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  1. ChiefBrock

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    anyone here studied under Master Oh Man Rok at Kunsan AirBase....interested to find out your experiences in transferring your accomplishments to WKSW classes or KSH or Hapkido for further study...

    I am glad Master Harmon did not have to worry about this in his day after studying in Korea...LOL

    I have fond memories of Master Oh and his funny comments....of "no tickle, no good....tickle, good" meaning if it did not hurt when practicing you were doing it wrong. I also remember not being in control one time and hitting him a little too strongly and bowing and apologizing he said, "It no tickle, you okay?" The man was a oak tree......and was my first introduction to technique versus strength. I stayed after reaching 1st Dan and studied for my 2nd Dan under him but finally was not allowed to stay longer.

    I was honored to have been asked to his home and to train with him on his hikes into mountains....unfortunately most of his students wont know the honor it was to have studied under him.
  2. KSW_123

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    Is there a KSW near you? If so, just talk to the insctuctor.
  3. ChiefBrock

    ChiefBrock New Member

    not found one near me.....but will look some more. Closest used to be in Anderson SC.... thanks for reply.
  4. KSW_123

    KSW_123 Valued Member

    Look on for schools near you. KJN Daniel Middleton is in Anderson and is still there.
  5. ChiefBrock

    ChiefBrock New Member

    already knew him...thanks. I would need to start over with him but not entirely a bad thing in long run....just wish he was closer to charleston. thanks again.
  6. ImaJayhawk

    ImaJayhawk Valued Member

    If you are in Charleston there are closer schools (although not by too much) in Orangeburg, Columbia, Greenville. There are also schools in Hartsville, Florence, and Mathews, NC.
  7. pdxdane

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    I studied with both Oh Man Rok and his older brother, Oh Yi Keun from 1979-1983. Great instructors and great people. He was using the tickle line even then. I, too, have special memories of sharing meals with him though I didn't have to travel far after practice because at that time he and his family lived in the rooms adjoining the dojang in A-Town. When did you study with him? Was it after they closed the A-Town gym and he started teaching on base? Do you have any contact information such as an address?

    As for your question about transferring skills from Korea to WKSWschools, I'm afraid I can't help you there. I was reassigned to an area with no KSW schools and as a result didn't practice for a number of years. You may want to check out the National Korean Martial Arts Association which is headed by GM Timmerman. ( Old school Kuk Sool training without all of the political problems that led to the association's split in the mid-80s.

    Best of luck finding a new school.
  8. ChiefBrock

    ChiefBrock New Member

    I studied with Master Oh from Apr 99 through Aug 00....I almost extended my tour as he was starting to invite me to his school downtown he gave to Koreans and to visit with him on weekends as I went for 2nd belt.

    He was already teaching in the Health and Fitness Center on base but heard he lost that space as it was taken for something else. He was a great teacher and hated to figure out the split between old school KSW and the new Americanized product now copyrighted and protected with lawsuits. :(

    He lives in downtown Kunsan Dojangs in A-Town just bars and food shops :) and the occasional pirate software and XBox booth.

    If ever in Charleston SC area look me up

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  9. Woodsplitter

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    Greetings Chief, I studied under Toby Tyler (he was the Oh brothers' student previously in A-town gym) from 1981-85 (Mtn. Home AFB, then Osan AB), then under "young Mr. Oh" (Oh, Man Rok) in 1987-88 at the A-Town gym. I also went to "Old" Mr. Oh's new gym opening ceremony in downtown Kunsan Gym in 1983 which was very cool. Many fond memories to say the least. For example, I had attempted to do a passing spin kick for years, but one day young Mr. Oh was watching me for awhile, then he walked over and made a suggestion which, when I tried it I spun so fast I almost fell. Way cool. He always moved so slow as if he was tired until he turned on the switch which then turned him into lightning speed. We loved it. Remember when he would run over to the mat after someone would slam into it hard then say "Mat Okay"? Or stop the class to sweep up the glass from someone's foot going through it? Well, I'll stop.
    Take Care. Tim Burnett
  10. Xanth

    Xanth Valued Member

    My first instructor studied under the Oh brothers. He was teaching at Shaw AFB when I trained with him. This was the late 80s. He was able to transfer his rank at that time. The Ohs have since left the Won and are teaching Hapkido. I would call the HQ, and explain your situation. They were very reasonable and helpful when I was dealing with them.
  11. Nils Stansen

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    I am very sad to hear Master Oh passed away. I studied with him on Kunsan AFB. At the time, he had been teaching at KAFB as long as I had been alive. This was around 2006 or so. I had studied a few other styles by this time but studying with Master Oh was like starting over. He was definitely an oak tree in stature and mental clarity and yes, I too enjoyed his "tickle" line. When I had to leave because my orders were up, I was not privy to any rank. I studied under him twice every day while I had the pleasure of doing so. I had the pleasure of hiking the tallest mountain with him in Kunsan. He would stop every so often and dig up ginseng roots along the way. He never seemed to get tired! My last words from him after my last work out was, "You come back to Korea, you green belt." It felt like such an honor! I will always remember the quality of person I knew as Master Oh.

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