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    He had a Ph.oney D.octorate that he purchased from a diploma mill. He had one in "martial arts and sciences" and one in "theology", thus his claim of a Th.D. as well. He also purchased a "professorship" from another diploma mill. Needless to say, these documents were, in essence, poor-quality, and quite abrasive, toilet paper.
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    Even if they weren't, it's good to share these kind of stories and information. At the least make them available.
    Some people will find them interesting for a variety of reasons.

    I'm going to read this, fake ninjers (they are ALL the same kind of fraud really, in terms of historical validity and lineage..) are close to my heart.
    Like Rolex knock offs, some are better attempts than others.
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    Playing the victim role: Manipulator portrays him- or herself as a victim of circumstance or of someone else's behavior in order to gain pity, sympathy or evoke compassion and thereby get something from another. Caring and conscientious people cannot stand to see anyone suffering and the manipulator often finds it easy to play on sympathy to get cooperation.”

    George K. Simon Jr.,
    In Sheep's Clothing: Understanding and Dealing with Manipulative People

    “Bryce Dallas robbed me of my retirement,” the conversation began. The gentleman on the other end of the phone sounded queasy when he spoke of it. “He robbed me of time I had earned with my family, a lifetime as an officer of the law, and he made it into a joke amongst himself and those people he called students,” the man continued.

    It was early 2010 when I first had this phone call. It was a fluke almost in how I obtained the information leading to what would be one of the most damning things Bryce Dallas ever did. Prior to the events in this article, sometime around 2009 one of the former Black Sashes who was part of the “Mass Exodus” of which we will speak on at length later had given me a tip on a lawsuit which, as they put it, would blow Bryce’s background wide open. According to them this case was the beginning of a horrible and nasty period of Bryce’s life where he maintained the air of having become a “changed man,” but instead found even more devious ways in which he could make grabs for money.

    Mr. Robert Holmes was the man on the other end of the phone that day. He recounted to me the story of how he sought to contract Bryce Dallas and his associate, Jay Green. His story included many terrible things, things which I found to be very true during the course of the investigation into the Konigun Ninjutsu group.

    Mr. Holmes was a retired policeman for the State of Tennessee. He resided in the small town of Cookeville. He had found a card bearing the name “Norsemen Construction,” which was the company Bryce Dallas owned and operated as a home-building business. The man was retiring and wanted to build himself a new home to retire into and spend his remaining years with his children and grandchildren. He never brought harm to anyone. He never did anything to deserve harm being brought to him.

    But at the turn of the century Bryce became the worst nightmare for this gentleman, his family, and eventually the majority of the leadership of the small town of Cookeville, Tennessee. Getting onto the bad side of the esteemed Shidoshi, as they found out, would be more costly than anything they’d ever known before.

    Robert Holmes was a good man. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. This is the story of how the “Big Ninja,” by this time coining the title of “Dr. Bryce Dallas, Ph.D., Th.D.,” would find himself using tactics that he had learned as a paralegal, which he became certified in that profession while in prison. He would file frivolous lawsuits against innocent people to keep from having to actually own his mistakes.

    Bryce Dallas, self-proclaimed ninja master and now also further armed with two purchased degrees in Theology and Martial Science, various Martial Arts Hall of Fame memberships, schools all over the Southeast and fast spreading across the East Coast, was the owner of a construction business and was about to become the bane of a city in Tennessee which would be glad to see the back of him forever.

    Mr. Holmes was the victim in this situation, along with the rest of the people in that small town he sued. Unless of course you speak to Bryce’s former associate Mr. Chris Greene who denounces anything of this case being at all relatable as being the fault of Mr. Dallas. This is the stance taken with most remaining members or students of Konigun. Mr. Holmes was the villain to them in this play. He tried to swindle Bryce, steal from him or defame his “good name.”
    Above: A screenshot from Facebook Messenger during my most recent attempts to rationalize the situation and ask for an opposing view on the Holmes Lawsuit, as it is known amongst most former members. This particular message is from Christopher Greene who we will discuss as the article continues.

