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    Addendum to Tuesday October 10

    I spoke too soon on the headache--got a pretty bad one about an hour after I wrote that. Spiked when standing up/going up stairs/etc.

    I had a doctor's appointment today anyway, so I asked my doctor about it. He said to try taking an advil 30-60 minutes prior to exercise, and see if that helps.
    I was told by a past Aikido instructor to never take painkillers before training (only after), as that is a good way to cause further injury. He was probably talking about training with an injury though.
    I'll give that a shot and see. Though I've also noticed that if I work out steadily (instead of going to a class here and there), these tend to go away.
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    NSAID are often advised not to be taken before exercise so that you don't over do something when it is making pain through inflammation.

    However, if it's being taken for a headache, that is a different matter, certainly if it's a migraine then it is essential.
    Given that it happens during and after, you probably want to keep an eye on your hydration level, regardless of that, of it keeps happening, keep nagging your doctor, migraines are nasty if it is leading to that.
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    I do get migraines (since I was a child) and see a Neurologist for them. I manage them pretty well with medication.

    During training I may get a mild headache which feels very different from a migraine (more in the crown of my head and in my forehead, rather than behind one eye), and some mild to moderate nausea. Generally this happens if I haven't been to class for a bit and am pushing myself too hard too soon (which I tend to do... oops).
    I can also get it from dehydration, but I typically stay well hydrated, drinking a bunch of water during the day leading up to class, and several bottles of water during class usually.

    The post-training headache I get is like the in-class headache (forehead/crown of my head), but much stronger. It typically hits a few hours after exercise where I pushed myself too hard for what my body is ready for. It stays mild to moderate if I'm sitting still and not doing anything. (E.g., reading/watching TV/on the computer.)
    When I stand up, bend over, go up or down stairs, or do anything that requires even mild physical effort, it tends to spike the pain quite a bit. Still nowhere near a bad migraine though.

    The worst migraines have me moaning in bed for a few hours while I wait for the medicine to kick in. (And when I say moaning, I mean I am unable to stop myself from moaning because the pain is so bad. I'm completely debilitated from bad migraines. Mild to moderate ones aren't so bad, though they turn into really bad ones if I ignore them.)

    E.g., this morning I woke up about 3 hours before I normally do, with a mild migraine starting. Went back to sleep, woke up an hour later, still there, a bit worse. So I took the medicine my Neurologist prescribed, back to bed for 3 more hours (overslept an hour past when I was going to get up), felt perfectly fine. Other times it doesn't go so well, and medicine doesn't help and it turns really bad.
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    That's terrible! I know people who get migraines, very nasty :(
    It sounds like you are getting good support from your neurologist which is good to hear.
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    Friday October 13

    Muay Thai, ~70 minutes, beginners class

    I took 400mg of ibuprofen 40 minutes prior to class for headache prevention. (The doc said 1 advil, wasn't sure if he meant one tablet or one dose. He said to email him with how it went, so I'll double check. I figure with my weight at 285lbs (19st, 130kg), a full dose is probably fine.)

    The warm-up was 3 minutes jump-rope, 10 push-ups during the 45 second break, 3 minutes jump-rope, 10 push-ups.
    I had to stop relatively often, either because I caught the rope on my feet, or my leg muscles fatigued (mostly my calves). That would happen after maybe 20 jumps at first, but later on after about 8 jumps. Towards the end of the 2nd round I needed to stop to catch my breath a few times.

    We then spread out and did individual drills with no gear. We did various combos with punches (e.g., jab cross jab, or jab lead uppercut, or jab cross lead elbow rear elbow) while the instructor watched and gave more detailed instruction about how to move your body/weight/hips/feet (when to pivot/how far).

    After that we grabbed focus mitts and belly pads and a partner.
    We swapped every 3 drills, drills were 3 minutes each.

    jabs & crosses
    jabs, crosses, knees
    jabs, crosses, knees, elbows
    jabs, crosses, teeps
    jabs, crosses, teeps, rising & spinning elbows.
    jabs, crosses, teep, rising & spinning elbows, switch kick (switched to thai pad on one arm)

    I managed my energy relatively well, but was a little out of breath on the kicking one (not too bad, pausing a few extra seconds between reps), and wasn't hitting very hard on any of the drills, aside from an occasional hard cross.

