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    Weight Training

    I didn't train all week due to work--had a conference type thing this week and the schedule didn't work with my training schedule.

    I did get some exercise in mid-week at a team off-site activity for ~3 hours.

    Saturday May 6th

    1 hour weight training:
    2 rounds of:
    - hip extension/flexion (black band)
    - shoulder stability cable pushdown & hold on one leg
    - lateral band walk (black band)
    - single leg bridges, other leg in air with cook band, back of hands against floor through band loops.

    2 rounds of:
    - swiss ball hamstring curls
    - kettlebell press & hold from prone while doing leg raises & ankle circles
    - single arm cable row
    - single leg deadlift
    - reverse flies with arm extension

    Had some knee pain during the cable rows (had one leg up on a weight bench, felt pain when activating hamstrings to drive leg into bench), but it was mild. Spent some time mid-workout rolling out hamstrings & adducters, it helped.
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    Muay Thai

    Monday May 8th

    Muay Thai, 1 hour.

    Still in the new students class (3rd time now--I think I'll be heading to the beginner class after next class, or if not then after another week).

    Warmup was jumping jacks (5), squats (5), pushups (5), repeat for 3 minutes.

    We went over jab cross hook uppercut and drilled those a good bit, on their own and in combinations (with partner, hitting gloves).

    We went over elbows and drilled those on their own, then as part of combinations.

    We then did some knee training on the ropes of the ring (sticking knee through the ropes, making sure to get your hip forward), then drilled combinations ending with a knee.
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    Muay Thai

    Wednesday May 10th

    Yesterday I skipped BJJ due to feeling fatigued all day.

    1 hour of Muay Thai today, the new students class.

    The warm-up was 5 jumping jacks, 5 squats, 5 pushups, repeat for 3 minutes.
    I had a harder time today, mostly because my legs fatigued quickly. I think they are still recovering from the squats Monday.
    I squatted pretty deep (butt 6-7 inches off the ground), both on Monday & today, which crushes my quads.

    I was very winded by the end. I tried to take diaphragmatic breaths, but did end up panting some. It took me several minutes for my breath to get back to normal.

    Each day I've trained had new students, but today there weren't any.
    Class went a little faster than usual.

    We grabbed focus mitts and worked jab, cross, hook, and uppercut for a while in various combinations with a partner (one has gloves, other mitts).

    Then we put on arm pads (narrow rectangles down your forearm, don't know the actual term for them). We worked knees for a bit on their own and then in combination with other strikes.

    Then we worked kicks with a long heavy bag.

    I had to slow down several times during class as I was getting winded, though I did pretty well with the kicking at the end in terms of cardio.

    Overall I felt pretty good afterwards, definitely better than I felt after Monday's class.
  4. Morik

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    Weight Training

    Saturday May 13

    I skipped BJJ all week due to needing more rest from Muay Thai.
    I hope to get to a point where I can comfortably do 2 classes of Muay Thai + 2 BJJ classes per week, along with weight training once a week, but I'm not there yet.

    1 hour of weight training today.

    2 rounds of:
    - Hip extension/flexion 6x/leg alternating, with black resistance band (the tensest one in the set)
    - Lateral band walk black band
    - Shoulder stability cook band pushdown & hold (knuckles facing floor, arms straight, shoulders packed), on one leg. 20s per leg.
    - Lying down, kettlebell press & hold it up while doing 6 leg raises + ankle circles

    2 rounds of:
    - single leg kb deadlift (each hand gets a kettlebell) x 6 per leg (18 kg bells I think, could have been a bit lighter--while I get the movement down well enough my trainer wants me using light weight.)
    - single arm row (essentially doing a single arm plank on a weight bench but with your hips popped out, while rowing with the other arm). 12x per arm, 30lb
    - stability ball hamstring curls (12x)
    - reverse flies lying facedown on weight bench, with arm extension, 15x then 12x, 2.5lb per hand
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    Muay Thai

    Monday May 15

    1 hour Muay Thai. New students class.

    The warm-up was 5 jumping jacks, 5 squats, 5 push-ups, repeat for 3 minutes.

    We very quickly reviewed jab, cross, hook, roundhouse elbow, rising elbow.
    Then we paired off and drilled combos into each others gloves for a while.

    Then we drilled combos with knees included into each others gloves for a while.

    Last we drilled leg kicks with the big thai pads.

    Overall my cardio held up better this class than it has been.
    I got close to being winded a few times but was able to get my breathing back under control and continue drilling.

