Little Black Belts?????

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by tkd_princess78, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. tkd_princess78

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    I have a question. My little brother is 8 years old and should be nine when he gets his black belt. I heard that the children who get thier black belt before the age of 15 doesnt really get a true black belt. Its black but says something differ. from the adult belts.
    I really wanna know how that works. Do they have to test twice for it or what? Im really confussed :confused: Anyone out there tell me how do the little ones really get the black belt????
  2. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    In our school. They get a "Junior" BB till they are 16. It is half red, half black. They are still treated with respect however. Then, when they are 16, they take a limited test to prove they still have the necessary skills, and receive the all BB. That is usually no problem since they should be helping with class the entire time till they are 16.
  3. tkd_princess78

    tkd_princess78 New Member

    See we have little ones with black belts > we do have a half black and half red but that is called Sr. deputy. Last belt before black belt We must all do it. Its a 4 month or longer review belt. but they take the test and get a black belt
  4. KiWarrior

    KiWarrior Banned Banned

    It pretty much depends on the school and fed.

    Frankly if it is for someone less than 16 I'd say it is b.s.

    In my opinion the objective standards of classification that are used by brazillian jujitsu schools is far more legit than those in effect in other martial arts. It maintains both technical standards and a high level of fighting efficacy among black belts.
  5. TigerAnsTKDLove

    TigerAnsTKDLove Ex-TKD'er 2005.

    ya at our school exactly wut misty said its called senior deputy and its the last belt before black. if u see a 4 yr old or something running around in a black belt its prolly a mc dojo.
  6. Teryan

    Teryan Valued Member

    Maby it should not depend on age but skill?
  7. Kof_Andy

    Kof_Andy New Member

    Both runs along the line. Age=maturity, skill is just skill
    Black Belt is not just someone with skill. Anyway under kukkiwon, you can not be a BB untill ur 15 and you can not ve 4th dan till ur 18. This is the kukkiwon homepage.
  8. KiWarrior

    KiWarrior Banned Banned

    4th dan at 18?

    that would make the kukkiwon a Mc..., sorry very respectable organization.
  9. Ara

    Ara New Member

    At our club i think we use the term Cadet Black Belt for someone under the age of 16 who has got their black belt. They have a black belt with a white stripe running through it, and they grade again at 16...i think they miss a few things from the syllabus so to speak and are tested on them at a later stage
  10. KiWarrior

    KiWarrior Banned Banned

    Probationary black belt, that at least sounds like a better idea. Thanks superman ( shall be a champion of freedom and justice, tehe).
  11. Kof_Andy

    Kof_Andy New Member

    Kiwarrior "4th dan at 18?

    that would make the kukkiwon a Mc..., sorry very respectable organization"

    Thats the minimum age requirement for 4th dan. If you do the math age 18 4th dan is not possible unless you were giving permissiont to test under these circumstances.
    -if you got 1st place in olympic game
    -if you got 1st place in world champ
    -if you published a respectedable article on TKD
    Other wise is pretty impossible to be 18 years old 4th dan

    You get 1st dan at 15, 2nd dan at 16, 3rd dan at 18, and 4th dan at 21. Thats if you tested everytime when you reach the minmum time requirement.
  12. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green Member

    Doesn't really matter.

    It's a motivation and retention tool, the school can use it however they like.

    Personally I wouldn't see much point in giving anyone OVER about 13 a black belt, or any other belt for that matter...
  13. HitNRun

    HitNRun New Member


    While the details differ from school to school, what my school does is typical, only the details differ.

    A child under the age of 15 gets a "Jr. Black Belt" designation, even though the certificate says 1st Dan and/or the belt is solid Black.

    Here is the thing. If you watch the 10 and 11 year olds testing for Black Belt and compare what they are doing to what the adults testing for Black Belt are doing and you find that they are doing the EXACT SAME THING, then you have a problem.

    My son got his BB at age 12 and I'm very proud of him, but if he had to accomplish what I had to accomplish to get my BB, IF he had the same standards to uphold that I had to uphold, then he wouldn't be a Black Belt for a couple more years.

    BTW, my son's Belt is half Black, half Red.

  14. Teryan

    Teryan Valued Member

    Just out of cioursity HitNRun, what are the standards for your little kids BB test compared to your adults BB tests?

    In my school everyone (reglardless of age or sex or weight) is held to the same BB test standards. They have to give 100% all the time, Know all the Taegeuk poomse Koreo, Chung Mu, then Chang hon poomse, staff poomse one and what you know of two, all 24 of our one step sparring, A thrue F2 self of our defence, know all the kicks, punches, blocks and stances to the extent that you could teach them and they would be effective in combat, have a combination break and show the utmost respect and self desciplin. They must also pass the Pre test (3 hr, 30 min), writen test (6 hr for 1st dan) and the Test (4 to 6 hr). It's not unsuall for people to take the tests several times over. The last group of people I tested with, one guy did his test three times, some two. A guy before that group of testers did his test four time.

