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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Tom1uk, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Hey guys,

    I could post something new on here everyday that gets stuck in my head about training, and I want to talk it through with other people who might have gotten around it or come across it themselves. But I that would probably just lead to annoyance lol. So instead I've thought about posting a progress update, with a bit about the struggles I'm having, and see what you all think.

    As in previous posts I started Thai Boxing in the second week of February this year, after having spent the previous two years piling on weight and not really doing any exercise. Before that I was big into my weight lifting and some boxing. I was very lucky to find a gym with a really impressive coaching staff and the quality it churns out is amazing.

    When I started I was 18 stone 7, and I am now as of Tuesday this week 15 stone 10. So there's a success that I am massively happy about.

    However I still find now that I am not getting any better at my workouts. I thought that once I lost such am amount if weight, I would find stairs easier and waking etc, maybe have more energy generally. But to be honest nothings changed I still am as tired and unenergetic as ever. Now I understand that I am probably throwing alot more punches and generally working harder in class, but I honestly thought I'd feel stronger, more confident in my ability than when I started, but I don't.

    I am still very slow and am working hard to counteract this as per another post I have, I find it very difficult to move quickly.

    My muscles constantly feel empty. When I shadow box or raise my hands in any way, my arms ache straight away, my legs constantly feel empty and my stamina is appalling, no matter what I seem to do to my diet I can never feel strong. I feel my punches couldn't do anything never mind knock anyone out. It's bizarre. I have even taken a rest period recently to see if I needed some time off, but it has had no effect.

    Am I the wrong build. I look around the gym and see slim slender people, which is what I am working to. But I am always going to be larger than most as I am naturally barrel chested, and have thick legs. I am yet to see someone of my build in this sport.

    It's difficult having seen no progression for myself other than my weight even though you put ever drop of what ever energy/strength you can muster into each workout. as I would love to give competing a go one day and that was my one day dream that drove me, with each training session I would tell my self your making a stronger you. However the evidence seems to be contradictory.

    I don't know, people might just tell me to get on with it, but I would love to hear you guys's thoughts on this......
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    To sum my response:

    It takes time for the body to adjust

    Change the diet
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    It really does sound diet related ,
    Give us a typical day in your diet off training day and in training day :)
    Well done on the weight loss so far !
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    It does take time for the exercise benefits to be felt. There are several issues that may be at play here; age, nutrition, sleep etc.

    1. GET THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF SLEEP! Your body cannot recover without sleep.
    2. Good nutrition. you are what you eat - especially when you train.
    3. Glycogen replace. You have a short window after training to replace your glycogen stores.
    4. Do not over train.
    5. Creatine supplementation may help.

    These are just a few ideas for you, but they are very important. Don't get down on yourself, keep chugging along and you will see the gains!
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    Yeah. make sure you get lots of rest. eat good quality food. do not over train because it will do more bad than good.

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