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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Lemf, Sep 26, 2014.

  1. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Just hit school holidays so I can start my proper workout routine now.

    Starting out slow.

    4km run
    70 pushups
    18 pullups
    2:35 plank
    20 leg raises
    300 bicycle crunches
    20 ab rollouts
    3x 20 squats

    5:00 skipping
    7 full ROM one arm pushups each arm
    3 assissted one-arm chinups per arm
    20x 20lb wrist curls per arm
    10:00 forms
    5:00 shadowboxing
  2. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Day 2 - Morning

    4km Run
    70 fingertip pushups
    6 pullups (very thick bar/ hard to grip)
    2:35 plank
    22 leg raises
    305 bicycle crunches
    22 ab rollouts
    3x 21 squats
  3. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Day 2 - Afternoon

    10 full ROM one-arm pushups each arm
    4 assisted one arm chinups per arm
    10 freestanding handstand pushups
    20 lalanne/superman pushups
  4. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    4km run
    70 pushups
    10 one arm pushups per arm
    10 pullups
    50 bicycle crunches
    20 ab rollouts
    10 min forms and bag work
    20 pike pushups
    3:00 advanced tuck planche (not at once, just max 3 or 4 times)
    20 supported handstand pushups
    3x 6 freestanding handstand pushups
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  5. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Been pretty sick but I am training again.

    15 plyo pushups
    4 one arm pushups
    23, 13 pushups
    7, 6 pullups
    2:15 plank
    280 bicycle crunches
    25 ab rollout
    10 pistol squats per leg
    3:00 horse stance
    3:20 bag work
    0:12 tuck planche
    0:18 l-sit
    0:18 planche lean
    11 pseudo planche pushups
    10 freestanding handstand pushups
  6. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    lemf, you have a nice little training log going here.

    Tell us a bit about yourself, either here or in an introduction.
  7. mark linu

    mark linu Valued Member

    I am free from training still now. I actually spend my leisure period on my home. But, i have the plan to attend the training on martial arts to keep my body fit.
  8. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Currently I am in my last year of high school doing my final exams. I don't have to be at school at the moment but I have to do like 4 hours of study a day.

    At the moment I am pretty much doing conditioning and flexibility as my training because I can't afford to go to an actual martial arts class. Hopefully next year though, but right now I am just trying to do everything possible to prepare myself to do well when I start without making any bad habits like trying to learn moves off youtube or anything.
  9. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Good to hear from you, keep the log going :)

    Any thoughts on where you'll go after high school and what art you'd like to try?

  10. David Harrison

    David Harrison MAPper without portfolio

    You are an instructor's dream :)

    I'm sure you will do very well once you can start attending a class. Smart kid.
  11. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Next year I hope I can do archaeology at University and as for the art I'd like to learn, I have been reading about Bājíquán and that seems interesting but I think any kung fu style I would like.
  12. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Thanks Heaps!
  13. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    4 one arm pushups
    24, 14 pushups
    8, 7 pullups
    2:20 plank
    290 bicycle crunches
    26 ab rollouts
    10 pistol squats per leg
    5:00 bag work
    5:00 shadow boxing
  14. ned

    ned Valued Member

    This is a great place to do some research on potential arts with plenty of helpful knowledgeable types happy to share their experience in the training logs section.

    As for archaeology,well you'll find a few relics and old ruins here too ! :p
  15. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Had my first exam today.

    5 one arm pushups per arm
    25, 15 pushups
    9, 8 pullups
    2:25 plank
    300 bicycle crunches
    25 ab rollouts
    12 pistol squats per leg
    2:00 bag work

    0:16 tuck planche
    0:21 l-sit
    0:21 pseudo planche hold
    10 freestanding handstand pushups
  16. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Damn, you've got some great body weight training going on here. Keep it up!

    How long did it take for you to learn how to do handstand push ups?
  17. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    Well I tried handstand ages ago and just do them randomly but it probably took about a month or two of proper training to get them freestanding and full ROM.
  18. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    6 one arm pushups per arm
    26, 16 pushups
    10, 9 chinups
    2:30 plank
    310 bicycle crunch
    26 ab rollout
    12 pistol squats per leg
    3:00 bag work
  19. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    0:18 tuck planche
    0:20 L-sit
    0:24 pseudo planche hold
    12 pseudo planche pushups
    10 freestanding handstand pushups
  20. Lemf

    Lemf Valued Member

    27, 17 pushups
    7 one arm pushups
    11, 10 pullups
    2:35 plank
    320 bicycle crunches
    27 ab rollouts
    12 pistol squats per leg
    5:00 bagwork

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