    Mr. Holmes and the other victims of this lawsuit deserved better. But instead he incurred the wrath of the head of a ninjutsu group simply because he demanded justice.

    When the dust settled a man who should have been enjoying his golden years would be faced with the terrible fact that his life was upended simply because he chose to bring Bryce face to face with the law for what he had done to him. And life for him and his family would never be the same.

    Friendly Force: The Story Behind Konigun Ninjutsu

    Article Four:

    Bryce Dallas vs Robert Holmes

    and the town of Cookeville, Tennessee (part 1)

    By Gerald Greysmith

    Bryce Dallas was only just out of prison for a few years since he was convicted of vigilante break-ins in Mississippi against Rusty Knight in the town of Crystal Springs. Add into this the fact that these escapades had caused Rusty to be injured, several other students to find themselves in danger of being hurt or killed, and as Mr. Knight told me by telephone, his “Harley Davidson motorcycle and safe were thrown into the bottom of Big Black River where I had to fish them all out.”

    Bryce was apparently in need of a change of scenery. So that said, he moved off to Tennessee and began to grow a second arm of his martial arts school there. It was these years that we begin to see the growth of Bryce Dallas and Konigun Ninjutsu as a system without boundaries. The story of his training began to take complete hold of him to the point I believe he himself believed it. Additionally his story of the origin of the art would change a few times as can be evidenced by viewing screenshots of his old website.

    Cookeville, Tennessee, circa 2005.

    Somewhere during these early years at the start of our current century Bryce purchased several degrees and accreditations to martial arts halls of fame, universities and other such things to make himself seem that much more legitimate, therefore he was that much more real in the mind of his students.
    Bryce had also started a construction company called Norseman Construction. He was now also residing in the area around Cookeville, Tennessee and was constantly accompanied by students everywhere. Two students figure into this story now more prominently. One is the current “Shidoshi,” a Mr. George Jay Green. The other is a Mr. Christopher Greene.

    George Jay Green (above), one of the two closest friends to Bryce Dallas throughout the remainder of his life, to also include Christopher Greene (below), who is now a member of Gratitude Training, an exposed cult.

    For more information on Gratitude Training please see the links at the end of the article.

    Almost without fail throughout the years of my investigation into this group it can be said that Mr. Jay Green and Mr. Chris Green were summed up by former students with remarks as, “terrifying,” “creepy,” “scary,” “not very skilled,” and so on. The only story that students have told me on Mr. Green and how they met was that while in college he met Bryce, started working for him and a friendship evolved from it. On the other hand with Mr. Greene, it was said to be a common story in the Konigun that they met in prison at some point according to students’ testimonies, and that after his second incarceration Chris was his constant companion as was Jay.

    So, why am I mentioning these two people in regards to a lawsuit Bryce Dallas filed against a man in Cookeville, Tennessee?

    When Robert Met Bryce

    “I was retiring,” Mr. Holmes began to tell me. “I had been wanting a home built, completely paid for, that I could finally retire to. I found his card in a local restaurant and called him. He seemed nice enough,” Mr. Holmes stated about Bryce Dallas when he first spoke to him on the phone. “But after construction began there were delays, and then the building inspector went to check everything and found it not up to code.”

    Bryce had begun construction on the home on April 18th, 2000. The inspector showed up in June of that year to do a required inspection of the project and to ensure it was moving correctly, and that Bryce had a license to contract and also to build the home. Instead what he found was not all as it should have been.
    Above: Taken from the actual filed documents through the case, courtesy of the Tennessee District Court.

    The building inspector he speaks of? He was sued in this frivolous deal Bryce began against Robert Holmes.