    No sign of a headache tonight. Have felt good overall since the end of class.
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    Saturday, October 14

    Brief, very mild headache when I went up & down the stairs in my house twice at a jog.
    My sleep wasn't that great last night, but I felt pretty good despite that. (6.5 hours of sleep or so, though broken up a good bit--I got up a few times in the middle of the night/early morning for 15-30 minutes at a time.)

    Weight training, 1 hour

    After triggerpoing/rolling/etc:
    - hip extension/flexion (black resistance band)
    - The hip extension was causing my back to tug a bit when extending my left leg, so my trainer had me do a lateral stretch of the leg (using a cook band, lying on my back), then repeat the exercise. It felt better after the stretch.
    - cook band push-down & hold for 20s (knuckles facing floor, hands by sides) while standing on one leg, then repeat on the other side. Orange cook band.
    - lateral walk (black resistance band) 10 steps/side
    - half-kneeling overhead carry (28kg kettlebell), hold 20s, then pull to half-kneeling rack carry, hold 20s, repeat on the other side.
    - half-kneeling overhead press ladder, 20kg kettlebell, 1 on each side, then 2, 3, 4, 5. I took a ~2 minute break, after the set of 3 and after the set of 4.

    Then 2 rounds of:
    - hollow pull-ups (legs fully extended and at a 45 to 90 degree angle with my body, in the air, while I'm lying on my back. Trainer held a large black rubber band (looked like the image at the bottom) with a lot of tension, while I did lat pull-downs with it. He weighs ~170lb, he was straining hard by the sound of his voice. The tension dragged me (~285 lb) back slightly by my shirt slipping on the turfed surface. 10x
    - single leg hip-thrusters with arms & back against a weight bench (only using posterior chain, not using shoulders/neck/back), 6x/leg
    - 5 kettle-bell power swings (28kg? not sure.) Skipped this 2nd time as my back was feeling a bit tweaked. We did more trigger-point stuff with the back, then he had me do unweighted hip-snapping motions (as I'd do in a kettlebell swing) to see if there was any discomfort. There wasn't. My trainer asked if I wanted to do another set of power swings, but I had to leave to get to another appointment.

    I should also mention that I found a good therapeutic massage place. They do neuro-muscular therapy. Not sure what that means really, but the massage was much, much deeper than any other I've ever gotten. It really got into the muscle and loosened it up. It mostly felt good, though a few places were somewhat uncomfortable.
    Anyway, I've been two times about my persistent foot pain. My therapist really worked on my calf a lot--it turns out my calf was incredibly tight and was irritating my foot muscles. I've had minimal pain since the 1st visit, and no pain at all since the 2nd one. She recommends 2 more visits for the foot issue, though I also will have her look at my thumbs, both of which are still pretty inflamed on a regular basis, and my back.

    She did find that one of my two back issues is related to my hip flexors being really tight. The tightness/tugging I was dealing with today is the other issue (more centralized in the muscles around & near the spine); she hasn't had time to look at that yet. I booked a longer appointment for next time, so she should be able to get to everything. I'm hoping with work on the thumbs I can regain some of my lost thumb-grip strength. I still have a very strong grip, especially with my palm/other fingers, but my thumbs are weaker than they used to be since I injured them.

    Hollow pull-up resistance band we used: resistance band.jpg
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    Monday, October 16

    I again took 400mg of ibuprofen prior to class. I'll email my doctor tomorrow as he requested now that I have been to a few classes with the ibuprofen beforehand.
    No headache so far, though this class was lower intensity (not low intensity, just a bit less cardio intensive than usual).

    The warm-up was 4 minutes of jump-rope (which I still have to pause during to catch breath/let muscles rest), and 3 minutes of shadow boxing.

    We then geared up with gloves & shin-guards and grabbed a partner.

    We drilled attack/defense flows. Basically the attacker would throw some specific set of punches, and the defender parries then counters.
    We added kicks and counters--defender blocks the kick, then is swinging into a set of punches as attacker is bringing their kicking leg back, and ends with a kick of some sort. Generally low kick after distracting with some punches. We did a bunch of switch kicks too.
    Always countered to the side the blocked kick came in on.

    We worked that for most of class, with various attacking/defending/counter combos.

