Lifting weights while training muay thai. Is it ever ok.

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by 8limbs38112, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. 8limbs38112

    8limbs38112 Valued Member

    The first time I tried to lose weight I didn't know what I was doing so I lost some muscle mass. This caused me to not be able to lose weight anymore until I gain the muscle mass I lost back. My question is, would it be a big deal if I trained muay thai and lifted weights while trying to lose weight at the same time. Then after I reach the size I want to be stop lifting. I was told its not good to lift weights when you train muay thai. But is it a big deal if I do this? I don't want to lift weights forever, just until I get back to my normal weight I used to be.
  2. hewho

    hewho Valued Member

    Shouldn't be any problem, it's a form of exercise! Who said it isn't good?
  3. 8limbs38112

    8limbs38112 Valued Member

    They said it isn't good for your muay thai. Not that its not good for you.
  4. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    take on one training stress at a time. too much and you'll get tired and demotivated.

    e.g. when i first started training to get fitter i did the "starting strength" weight workout 3 times a week, 2 hours of muay thai (full of circuits) 4 times a week and 2 hours of judo 3 times a week while also attempting to "diet" (without understanding even basic nutrition).

    I lost weight... all muscle mass as went to being a flabby looking 68kg person from 75kg.
    i was no strong or fitter and felt crap all the time.
    it's taken me 2 and a half years to get to a normal level of strength and I've realised my mistakes.
  5. hewho

    hewho Valued Member

    I get where you're coming from zaad, but if he does small amounts of hypertrophy aimed training then he can get back to a comfortable weight for his MT

    OP did they give reasons?
  6. Mangosteen

    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    yeah, some hypertrophy before getting into muay thai might prepare him better to the muscle soreness.

    but all the thai coaches ive met advocate lifting but not so much that it affects recovery between muay thai training itself because that is the goal at the end of the day

    lifting is supplementary
  7. hewho

    hewho Valued Member

    But useful :) I'm a much more effective fighter with my weight on, at 9 stone, than 8, and I fit in weights so it doesn't knacker me
  8. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Highly Skilled Peeper Supporter

    Competitive wise you have to find what weight you feel the best at, generally the lightest possible. :p

    You can't build a solid strength foundation and work a competitive format martial art for fat loss at the same time. At most you can maintain what you've got with 2 small weight sessions with minimal lifting (compound movements mostly). I tried doing some serious weightlifting while boxing and it just doesn't work, I had to kick back to making minute strength gains (talking 5lbs on something like deadlifts) and only lifting twice a week to keep myself feeling good for the boxing.

    That said, you can alway incorporate different weight lifting things like kettle bell swings, lunges, jump squats, etc. in a circuit but it's all going to be very light weight. You're not going to build muscle while trying to lose body fat, the most you can do is maintain strength (not the same as building muscle). That's what I read and what's been my experience anyhow. Maybe you're the missing link of genetic super human that can do both? :p
  9. hewho

    hewho Valued Member

    Sorry, I didn't see anything about fat loss XD I still can't in the OP?
  10. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    you shouldn't lift while training muay thai because it's hard to avoid getting hit if you have weights in your hands :p

    sorry, i just had to :p. more seriously, what zaad and ero said. you can lift for strength, you can pack on mass to move up a weight class or two depending on what you want, and you should not prioritize lifting over your muay thai for obvious reasons :p
  11. fire cobra

    fire cobra Valued Member

    And remember bone beats muscle in Muay Thai:)
  12. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    I think it depends on how far you want to try to that the Thai boxing and how you want to look? There's a compromise somewhere but don't push your body too much and remember you're build is going to be changing anyway
  13. CrowZer0

    CrowZer0 Assume formlessness.

    I wouldn't do them on the same day, but if one isn't negatively affecting the other go for it.

    I used to alternate powerlifting and thai. Lifting 3x a week, and 2 hours of Muay Thai twice a week. If doms/recovery or something is hitting you hard and affecting your training, then prioritise and ease up a little. I would make sure I had two days rest a week, took some getting used to, and made sure I took a week off any and all training after 6-8 weeks. Sometimes I would miss a lifting session. If it was a little too gruelling or I wasn't eating/sleeping right or partying a little too much.
  14. 8limbs38112

    8limbs38112 Valued Member

    I was going to let muay thai count as my cardio 4 days a week. and lift weights 3 of my off days a week. Maybe walking 2 miles on the weight lifting days. I don't think that's too much for your body to handle. When I was younger I lifted weights and had a nice set of muscles then I started running 2 miles every day after my weight training. It wasn't too much to handle. I lost a lot of weight and didn't lose too much muscle. Of course if your losing weight a little bit of that muscle is going to go. But I was skinny and I still had nice muscles. If muay thai training counts as a day of cardio I don't think it would be too much for my body. I just wouldn't lift on my muay thai days.
  15. Unreal Combat

    Unreal Combat Valued Member

    Generally I do a little light weight training every day (except rest day) just for building a little strength for clinch work, and toning off. It doesn't really affect my Muay Thai (the running has more of a physical effect for me). I'm 34 years old by the way.

    I do a 5km run, followed by weight training with 2 x 7.5kg dumbbells.

    3 x 10 curls.
    3 x 10 front raises.
    3 x 10 bench press.
    3 x 10 sit ups (with 1 x 7.5kg dumbbell).

    And finished off with 3 x 3 min rounds of shadow boxing.

    I'll switch some things up depending on what other training I am doing on the day, so my week kind of goes a little like this...

    Monday: Day of rest
    Tuesday: 5km run. Light Weight Training. 8 miles of Cycling. Muay Thai class.
    Wednesday: 5km run. Light Weight Training. Shadow Boxing.
    Thursday: 5km run. Light Weight Training. 8 miles of Cycling. Muay Thai class.
    Friday: 5km run. Light Weight Training. Shadow Boxing.
    Saturday: Light Weight Training. 8 miles of Cycling. Muay Thai Sparring class.
    Sunday: 10km run. Light Weight Training. Muay Thai Clinch & Thai pads class.

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