    According to court documents, Mr. Holmes hired the Madewell Firm in his area to represent him. Through them they filed two separate suits which one was against Bryce himself while the other was filed against him, his company Norseman Construction and finally his insurance provider. Because Jay Green was listed on the business card he was also subject to being involved in the suit. Bryce was even indicted on this situation with Mr. Holmes for perjury and theft in February 2003, but the Criminal Court of Putnam County entered as you can see the Order of Nolle Prosequi with prejudice to Bryce.

    What this means is that it is a final and binding decision issued by a judge that this matter, with regards to Bryce and his indictment, would mean that the prosecution will no longer proceed with criminal charges, but he is still viewed as being at fault.

    Mr. Robert Holmes Story

    According to one court document filed by Mr. Holmes he initially was trying to communicate with Mr. Dallas on several occasions. He was rebuffed quite belligerently as a result.

    Additionally in the documents from Mr. Holmes defense, obtained through public records and correspondence with the law firms involved in the entire affair, we learned that Mr. Holmes initially paid Bryce Dallas and Jay Green $94,867.00 for the construction of a home.

    A stop order was placed on Bryce for faulty construction and also for not being licensed as a contractor to be constructing the home he was being paid to build.

    Mr. Holmes as a result of this situation had to in turn try to obtain proof of liability against Bryce Dallas, who in turn with Jay Green countersued him all the while Jay Green was hiding Bryce’s location from authorities during the time of his indictment.

    Bryce was fined $1,000.00 for being in violation of unlicensed activity. This was given to Mr. Holmes by the inspector and started him having suspicions about Bryce’s authenticity as a contractor.
    Paperwork obtained through the Putnam County District Court, filed by Mr. Holmes.

    Mr. Holmes through this was subjected to harassment by Bryce Dallas and his students. After one court session he reported that he, his wife, and his grandchild were all intimidated by Bryce and his students as they surrounded them and refused to let them get in their car.

    Mr. Holmes in turn had to take a new 30 years mortgage out on his current home to cover his losses on the one Bryce built for him, and continue working past his retirement. He suffered from anxiety during this, and as a result he was sick a lot.

    And through all of this, what manner of home did Bryce build him? Let’s see these pictures and you tell me what you think of the “home” which Bryce tried to convince him would be sellable to someone else.


    Multiple views of the home which Norseman Construction, the company owned and operated by Bryce Dallas and Jay Green, attempted to build for Mr. Holmes.

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

    Would you have lived in such a home?

    The problems with the home were too many to even list here. But among them included an uneven and off-line foundation, materials of low grade which were not supposed to be used, to include wood that was not weather treated. Also water damage is seen in many of the photographs as well.

    With that, Mr. Holmes was sued by Bryce Dallas into near bankruptcy. When speaking to him we find that Mr. Holmes was healing from the experience and his family had pulled together to help him. Mr. Holmes was harassed constantly outside of his home by Konigun members and Bryce Dallas, and all because he sought to recover his losses which Bryce could not provide due to not wanting to own his mistakes in this situation.

    The worst part of this situation is the fact that Bryce so callously tossed this issue aside, and according to many students involved at the time he told them it would make them all millionaires.

    I know what you’re thinking….how?

    Well, as bad as this situation is at the moment, it is about to become much, much worse. And this case would be one which the city of Cookeville, TN would never, ever forget.

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    As we get into these articles on Cookeville, Tennessee and the lawsuit involving Mr. Holmes, I think now is a time to backtrack a moment and discuss an event in these stories where Bryce Dallas became “Doctor Bryce Dallas, Ph.D., Th.D.”

    For those who don’t know that means he had a Doctorate of Philosophy and a Doctorate of Theology. He espoused Konigun to be a Christian-based Ninjutsu system for years and in previous articles I discussed the methods and reasons as to why. It was a tactical situation for him to do that. With him calling his system a “Christian Martial Art,” operating in small towns in the South in the Bible Belt means he had access to more students who wouldn’t see the ninja arts he claimed to have been teaching as a means of violence. He could come off as a man who had Christian morals and would be open and loving to the students and people involved.
    Well...if you have been reading this far you know that’s all a big lie. Bryce Dallas (I will not ever call that man a Doctor of anything as he didn’t take the time to earn his Doctorate but instead PAID for it) was to MOST people (not all) a liar, manipulator, bully and paranoid self-taught martial arts instructor.