    I got correction on my parries (use a small motion, mine was too big). I also got some correction on my leg kicks; I need to arc up and then chop down, not just directly up into the leg.

    We ended with a bag kicking drill in groups of 3; one person holds the bag, the other 2 stand on opposite sides of it, one in orthodox stance, the other southpaw. We'd do it for a bit (maybe 45-90 seconds, not sure), then rotate. We rotated through each station 2 times. We took turns kicking the bag (body kick). I was much slower than the other two guys, especially from southpaw.

    When in southpaw I had trouble both gauging distance and throwing with any power. I really need to get my bag set back up so I can practice that--I haven't ever practiced throwing from southpaw without doing a switch right beforehand. I feel like my distancing & power are much better with the switch first.
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    Thursday October 19

    Muay Thai, ~70 minutes, all-ranks class.
    I took only 200mg of ibuprofen today prior to class. Very very mild headache & beginnings of nausea in class, but they subsided. I think my conditioning is not quite sufficient yet, and this class was a lot more intense than Monday's.

    The warm-up was 3 minutes of shadow boxing. I was running out of breath & sweating a bit at the end of it.

    We partnered up with pads & gloves and drilled each of the following for 3 minutes. Did all of them, then switched pads:
    - straight punches & both kicks (rear & switch).
    - add hooks & rear knee
    - add switch knee

    Partner calls combos. Not throwing super fast, focusing on power & technique, generally taking it one punch/kick/knee at a time, occasionally doing combos with 2 hits like jab-cross. I ran out of breath a little bit during some of the drills, but recovered with a few seconds of deep breathing. The kicks tend to have me breathing pretty hard.
    I was pretty tired by the end of these.

    Then we switched pads every drill, doing each for 3 minutes:
    2 drills doing partner called combos. Rapid punch combos and kicks. Also knees. Between the 1st and 2nd one of these was when I felt a little nauseous, but I took it a bit slower and felt ok. (It was the same drill both times.)
    Then finally a drill with only elbows.

    I was very sweaty at the end, but not as bad as usual after a pads class; I usually have to blast my AC in the car to cool down at all, but didn't have to turn it on at all today (70F, 21C, so not cold out). I've felt tired but not exhausted since. Usually I feel exhausted. So I think my conditioning is starting to improve noticeably, but still has a ways to go.
  9. Morik

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    Addendum to Thursday October 19

    Got a mildish headache. I may need to keep at 400mg of advil for now if I want no headache.
  10. Morik

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    Saturday October 21

    Weight training, 1 hour

    We spent the first half or so of the session just stretching & doing trigger-point stuff. My back & left hip & left shoulder were a bit tweaked and needed some work to move without tugging/pain.

    Then we did:
    - overhead kettlebell press & hold 20s, then rack & hold for 20s, repeat on other side, 18kg.
    - With a light plastic pole, hold with both hands close enough together that I can't rotate my shoulders backwards, keeping arms extended raise it in front of hips, overhead, and then back a bit, using the mid-back muscles (not shoulder muscles) at the end of the movement. 10x
    - overhead kettlebell press ladder: 1 on each side, then 2, 3, 2, 1. 24kg. My right side does this pattern well and this didn't feel very challenging. My left side does not do this pattern well and ends up using a lot more shoulder than it should (not rotating outward early in the movement, doing it later in the movement), and this felt fairly challenging.

    Then 2 rounds of:
    - single leg hip-thrusters with shoulders & head on weight bench. (6 per leg)
    - palov press & hold (cable pulley) with lateral stepping (10 steps, then repeat on other side). Didn't see what weight it was, but I think there were 5 plates being lifted. This was fairly challenging.
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    Tuesday, October 24
    I took 400mg ibuprofen prior to class for exertion headache prevention.

    Muay Thai, 75 minutes, all ranks class

    The warm-up was 3 minutes of jump-rope, 10 push-ups during the short break, then another 3 minutes jump-rope & 10 more push-ups.
    I caught my feet a lot in the jump-rope today. While I'm still improving overall, I still have to stop due to muscles fatiguing or running out of breath. The pauses are getting shorter though.

