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Discussion in 'Boxing' started by vampyregirl, Apr 9, 2012.

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    I'm done with this thread. I've said all i have to say.
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    This is really going nowhere. Seriously. It's not even relevant to the thread. All it really spells is that it's getting a step closer to being locked down. Seriously. It's pointless to go this route.

    because that is the default for every single member on the forum who hasn't actively gone into their user control panel and changed it? lol
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    I am a valued member
  4. Kuma

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    I doubt even Superman could make the leaps in logic you're making right now.

    That's based solely off of the amount of posts submitted to the MAP server and has no basis on quality. If it was, I bet it would say something a lot less flattering.
  5. AndrewTheAndroid

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    Did you all know that in the original Japanese version of Street Fighter that the boxer's name was M. Byson. And that Byson(American version) was called Vega. When Capcom released the game in North America they feared getting sued and decided to shuffle the names around.
  6. Hannibal

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    I DID know that!

    M.Bison -> Balrog
    Vega -> M.Bison
    Balrog -> Vega
  7. Ular Sawa

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    Hmmm, that is interesting.

    On another note, this thread took a turn for the weird but somewhat illuminating.
  8. Zinowor

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    I think Mike Tyson was never meant to be a boxer. But became one anyway.
  9. Kuma

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    Care to elaborate?
  10. Zinowor

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    It just seemed to me that he didn't really like hurting people, however strange that may sound.
  11. sakumeikan

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    Intelligent posts

    Hi , everyone.
    It may well be me but cant we have comments or issues about martial arts in this web site which does not degenerate into personal attacks?The Mike Tyson comments for example are becoming personal with words like 'gangster' 'wana bee' being bandied around.Stick to the issues , dont get personal.It lowers the tone of the whole Forum.You might disagree with someones opinions , but why not simply beg to differ?Try being polite-it might make the opinions of parties more interesting.
  12. Kuma

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    Mike Tyson?? Not only was he absolutely ferocious in the ring, but did you forget his fondness for snacking on ears?
  13. Hannibal

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    Can't fault him for that of course...:evil:
  14. Zinowor

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    I know lol, but I just never got the feeling he liked being in the ring even though he was completely dominating his opponents and had little reason to fear them.

    To me, he seemed more like a wounded dog biting (almost literally) the ones around him. Instead of a dog on the hunt, happy to be doing what was in his blood.

    Or perhaps he was just insane, and wanted to kill people through his boxing gloves.
  15. Kuma

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    I doubt you'll find many people who would agree with that statement. Tyson was from a broken home, ran the streets, fought constantly with other kids who made fun of his voice, and would probably be in jail if it wasn't for boxing. He got introduced to it at a school for problem kids and when his mother passed she allowed Cus D'Amato to be his legal guardian.

    A better example of someone who more or less probably shouldn't be a boxer was Evander Holyfield. Holyfield was a great athlete, but his trainer Emmanuel Steward always used to get irritated with him as he hated sparring and he had to be forced to train boxing drills.
  16. Markninja

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    I haven't read the whole thread so this may have already been highlighted, but fighters tend to go on "a tear", building momentum almost as if they can't lose.
    If anything lengthy (like prison) interupts their momentum, it's very rare that they get it back - it's like you get one shot at your peak, no second chances.
    Tyson was defo one of the best of all time, but time eventually catches up...
  17. Zinowor

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    Okay, I took me a year to back this statement up but I finally realized today that I was sort of right about Mike Tyson.


    Skip to around 13:30 where he starts talking about Cus D'Amato and stuff.
  18. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    I think you'll find a lot of pro fighters initially brought fear into the ring but channeled that fear into their fighting. Jack Dempsey was terrified of Jess Willard when he fought him for the title but used that fear to deliver one of the most vicious beatings ever in a boxing ring.

    Tyson may not have had a killer instinct as a kid when he first met D'Amato but you don't get a record like his for holding back.
  19. sampla

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    seems to me, like the line of mikes losses he had, after he lost to buster douglas, interests you. like why would he just begin to lose it all, isn't it?

    thing is, it can be due to a lot of reasons, like instability as you mentioned, lack of the motivation, etc. but it can also be another explanation, look at roy jones jr, fedor, see similarities?

    it can depend not on mike at all. people fear. when buster opened to the planet that mike can lose, not just by points, but a ko, they stopped to
  20. friendly_energy

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    one thing I really have always admired and respected about Mike Tyson was his mindset towards boxing.

    he was different.. he wasn't really there to get into a boxing match with his opponent... he was there to get the job done; knock the other guy out.

    and he had a preference for doing that in the shortest time possible. 1st round or less was his goal.

    i remember either reading or watching a documentary awhile ago.. and some of his former trainers mentioned that he was a born "natural puncher"
    not sure what they meant by that.

    were they referring to his massive physique which contributed to him having so much power?? I.E like a smaller version of George Foreman?

    or did his former coaches mean that he simply was gifted with arms meant for punching?? always confused me.

    Mike Tyson sure knew how to utilize those short punches though. they kinda look street like with the wide swings, torque and angling.. full commitment (bad intentions) damn especially that left hook of his...

    just pointing out his obvious strengths here.

    we need people like Mike Tyson back in the heavy weight division.

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