    The only degree more worthless than Gender Studies…..

    He was not at any time a legitimate Ph.D or Th.D candidate or holder. Notice I said LEGITIMATE. We seem to run into this issue with Mr. Dallas quite often. No instructors nearby? Make up your style. Get beat up? Change the story. Need students who may be horrified at ninja murder and mayhem? Claims a style with a native religion of Shinto as having been Christian all along. So in regards to his degrees (I hate calling them that since they came from a diploma mill) they were in fact purchased for the princely sum of about $3800 to the American College of Martial Science.

    Bryce Dallas had gotten good at shielding himself with lies to insulate himself from scrutiny. He hid behind more skilled practitioners who would be able to promote the style for him. He encouraged students to become ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors all over the world. He then proceeded to encourage them further to spread the art of Konigun Ninjutsu to those countries. This was what former students said he got Mr. Jim Haynes, the only current school owner offering Konigun Ninjutsu, to go do in Indonesia and through him Konigun Ninjutsu reached China.

    Above: Some of the Indonesian Students, in the Center is Trey Woodford who alleged the connection between Konigun Ninjutsu and Chinese Martial Arts based on a Buddha Statue (see Article 2.)

    Konigun Ninjers: The Shaolin/Ninjer Con (nection) - Part Two

    Konigun Ninjers: Shaolin/Ninjer Con - Buddha's "War Fist"

    Yes, Konigun Ninjutsu is still taught at this time in the area outside of Cookeville, TN, by Mr. Haynes at his School of Martial Arts. Located in Wartburg, TN he offers multiple styles to include Wing Chun, Tae Kwon Do, Weapons and Kickboxing. They have a presence on Facebook, also.

    I will say from my messages and missives with him and reading his material online that Mr. Haynes strikes me as a dedicated martial arts practitioner and seeks to stay out of the “stank” of Bryce Dallas. In messages with him asking for him to grant an interview however, Mr. Haynes was not willing to speak unless he cleared it with Mr. Jay Green who is, as we speak, the current “shidoshi” of Konigun Ninjutsu. This is fine, as it is his right and I made that clear with him. At the same time I was accused of seeking only one side of the story, wanting to twist their words, blagh blagh blagh ad nauseum the same tired responses I get from the current members all the time.

    Jay Green (left) and Jim Haynes (right), Jay Green assumed the role of Shidoshi of Konigun Ninjutsu after Bryce Dallas passed away in 2010. At this time he has refused to give any statements on the art, his views or direction he intends to take the system since assuming command.

    Other personal favorites are, “You need to let it go,” “You should seek peace and when you find it we will be glad to be there for you,” and “We have nothing to say in regards to an unauthorized book or article series on Bryce Dallas.”

    Let me stress, Bryce Dallas made himself a PUBLIC FIGURE the day he sued a website for its members calling him fat. I hate to say this, but they weren’t lying. And ultimately that lawsuit, coupled with the one we are discussing in this article series at the moment were what finally brought him down.

    Allow me to say this as I move forward with this article. Konigun Ninjutsu started and ended with Bryce Dallas. No one has ever called it out as being ineffective, but pointers are often given in regards to the material. No one is trying to personally attack anyone. I am, however, seeking to show the damage Bryce Dallas left in his wake throughout the majority of his life.

    You cannot dispute that Bryce did these things to people no matter how many Facebook messages you send me telling me to get over it. I gave my word to several of the victims (yes, they were victims of this) that I would tell the story.

    And so here we are.