    We drilled with belly & arm pads (3 minutes per drill, swapped pads every 3 drills)
    1. punching combo, ~7 hits over 2 combos (jabs, crosses, and an uppercut).
    2. pad holder calls out any basic punches (jab/cross/hook/uppercut) and knees in whatever combos they like.
    3. same as 2, but add elbows & teeps

    4. slower pace, simpler combos with punches & kicks. (Jab, kick. Jab, cross, switch kick. Etc.)
    5. same and add knees
    6. same and add elbows & teeps

    Then we drilled with gloves/mouthguards (3 minute rounds, switching attacker halfway through each drill)
    1. one person jabs, the other person catches it and counters with a jab or hook (which first person defends as well), or teeps
    2. same, but counter with jab cross. (can still teep)
    3. same, but with freestyle punching counters, and also slip & counter with an inside leg kick
    4. same as 3 I think? Not sure.

    I was breathing pretty hard during some of those drills and had to pause a few times to breathe. I also was having trouble with my jabbing arm fatiguing towards the end, mostly my lateral or posterior deltoid.
    No headache--I feel good overall and wasn't as wiped at the end of class as I expected.
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    Wednesday October 25
    I took 400mg ibuprofen prior to class for exertion headache prevention.

    I felt pretty good this morning, and I haven't trained with this Kru in a few weeks, so I decided to go without a day of rest between classes this week.

    Muay Thai, 1 hour, beginners class

    The warm-up was 3 minutes of jump-rope. I actually did pretty well on these: I got up to 41 jumps without catching it on my feet. And then maybe 20ish jumps a few times. I had to stop only once due to muscle fatigue, and not at all to breathe, though I did get plenty of breaks catching the rope on my feet as usual. That said, I'm getting better at not catching it I think.

    After that we geared up fully and paired off.

    We swapped attacker after every drill (so each drill ran twice, back to back).
    We did 4 or 5 drills (3 minutes) involving setting up for a arm+head clinch (swarming attack, can be lower power, get close), executing the clinch with knees, and various followups from there: pushing + strikes (e.g., leg kick), or arm trap + knees, or both together.

    Then we play sparred for 2 rounds, though I had to sit out the last round as I was getting pretty nauseous.

    Then we did switch knees on heavy bags for a few minutes, switching off in a small group.

    Overall this was a pretty hard class for me; I was thoroughly exhausted by the end of it, though not quite as bad as I got a few weeks ago. It took me a while to stop breathing hard. I was still sweating when I got home, and had run the AC on max for most of the drive home. I did have a brief headache during class towards the end, but no headache after class so far. I feel pretty good overall, though a bit worn out.
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    Saturday, October 28

    Raising my right knee up to ~chest level while standing (e.g., putting on clothes) has been pulling on stuff in my back a bit. Doing it over and over though it starts to feel better.
    My left deltoid is still tweaked--feels like a muscle pull. Hurts mildly to turn the steering wheel a certain way. If I stretch my left arm across my chest and grip my right shoulder blade, there is a spot on my left shoulder I can push on/roll/etc that feels like its pulled/injured. I can't get at it when my arm isn't stretched like that though.

    Weight training, 1 hour.

    I used a trigger-point nipple thingie on that left deltoid for a few minutes, and did the usual other trigger-point/rolling.

    2 rounds of:

    - hip extension/flexion (black band, 8x/leg), but it was tugging on my back a bit. So my trainer had me do a lateral hamstring stretch using a doorway & a wall, pushing into the wall hard at intervals & then letting the leg slide further. The leg was across my body, other leg on the floor. Then we did the first set again. 2nd round did extension/flexion without the stretch.

    - cook band push down & hold (orange band) 20s while standing on one leg, then repeat with the other leg.

    - 20kg kettlebell half-kneeling overhead press & hold (20s) then pull into half-kneeling rack (20s), then repeat on other side

    Then an overhead kb press ladder (24kg): 1 on each side, 2*, 3, 2, 1
    * My shoulder was being slightly unstable and feeling a bit odd on the left side. We paused to do shoulder mobility drills against the wall & used the trigger-point nipple on my super spinatus, repeated the mobility drills (it was much looser), then finished the ladder.

    Then 2 rounds of:

    - hollow pullups (10x), using thicker black rubber band held by my trainer with good amount of tension. My legs fully extended and elevated at ~45 degrees, back flat on the floor.

