderstood or I am missing something. It just doesn't work the way I am trying. The teacher did explain something in this form that I thought was helpful with my problem. I did my best to copy him as mcuh as I could, but as soon as he stepped to the side to watch and had me be in the front, I got lost agian. So next round, I did watch all the details about how he was turning and when exactly he'D shift his weight, to be able to do it that way. Well, I got a little lost, but definitely improved the move significantly.

    Over 1650 kcal today. Today wasn't as hard, but somehow I felt quite tired and lazy.

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