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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by aikidoka-je, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    It has been around 5 years since I joined this site and I havn't posted that much. That's probably a good thing because when I started out here at Martial Arts Planet I could not write or spell the save my a** and it probably irritated allot of people. :eek:

    Shortly after I joined I got caught up in allot of projects and had little time for internet activities. Now it seems I'm back for good.

    I have recently begun studying Tae Kwon Do because I need a good striking art to practice. This should be very interesting. I will be experimenting allot with both Aikido and Tae Kwon Do. - We'll see how far this Tae Kwon Do thing goes.

    My conditioning routine is simple: Stretches, push ups, squats, balancing exercises. I am considering getting into gymnastics for superior Ukemi.

    I often do Iaijutsu and shurikenjutsu first and then do Aikido. For Aikido I like to practice as Uke first and then as Tori.

    Well, this here thread should be a good public training log. :)
  2. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    As an Aikido guy, I don't do much board breaking, but since taking on Tae Kwon Do I feel it is important to develop this skill. In a striking art one needs to be able to hit hard. Also breaking boards is just more martial experience. This I will develop!

    It should also be intersting to see how this effects my Aikido or if it effects it at all!!
  3. Hannibal

    Hannibal Cry HAVOC and let slip the Dogs of War!!! Supporter

    It won't. It's a largely pointless exercise these days...good for you if you enjoy it though, but it won't have much carry over to your Aikido at all
  4. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Your probably right. Because unless I can find some way to re-direct the energy, hitting hard is useless in Aikido.

    When I was taught striking (the Aikido way) I was tool basically to put all my weight into it to try and push the oppenent down instead of breaking the bones.
  5. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Eventually in the Tae Kwon Do I'll have to do good jump kicks, but my jump kicks are absolutely terrible (far from AIKI) so I'm just gonna' go ahead and start doing them with the leg weights. Good thing is: I'm still just a white belt in Tae Kwon Do so I have some time before jump kicks are required.

    My sword skills seem to be improving. I practice two sets: 1 the Seitei 12 and 2 The Aiki Batto series. I have managed to get some good speed after doing them every day for around 30 minutes.

    What matters to me in Shuriken-Jutsu is distance. You gotta' be able to at least hit the target whether the blade goes in or not. - My regular knives rarely go in though so I am switching to Senbon and Stars.

    I dicided to go through with adding gymnastics. - This should make for some really pretty Ukemi. ;)
  6. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Adding gymnastics to my Martial Arts training schedule was deffinitely a good move! - Had forgotten how well it worked! - Best exercise one can get without adding weights!

    The first few days of practicing hard strikes where painful ones, but already I am becomming less sensitive. It seems I'm quickly adapting to the Tae Kwon Do.

    Still doing lousy jump kicks, but by I should be able to do a proper one by at least february! - Just gotta keep working at it! (Gotta' keep up the Martial Arts spirit!!!)
  7. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    I found a new place to train today. It's big and open, so it's a great place to practice my slowly improving jump-kicks and gymnastics.

    I thought about adding weighted clothing to the gymnastics training but have decided against it.

    I'm getting better at Shuriken-Jutsu and Iai-Jutsu. And my Aikido is always improving. It's wonderful!

    Since started Tae Kwon Do my whole view of striking Martial Arts has changed. I now have so much more to work with in my Aikido.
  8. Frozen Ghost

    Frozen Ghost Valued Member

    You have taken a very different approach to me- Can I ask what goals you hope to have achieved in 10-15 years or so?

  9. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    10-15 years? Well by then I would like to have gained good skill and understanding of various martial arts and philosophies. I also want to be able to share budo with others and teach it in a way the is easy to grasp.

    The AIKIDO is the foundation to all of my Martial Arts techniques and skills. Each new martial art, technique, form, style, etc, I learn I apply AIKI too.

    Aiki-Jujutsu is the martial art that is normally taught with the AIKIDO but the AIKIDO can be applied to almost area of life. It is all about harmonizing and becoming one with all that is.
  10. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Today I did: Aikido Tae Kwon Do Pushups, Squats, Qi Gong, Shuriken-Jutsu, iai-Jutsu and some basic gymnastics and Ukemi. - All the usual.

    I went to the new place I started training at. A friend came along with me, and after to initial practice I showed her the effectiveness of Shiho-Nage and Kokyu-Nage agaist a frontal attack. - In no time she was throwing me aside like it was nothing!!!. It was a good day!
  11. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Funny thing happened yesterday. I went out to the field wearing my green hakama and yellow haori - this attracted allot of attention and I suddenly had tons of silly kids and teengaers asking me MA related questions and wanting to be my students. I told them I would tutor if they where already learning but I'm not going to waste my time as a full instructor.

    Today I went in just normal cloths and didn't have that problem. :)
  12. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Jump kicks are getting a little better and I'll be learning the rest of the 'Songham 1' form for Tae Kwon Do this week so that should be interesting.

    I am beginning to hit harder and faster, I don't know if I can break through much yet but I am seeing good results.

    I have begun to write instructions for various techniques etc, my writing isn't perfect yet but hopfully I'll write some stuff that will help people in their learning.
  13. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    May I ask; Why do you have a real interest in jump kicks?
  14. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    It's not really about how well they'll do in a fight, in fact I don't think they're very effective at all. What I am aiming for here is a stronger body, even though allot of what I do dosn't improve Aikido I still do it as kind of a devotion.
  15. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    Good reply.

    But if you are aiming for a stronger body, jump kicks are least effective.

    There are other ways to develop

    Also, wearing a martial art uniform in public will always create attention

    KUDOS to you for trying another art different than Aikido
  16. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Finally got my perfect daily training routine.

    Martial Arts

    Tae Kwon Do


    Warmups and Ukemi and Flips
    Push ups
    Cross legged push ups
    Kip Ups
    Horse Stance & Side Stance + Stretching
    Crow (Handstand variation)
    One leg balancing

    I end my sessions with a bit of sparring Tae Kwon Do first and Aikido second.
  17. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    I just today finished learning the form 'Songham 1' in the ATA Tae Kwon Do and it seems they already want me to test for Orange Belt!

    Even though they think I'm ready, I don't! I want to do the form accurately, plus I havn't even had the time to perfect the 'self defense' techniques and 'One Steps' at home yet.

    ATA is fast paced, I say!
  18. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    I decided to go ahaead and start learning the Orange Belt form. I see it as a good time to slow down and then slowly add intensity once again. Perhaps by the time I am learning to final moves of 'Songhan 2' I'll be stronger than I was and be able to handle the workouts longer.
  19. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Starting today I'll be adding the Qigong / Kikou I have learned to everyday training. I see it as a great way to help develop AIKI.

    Need to create smoother Uchi and Tae Kwon Do techniques!!!
  20. aikidoka-je

    aikidoka-je Blue Floral Belt

    Qigong twice daily (before and after training) is absolutely perfect!

    1. It helps you develop soft movements.
    2. It is a good warmup.
    3. It gets the Qi flowing.
    4. It can be easily applied to your other arts.

    On the second Qigong session (after training) you are left energized and can go onto your other tasks.

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