    - single leg hip thrusters (8x/leg)

    - palov press & hold with lateral steps (100lbs, but on a pulley cable thing so unsure of actual weight, definitely not actually 100 lbs), 10 steps, repeat on other side.

    We didn't do the last exercise in round 2 as I was pretty wiped.
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    Didn't make it to class at all this week. My fault for not going early on the week; later in the week some stuff came up and then I was out with a migraine.
    At least I got in a few rounds on the heavy bag and a bit of jump rope.

    No weight training this weekend as I'm traveling; I should be back to class next Tuesday.
  15. Morik

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    Haven't been to class in 2 weeks now. Won't make it tonight either.
    This past week I was traveling Monday, out with a migraine Tuesday, at a concert Weds, out with a migraine Thurs, and need to work late tonight to catch up. (Its been a rough week for work--haven't gotten much done at all.)
    I plan to do some bagwork tonight though. (And I find posting that I'm going to do so will help me actually do so instead of blowing it off later.)
    And I will be back to my regular 1/week weight training tomorrow.
  16. Morik

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    Saturday, November 11

    Weight training, 1 hour

    Did some trigger-point before starting, but didn't foam roll.

    My back & hips have been acting up a bit the past few weeks, so we focused on mobility.
    I was able to do bagwork last night but wasn't able to teep at chest height (pulling on my back), and putting on clothes was consistently tugging on my bag still when I lifted my left leg.

    The only weighted exercise I did was a palov press (100 lbs on the pulley cable) with lateral steps (10x/side, with black band around my feet). It was very challenging when stepping with my right glute, but not too challenging with my left. My trainer says I powered through it with my lateral quads, which is why it was so much more tiring on the right side. He says we will work on that.

    Other than that we did mobility exercises, a few static holds with a cook band, and various stretches.
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    Monday November 13

    Muay Thai, 1 hour, beginners class

    400mg ibuprofen 1 hour before class.
    I'm really glad I went to class today. I almost didn't go--my stomach has been off all day and my low back is moderately irritated right now.
    But it was a pretty light class cardio-wise and I've felt good since.

    I got to class early & stretched out/did some active movement. I also threw a few kicks at a heavy bag to try out "the golden kick" (thread here) I read about earlier today. I was able to do it, but not with much power for all but one of them. It is more difficult to turn the hip at the end than it is to turn it at the start. I didn't know how hard the class was going to be and didn't want to tire myself out too much, so I only did a few. I think I did it right, but need to film myself to be sure. I'll try to do that sometime this week/weekend.

    The warm-up was 3 minutes jump rope followed by 3 minutes of shadow boxing.
    I did struggle a bit with the jump rope and had to pause for breath a few times, as well as catching it on my feet a ton. I'm still figuring out how to jump properly (vs using just some subset of the muscles).

    Then we fully geared up and paired off. We did one attack drill with a couple jabs (with stepping in & out) and a rear kick. Then we drilled defense for the rest of class. The defense drills involved parrying, countering (with kicks), and timing.

    One kick I hadn't done before is a fast lead kick with a small hop of the rear foot, instead of switching. The instructor had us try it both ways during the drills. I feel like I would not be able to put any power into it--I got it to the point where I could land it on my partner (standing still), but without any confidence that I could actually do any damage with it, even if he held still.

    My shoulders were burning a bit during the last two drills from holding my arms up.
    Overall I held up really well cardio-wise. I didn't gas out at all (except jump rope), though I had mild stomach discomfort between rounds sometimes, but not during.

    My low back actually feels a bit less irritated now than it has for the past 4-5 days (including earlier today, before class).
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    Saturday November 18

    Weight training, 1 hour

    We didn't get much actual weight training in--I spent a lot of time stretching & using triggerpoint, as my back & left hip are still tweaked.

    The exercises I did do, two rounds unless noted otherwise. Used the blue resistance band today, which is lighter than the black one I usually use:
    - clams (blue resistance band around knees, opening them with glutes while lying on side with knees stacked) (15/side)
    - palov press (100lb on cable pulley, not actually 100lb) with lateral steps (blue band), 8x/side.
    - bird dogs with burgundy cook band (higher resistance), 12x/side (only one round of this)
    - TRX low rows on my heels (12x)
    - 24kg kettlebell carry/hold 20s, per side. (one round only)
    - hollow pullups (legs in air at 45 degree angle, lying on your back) with thick black resistance band (8x) (one round only)

    Hopefully with more Muay Thai next week my back will get back to normal soon.

