Kovalev vs. Ward

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by BahadZubu, Nov 19, 2016.

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    How are we not talking about this fight!?

    I don't currently have access to fast internet and MAP seems to be one of the few sites to actually load. So I figured I would start a discussion about the Kovalev vs. Ward fight happening Saturday Night Pacific time.

    I am very excited about this fight. Not only does it have potential to be an amazing fight but it also gives me hope that the boxing industry can still put together a good fight while the fighters are still in their prime. I have to say I think Ward is a phenomenal boxer and I just really enjoy the way he handles himself. He is a breathe of fresh air in comparison to the galavanting, show boating and over all narcissistic attitude of the Mayweather era. I honestly believe he did a lot to make this fight happen and he is taking a huge risk stepping up in weight to put on a fight fans actually want to see. I really want Ward to come out on top but I tend to agree with Lee Wylie's analysis (sorry can't link because of crappy internet but he has an awesome breakdown on fight city) that Ward is in a much more vulnerable position. Kovalev has stupid power and Ward is going to need to be at the top of his game the whole fight in order to win.

    So what is everyone else's thoughts on the fight?

    Also, I heard it is going to be broadcast for free on telecast. Can someone post the link for that? I really hope I can watch the fight live despite my very crappy internet.

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    I love the fight

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