    Friendly Force: The Story Behind Konigun Ninjutsu

    Article Four:

    Bryce Dallas vs Robert Holmes and the town of Cookeville, Tennessee (part 2)

    By Gerald Greysmith

    The following is an excerpt from an email Mr. Robert Holmes sent me back in 2009. In it he discusses the case he had with Bryce Dallas beginning as far back as three and four years earlier (see previous article for more information.)

    Mr. Holmes throughout the situation had attempted to get in touch with Mr. Dallas and discuss the case. He wanted his money for the home he paid Bryce to build him back. Unfortunately that wasn’t going to happen.

    No, instead Bryce Dallas countersued him, Cookeville City Officials, the inspector who halted the construction project, some of the cops, a court reporter, and on top of it all claimed a “conspiracy against him and his character.”

    One student from this time period informed me that they were told Bryce had won the lawsuit but was suing on “their behalf because of the time he had to take away from them he felt they were owed.” This corroborated what one former student from this time period, Steven, said in regards to this.

    “He told us we were all going to be made rich from this suit. He was going to bankrupt Cookeville and make them pay us.”

    Steven confirmed the house which he was contracted to build for Mr. Holmes was not even mentioned and the first he had ever heard of it was from pictures I shared with him when we met up and discussed his involvement in Konigun.
    In case you haven’t read the previous article, here are some more pictures of the “construction” Bryce Dallas attempted to pass off as a “home.” Cracked blockwork, shoddy foundation, and wood that was not weather-treated. Yet according to the report from Mr. Holmes he and Jay Green passed themselves off as experienced contractors.

    “Bryce continually told us how Mr. Holmes, he called him Holmer, and sometimes worse things,” he began, “was trying to intentionally destroy the school and his reputation.”

    Steven’s story echoes a lot of other stories from former students during this time period. Bryce Dallas began a smear campaign against Mr. Holmes due to him seeking to recover damages done to him through the building of this home.

    On a related note I will say that this case was also the reason Bryce Dallas initially began to speak to me years ago. When I first received knowledge of this case my associate, Mr. Cayce Lancaster began searching for Mr. Holmes. Within a few days he had located him and put him in touch with me. He was able to send me some items, but the Putnam County Courthouse proved invaluable.

    In the case files we find that not only did Mr. Holmes initially press a suit against Bryce Dallas, but Bryce Dallas in turn countersued him for damages as well. Bryce ended up suing so many people and burying Mr. Holmes in legal paperwork through continuances and the like that Mr. Holmes ended up having to come out of retirement and going back to work full-time due to the financial losses involved.

    You can see in the emails between Mr. Holmes and Bryce Dallas, however, that Mr. Holmes did at first seek to reach out and come to an agreement with Bryce. Mind you also that by this point in the case Bryce was also indicted for crimes of theft and perjury in the matter.

    From an email from Mr. Holmes:
    On Sunday, March 28, 2004 12:39 PM, "Bob Holmes, Jr." <r**0@********.net> wrote:

    Bryce Dallas you can be assured that this will be the last email from me for I have tried to resolve this matter with you without taking you to court, but there is no reasoning with you, which is obvious by the actions, and further pain you have caused me by your malicious, and frivolous lawsuits, and involving innocent people who had nothing to do with our situation, and causing them to also suffer merely to distort the facts, and to embarrass me so I would drop the charges against you, which I personally feel was your only motive in doing this, and all I offer in my defense is for the amount I paid you that I had received for the sell of my house that I had paid for over the years with many personal sacrifices, and I ask you where is my house to live in? Why have I had to obtain a 30 year mortgage on another home, that will take me to age 90 to pay for, and do you or your associates realize how stressful, and emotional this has been for me to face my family for the rest of my life! I did not choose to contact your blackbelts or associates that you refer to until you decided to forward the email to them, and I just wanted to tell them the truth in this matter!

