Most effective technique against neck grabs, rnc and ground and pound

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by EdiSco, Dec 16, 2018.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm not really clued up on grappling (I just do boxing but have dabbled in BJJ). Could someone please post a few youtube videos etc. of the MOST effective technique for each of these self defense scenarios:

    • Neck grabs from front (someone grabs your neck and intends to smash your head against the wall etc.). Thai clinch would be brilliant but suppose he has way longer arms than mine?
    • RNC - wouldn't have a clue how to deal with this...backwards punch? i.e. punching over your shoulder
    • Ground and pound. Someone has knocked you down and is sitting on your stomach/chest etc. and punching your face.
    These there are my nightmares! Wouldn't have a clue!

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    Bit of a rush to look for videos but can give a brief start of an answer to two of them:

    2. Don't punch over your shoulder its a waste of very valuable time if you're in a choke. If I'm behind you and you try to punch me I can either A) turn away from the punch and tuck my head against your shoulder so it won't be doing much damage B) Take it because I'm choking you and you might give me a black eye but I'll potentially kill you in a few seconds. You want to either pull the top hand away to loosen the choke, although it is possible to do one handed, or push the elbow up enough to be able to tuck your chin. You don't need to escape it completely you just need to get the choking arm out from under your chin. You'll be in a lot of pain still, but you won't be being choked. Although to be completely honest with you if someone has got you in a proper RNC then escaping isn't easy. Done plenty of rounds drilling escapes from an RNC and generally my experience is if you're in that position, you messed up a few moves beforehand.

    3. Sit up, wrap your arms round them and pull them down close to you is the simplest and easiest thing to explain without more time. Close space between you so they can't get enough distance to generate proper power. The most basic escape from there is something called "bridge and roll" that works well on untrained people and I'm sure there's a billion videos for on youtube.
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    The first on is the Thai clinch. You pull their opposite elbow down and across and grab the head with the other hand and initiate your own clinch.

    RNC they will have one arm around your neck. You need to attack and hold off their OTHER arm because that's the one that locks in the choke.

    Mount escapes are just bridge and shrimp. Rinse and repeat.

    Of course none of this information is much use because it requires a lot of training to do it under pressure.
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