    One thing I've been thinking about is my shadow boxing. I recently read some guides to shadowboxing more effectively. I don't really shadowbox much at all (only occasionally in class, for one round, if we even do any shadowboxing that day), and when I do I'm not doing it very well. But I'd like to start doing it regularly. I may film myself & put up a shadowboxing progression thread, or stick it in my bagwork thread.
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    Monday November 20

    Took 400mg ibuprofen beforehand. Glad I did, felt a headache lurking that never quite developed during class.

    Today I decided to check out my office's free boxing class, where they bring in a coach from a local boxing gym.

    The warm-up consisted of a variety of body-weight exercises (jumping jacks, 180s, fast feet + sprawl on command, squats, sit-ups, push-ups, squat-jumps*, mountain climbers).

    Then we drilled a punch or combo in the air without moving around. There were multiple people new to the class (including me)--the coach went around and made corrections for the new people, though I didn't get any.

    After doing that for a bit, we split up into two groups and did an exercise, then the groups switched exercises. I think it was 6 minute rounds, but not sure, as he used a cell phone to time it & I couldn't see. Basing that on the # of bag switch-offs and the times he was calling on those (he'd call out 30 seconds left, I think it was about half-way through).

    My group did:
    - Put on weighted vests & held 2.5lb hand weights while drilling various punching combos.
    - bag work (paired off, one partner held the bag, the other did the drill, then they switched. 3 drills (for each of us). The vested & weighted people worked the whole time.)
    - exercise circuit, 10 at each station (I made it through 2 times, plus the first exercise a 3rd time):
    1. medicine ball Russian twists
    2. squat-jumps
    3. swiss ball plank with elbows moving forward & back (kind of like stir-the-pot but just straight movement). I couldn't do these; it hit the tweaked part of my back as soon as I started trying to move my arms. Basically no exercises/techniques in Muay Thai hit it, so it usually isn't an issue. Instead I just held the plank. I'll mention this to my trainer & next time I go for massage, as it might help them narrow down the right area to work on.
    4. TRX row
    5. med-ball slams
    - Then more bag work (3 drills for each of us)

    After that we got in a circle and did side shuffles and would stop & throw a jab-punch, then squat jump on command.
    Then we finished off with 90 seconds of: 10 squat-jumps, 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups.

    * I replaced all burpees & sprawls with squat-jumps (which he said to do if you have trouble with burpees/sprawls) after the first sprawls in the warmup, as both my gloves & hands (in wraps) were too slippery on the floor, which was like a school gym floor.

    Overall this was pretty taxing cardio-wise. I did throw pretty heavy on the first bag session, though generally light on the 2nd as I was tired (I did throw a few hard ones).
    I did have to pause for ~5 seconds a few times during the bag work.
    If I had done the burpees & sprawls I think I'd have gassed out.

    We did get breaks when the group switched tasks (a minute or two).

    The boxing class feels more like a cardio-workout focused class than a learn-to-box-well class. Which makes sense for the setting, but I wanted to check it out and see. The corrections at the start were very quick, just a few words to each of ~ 3 people. I was thinking if it was technique-heavy I could use it to supplement my Muay Thai. Though I think I'd rather go to boxing at the Muay Thai gym if I take it up.
    I think it was a good workout, but I'd prefer going to Muay Thai.
    This might be a decent drop-in workout though if I need to save ~45 minutes for dinner plans or something. (The class runs an hour before my Muay Thai class, and requires no travel. Traffic is a bit worse so I don't save the whole hour.)
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    I got my other grip training stuff today. I can fully close the CoC #1 (140lb) with my right hand, but not my left (almost, not quite), but then after doing a warm-up on 52lbs (2 sets of 10), I couldn't fully close the trainer with my left hand, and only a few times with my right. So I am did what I could on the trainer, 10 reps per side, not fully closed. I think closing the 140lb one added too much fatigue.

    I'm going to use my prohands individual-finger ones for a varietey of exercises, instead of the CoC mini.
    I'm going to start with the CoC beginner program though, so will leave those out for now til I move on to Intermediate.
    I'll plan to warm up on the 52lb prohands one, and then use the trainer for work sets.
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