    At the end of class I graduated, so I'll be attending the beginners class going forward.
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    BJJ (No-Gi)

    Tuesday May 16

    1.5 hours BJJ, no-gi.

    The warm-up was several minutes of flow rolling.

    The topic of today's class was a particular attack path against a turtle defense ending up with taking the back and choking. A lot of emphasis was placed on the position once you have the back--if you don't control it properly you will not be able to choke them.

    It involves a long sequence of movements...
    From arm-in guillotine with a sprawl (short grip, you don't want a deep arm here), facing turtle defender, work their close elbow out with your arm so you can slide your knee in, then move your arm (the non-choking arm) around to hook their thigh.

    While pinning their close arm with what was your choking arm for the guillotine position, pull completely out with the knee, hip shift, and put your foot hook in (same foot as the knee leg).
    Then come up so your free knee faces up and your leg is near their hip.

    Finally, use the arm hook on their thigh to pull them back while pushing off with your free foot and the free arm, rolling them. You need to keep them close and at the right angle, and get your short grip again. Your choking arm has to be back in place as you complete the roll.

    Anyway, we drilled that, ending with a choke. We also drilled keeping them in that position & resetting over and over if they get their position out of the right angle, and/or choking them depending on what they do (they can give up a rear naked choke).

    This whole path assumes they aren't giving up the arm for crucifix from turtle, and there are various other better paths if they do certain things incorrectly, and the instructor showed us some of those as well.

    I rolled 3 5-minute rounds (, and then several minutes of 2 other rounds. Overall my cardio held up much better than it did the last time I went to class, and I recovered much faster after class from feeling hot/out of breath/etc, though my muscles feel like they took a beating in a few places.
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    Muay Thai

    Wednesday May 24

    I've been down with a cold since last Weds--today is my first day training again.

    Muay Thai, 1 hour, beginners class.

    I arrived a few minutes late due to a work task that kept me slightly late.
    It looks like I missed the warm-up and a kicking drill with partner & Thai pads.

    I warmed up on my own while the class finished the kicking drill. Luckily there was another late arrival for me to partner with.

    We drilled striking combos into Thai pads (2 3-minute rounds, then switch who holds the pads, we did a total of ~6 rounds each). The first set was just punches, the later sets added knees & kicks.

    I was able to do it, but almost gassed out in the middle somewhere. Luckily the round ended right then and I had a small breather.
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    Weight Training

    Saturday May 27

    Skipped class Thursday--was feeling tired.

    Weight training, 1 hour.

    2 rounds of:
    - Black resistance band hip extension/flexion, 6x/leg alternating.

    - 6 single leg lifts per side, then 6 ankle circles each direction, while pressing & holding up a 12kg kettlebell, while lying on my back on the ground, other leg bent, foot flat on the ground. Raising the leg opposite the pressing arm.

    - Tricep pushdown with a cook band, but hold with hand in fists by hips, knuckles pointing at floor, arms straight, shoulders as locked as far down as I can get them. Went from the orange cook band to the yellow--was pretty challenging today. 20 second hold while standing on one leg, repeat on other side.

    - Lateral resistance band walk with the black band, 10 steps per side.

    Then 3 sets of upside down kettlebell holds for 15 seconds per side. I think it was 8kg, could have been 10.

    Then 2 rounds of:
    - Single leg deadlift, 5x/leg, 2x20kg bells. Still light for me, working on stability & form still. Trainer says I look very improved off my left leg, got the form down, only had instability in one of the reps. The right leg, not so great.

    - From tabletop position with one leg extended straight back, toes on the ground, laterally drag a sandbag with one arm at a time. The other arm stays down in the tabletop position. Alternate arms for 30s. Switch the leg that is extended back in 2nd round.

    - Single leg bridges on my left side--was going to do stability ball bridges, but my right side felt like it was doing a lot more of the work, so my trainer had me just single leg bridge on the left side. 8x

    - Reverse flys with arm extension facedown on weight bench, 2.5lb weights.
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    Weight Training

    Saturday June 3

    I didn't make it to any training this week. I also screwed up my sleep pretty bad; I got about 4-5 hours each of the past couple nights.

    So it was a short training today, 40 minutes. Goal was to get me moving around a bit, but not to push very hard.

    3 rounds of:
    - Hip extension/flexion with black band
    - Kettlebell (16kg) press & hold, lying on back. 6 leg raises then 6 ankle circles with the opposite leg, switch pressing arm & repeat.
    - tricep pushdown & hold on yellow cook band knuckles facing floor by hips. (Only round 1)
    - lateral band walk (black band)
    - half kneeling hip flexor stretch with top of foot on large medicine ball (knee on floor), other foot in front of you flat. (rounds 2 & 3)

    1 set of 8 (double leg) deadlifts, 2x 28kg kettlebells. This is light weight for me but got my heart-rate to go way up so the trainer didn't have me do any more of that.