    I tested for my1st dan at age 14, I'm now 18 and got my 2nd dan end of October. So having been in TKD for the last 12 years, I still dont under stand why thier is such a huge fuss over age. If their mature and they can follow direcetions, they know what they should know, and they have been held to the same standard as I have, then I see no reason for a kid under age X to not get their BB. The BB is a damn hard thing to get.

    "I'm just your average middle age non-athletic person who hung in there long enough to make 1st Dan."
    This has me worried....
  15. Disciple

    Disciple New Member

    I recieved my black belt when I was 10. I am 17 now and I am a 3rd dan... (I had a 1 1/2 - 2 years break in my official training time...) I don't know if I had not taken that break, how things would have been, but with it, it probally is better...

    In our school, you can get your black belt when you earn it.. however. I don't believe our Dojang takes students under the age of... hmm..7 or 8...

    When kids grow up... everything does, and their understanding of the actions they have chosen to follow asa black belt, will come in, and many of their skills, strength and speed, will too. They know the art, they are skilled in technique, the question is how their body is developed. and that is something you can't really force... well you could, but it is not healthy for youngins(HGH, et.c)
  16. Terry Matthes

    Terry Matthes New Member

    There is no such thing as a "True blackbelt". In your brother's case it sounds like a black belt signifies the end of the children's curriculum. It's no big deal if he keeps it going throught adult classes, by then he shouldn't need superficial motivation like a belt.
  17. Kreen_Warrior

    Kreen_Warrior New Member

    My school probably has more junior blackbelts than adult black belts in it. We're pretty focused on teaching kids at our dojo, so the standards have to be adjusted to it. I'm 16 and hoping to get my full Black Belt and possibly 2cnd Dan this year. I know we're not as serious as some schools, though we may not actually be a McDojo.
  18. Terry Matthes

    Terry Matthes New Member

    What your school does is your schools buisness. As soon as people learn that the world will be a happier place :D
  19. HitNRun

    HitNRun New Member


    To respond to you couriosity, let me say that yes, my school has a syllabus and yes the kids have to perform all of their forms, grapple, self defense, basic kicks, blocks, punches, ALL of the same things you have to know. What I'm refering to is the intensity and precision of what is required.

    BB testing (for example) takes a total of 5 hours for both adults and Jrs., but the adults are working harder than the kids. By adults, I mean a person that is 14 years or older. We spar (again for example) with more intensity and I'm sure in your school it's the same way. 100% for you is not the same as 100% for a 9 year old.

    With all due respect, I think you are trying to imply that I'm involved in a belt factory. Please except my appology if this is not accurate.

    The reason why I have the signature message that I have has nothing to do with what my school requires me to know as a 1st Dan. Usually, when a kid quits karate, it's because their parents want them to quit or they are not interested in continuing. Adults on the other hand will quit because of medical reasons, work and family responsibilities and the number one reason is because it is too hard physically to train. I have seem many people come to one or two classes then never show up again because they are sore or lack the desire to put out the effort. I'm proud of the fact that I didn't quit, even after having 3 operations, breaking my foot in 4 places, having to travel all over the east coast for my work, being a husband and father of 2 kids.

    I have never been involved in any kind of organized sports team, I played in the band when I was in high school. Today, 27 years after leaving high school, the football players (the ones that used to tease me on a daily basis because they were so athletic and I played the trombone) these guys are now 60 Lbs overweight and I can do a spinning hook kick. Twenty five years from now, you will appreciate what I'm saying here. How many of the parents of your fellow 16 year old black belt buddies are physically fit enough and or would have the desire and will power to set aside 15 years of being a couch veggie to spend the years it takes to become a BB? Well I did it, I got off of the couch, swollowed my pride and subjected myself to sparring with 18 year old 2nd Dans just like like you and I didn't quit.

    BTW, for the last 5 years, the school I attend has had Jr. BB students receive either silver or gold at the National USTU Jr. Olympic Championships in sparring. My school must be doing something right.

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  20. Teryan

    Teryan Valued Member

    Yes your school is probley doing some thing right. :)
    I'm glad that you have stuck with TKD as long as you did and I'm sorry you had to quit beacuse of medical reasons (it happens). It does take a lot of effort and that is why not everyone is a BB. You can now go kick the crap out of the school jock, Not that you should :)

    I guess their are two ways to look at the testing thing. My schools seese it as give 100% every time. Look at it this way: A girl is lower in the splits than a guy, but she does not give it her all in her splits (why should she? She is the lowest in the class.) A guy on the other hand may not be as low, but as long as he gives 100% all the time, he will (in time) pass her, and he will be a better person for it.

    I'm guessing (correct me if i'm wrong) that your school seeses it as to get their BB they need to be close to fully grown physically and mentally.

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