    2 rounds of:
    - swiss ball curls
    - something else I don't recall
    - reverse flys with arm extension (2.5lb in each hand)

    Stretched out hamstrings pretty well with a cook band.
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    Saturday June 17

    Wow its been 2 weeks... various things have kept me out of class.

    Did an hour weight training today, though it was actually more like 90 minutes.
    A lot of mobility work in the shoulders. I also have a foot injury that I rolled out with a golf ball.
    A few of the regular exercises I've been doing in prior weight sessions too.

    Ended pushing the prowler sled around a bit.
  11. Morik

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    Wednesday June 21

    Muay Thai, 1 hour.

    Haven't been getting good sleep past few days, was pretty tired recently but didn't want to let more time go by without training. I felt mostly ok today anyway, compared to the past few days.

    The warm-up was 2 rounds of jump-rope, but I have a mild foot injury that I didn't want to jump on so I did 2 rounds on the heavy bag to warm up.

    We drilled combos with a partner & Thai pads for 5 rounds each (did round 1 & 2, then partner did 1 & 2, repeated with 3 & 4, then we each did #5). All kicks & knees below are from the rear leg.

    1 - Cross, hook cross, kick.
    2 - Cross, hook cross, kick, cross hook cross, kick.
    3 - Jab cross, cross, knee
    4 - Jab cross, cross, knee, rear uppercut, lead hook.
    5 - Kick, kick kick (rapid), cross, kick kick (rapid).

    I had some trouble keeping the pace up and got winded a couple times during drills, but not too badly.

    My kicks were not very good today. I am still getting used to hitting pads vs a heavy bag, and this was my partner's first time holding pads.
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    Tuesday June 27

    BJJ, a little over an hour (left early). It has been a while since I've been to BJJ--it was pretty hard cardio-wise today.

    The warm-up today was flow rolling.
    We then worked on stand-up stuff for maybe 10 minutes--gauge your opponent's level as they shift levels up & down, apply appropriate technique: guillotine, arm drag to takedown, single or double leg takedown. Went 1-for-1 with a partner, little to no resistance.

    Then we played king-of-the-guard: several people chosen to start, they get on the ground. One challenger per person, they go into the defender's guard and have to pass. Closed guard not allowed.
    If the challenger passes, they become the defender and the next person challenges them.
    If the defender sweeps, submits the challenger, or stands up, they stay the defender and the next person challenges them.
    You have a few seconds after something happens to try to reverse it (so if you pass but they get you back in their guard very quickly, you still are going).
    If nothing happens, after a few minutes both people are out.

    That wore me out pretty good. We did the usual 30 minutes of rolling/wrestling at the end of class, but I only managed half a round before I became a panting puddle of shaking muscles and had to swap out. I left early as I felt pretty exhausted and wasn't really up for more rolling.
  13. Morik

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    Saturday July 1

    My foot has been hurting a bit more this week, so I stayed away from Muay Thai this week.
    Only managed one class this week.

    Anyway, weight training 1 hour today.

    Was pretty tired, spent a good 20+ minutes just rolling out with a foam roller & various other tools.

    Some hip extension/flexion with black band, lateral walk (I broke the black band!), cook band pushdown/hold.

    Then 2.5 rounds (last round only did the first two) of:
    - Single arm standing cable row (180 lbs on plate, but there are 3 or so pulleys... think it is about 60 lbs), 12x/arm
    - Half-kneeling diagonal lift (diagonally up across body, then press out with mid-back twist while your lower torso stays static), 40 lbs on plate, that 3 pulley thing though. 8x/side
    - swiss ball leg curls, 8
    - reverse fly & arm extension with 2.5lb plates in each hand, 12x
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    Thursday July 6th

    I've really been slacking on getting to class... anyway I managed to get an hour of yoga in today.
    The last time I did yoga I got sweaty pretty quick and got to the point I couldn't continue due to cardio running out. (At yoga!? Yes--it happens when you are really heavy and out of shape.)
    I'm much better at it now... I did work up a sweat, but it took a lot longer than last time.
    I was able to do pretty much everything, in terms of cardio/muscles holding up. There were many that I didn't have the flexibility to do, but I was able to do at least the basic part of all the movements.
  15. Morik

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    Saturday July 8th

    Weight training, one hour.

    2 rounds of:
    - hip extension/flexion (black band)
    - cook band pushdown & hold (knuckles facing floor, hands in fists by your hips), on one leg, 20s per leg.
    - lateral band walk (black band)
    - kb press (18kg) and hold while lying on back & raising opposite leg 6 times, then ankle circles (6 each direction) with that leg. Repeat other side.

    2 rounds of:
    - Flat stance single arm row (standing, knees bent, butt back a bit, single arm cable row). Not sure of weight, was on that pulley machine... I think 190 lbs on the machine, though in reality that is probably around 60 lbs. (10x per side)
    - single arm deadlift (24kg bell), hold for 5 sec in standing position. 6x per side. (Main purpose was anti-rotation during the stand & hold portion.)
    - horizontal pullups, essentially (lying on back with both legs in the air fully extended, keeping back flat on the ground, trainer behind me with a resistance band, I do pullup motion as he provides tension on the band.) 10x
    - swiss ball leg curls
    - some should exercise, not sure what it is called: both arms out straight in front of you holding a resistance band, then widen your arms out to a T. 10x.
  16. Morik

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    Thursday July 13

    Yoga, 1 hour. Its a pretty athletic class: lots of balancing, lots of movements where you are balancing on one leg while doing core work.
    I'm not the greatest at some of the balance poses, but can at least partially do all of the ones we did in class today.
  17. Morik

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    Saturday July 22

    Between my foot injury & scrambling to move houses, I haven't been to class... I really hope to get back to it next week, depending on my foot.

    Anyway, I went to weight training today, but didn't train. We did a lot of stretching & triggerpoint work--I spent 3 hours Friday dealing with a flooded basement, and was pretty worn out sleep-wise as well.
  18. Morik

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    Saturday July 29

    Foot still injured. Weight training 1 hour today.

    Triggerpoint/rolling, hip flexor stretch with foot on medicine ball behind me.
    Hip extensions with black band (8x/leg).
    Cook band press down & hold (standing on one leg, 20s/leg.)
    Kettlebell press (16kg) & hold while doing 6 leg raises & 6 ankle circles in each direction. Repeat on other side.

    My ankle circles were really poor on my left foot in one direction--we spent some time working on my tibialis (after finding the spot that felt tight). Many more ankle circles with that foot.

    2 rounds of:
    - x-cable pulldown from kneeling, using lats for first motion, pause (arms crossed in front of you, palms towards you, left arm gripping cable on right, right arm gripping cable on left), then do a triceps extension. 10x, 100lb on each cable (but on the triple pulley thing, so it isn't really 100lb, not sure how much, probably 30ish).
    - shoulder lift across body, pulling rope. 10x (not sure how much weight)
    - with blue band around ankles, plank with feet on valslides. Extend legs away from each other, keeping toes in line with heels. 2 sets of 6x. (Was very hard the first time, not that difficult the 2nd time.)
    - bridges with feet on the side of a swiss ball. 12x
  19. Morik

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    Saturday August 5

    Foot still injured. I'm hoping that it will be well enough later this week to get back to Muay Thai.

    Weight training 1 hour. I waited too long to write this up and don't recall all the exercises.
  20. Morik

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    Saturday August 12

    I am not sure what is going on with my foot. It is still injured, though I feel like it has been pretty low level for a few weeks now. I've iced it 3 nights this week.
    I am going to just go to Muay Thai on Monday and see how it feels. Depending on how that goes I may need to get an orthopedics doc to take a look at it.

    1 hour weight training.
    Usual foam rolling/triggerpoint all over for ~10 min before starting.

    2 rounds:
    Hip extension/flexion with black band (6x/leg)
    From tabletop position, with cook band around one foot & handles held in both arms, extend banded leg & opposite arm til they are fully extended, then come back. Don't let hips move. 10x per side
    Lying on back, press 16 kg kettlebell and do 6 leg raises, then 6 ankle circles each direction. Repeat on other side.

    2 rounds:
    single leg deadlift (2 16kg kettlebells), 5x per leg
    cross-cable pulldown (hits triceps a lot), not sure what weight. 12x
    high plank with black band around ankles, feet on valslides. Widen legs keeping heels in line over toes (don't let fall inward) as far as possible, then come back to high plank position. 12x
    lifts, half-kneeling, 100lb then 120lb, but its a triple pulley so is actually much less weight than that. Pulling diagonally up along body, then extending arms and rotating upper torso. 12x.

    And at some point in there did one set of bridges with my feet on the side of a balance ball (12x).

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