    According to both Steven and Mr. Holmes the original email that Mr. Holmes speaks of in this missive is when he first contacted Bryce about settling the issue and coming to an agreement. However Bryce in turn sent the email to everyone and smeared his name to all who would listen. He called him names such as HOLMER, SATAN HOLMER, and the like.

    The email continues:

    You remember telling my wife on several occasions when I knew things were going terribly wrong, and knew that you had no ideal how to build a home after telling me you were an engineer, and could build better than anyone else, and you had built several motels in Mississippi, and for her to come to tell me not to worry anymore about the house you were building for me, and I ask you do I need to worry now 4 years later? Yes the house was torn down, because I was forced to sell the property due to the neighbors concerns that this horrible looking structure was lowering their property values, which you stated had increased my property value, but the D.A. failed to mention that I have videos, and photographs, and evidence to prove you took materials from my job site, and used at other sites!

    One of the interesting aspects of this is that Bryce in our initial conversations about this matter informed me I was wrong. He stated to me in 2009 he had never owned a business specializing in construction in Cookeville, TN. However in the preceding article you can see clearly he did indeed as I have a copy of the business card with both his and Jay Green’s name on it and a Cookeville, TN address for the business.

    Steven, the former student who spoke to me, said that Bryce did in fact brag regularly he had built several motels and hotels in the state of Mississippi. And the structure looking so awful? Yes, this was true also. The pictures I have provided in this article series show a structure which was on the verge of collapse to begin with. The video of it is even far worse.

    I think of many of the statements in this email that stand out, this one here hits me the hardest and sounds exactly like something Bryce Dallas would say to keep the situation in his hands:

    “…I was forced to sell the property due to the neighbors concerns that this horrible looking structure was lowering their property values, which you stated had increased my property value…”

    When I originally asked Mr. Holmes about this he said that Bryce told him on the phone many times that the value of his property would go up, regardless of the condition of the home, due to the nice homes around him which were neighboring the property.

    Who comes up with this stuff? Bryce Dallas. That’s who.

    Lastly, Bryce is accused of taking materials from this job to other jobs. Talking to another student who was present at the job site the day the inspector showed up, who has asked, like Steven, for anonymity and asked to be called Michael stated, “When the inspector left Bryce Dallas ordered us to put as many of the materials into the trucks as we could get and take them out of there.” He never saw those materials again and that was also the last day he worked on the project. He was soon afterwards moved back to the state of Mississippi and returned to training in the cities of Jackson and McGhee with Mr. Robert Nichols until Mr. Nichols departed the area as well.
    Shots of one interior room with an exterior shot from outside the same room.

    So what was Bryce Dallas’ response to all of this?

    From: shidoshibd
    To: Bob Holmes, Jr.
    Cc: Anthony Olberding ; Talyor, Joe ; Williams, Mike ; Specht, Bonnie ; Mathews, Brian; Green, George ; Greene, Chris ; corey murray ; Bennett, Zach
    Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 4:43 PM
    Subject: Re: "Justice Will Prevail ",

    Do you realize that it is a very bad thing to put someone in prison for something that they did not do- it is the same as sending them to hell!
    You say that I stole money from you. Wel here is some simple math that cannot be disputed due to the fact that concrete, rock, and fill dirt drivers cannot claim to deliver to one place them take it to another- that is illegal and they can loose their hauling permits, and you yourself have never dispute the receipts!

    Actual Payment of Monies
    From Holmes to Dallas $ 95,867.00

    Concrete/ Rock/ Fill dirt $ 15,848.91 (minus)

    $ 80,018.09 (new total)

    Plumber $ 1,474.00 (minus)

    $ 78,544.09 (new total)

    Septic $ 4,138.00 (minus)

    $ 74,406.09 (new total)

    Concrete Forming $ 8,880.00 (minus)

    $ 65,526.09 (new total)

    Framing Labor $ 26,663.82 (minus) Why would I pay employee's their payroll if I was planning on stealing the money???

    $ 38,862.37 (new total)

    Permits $ 43.00 (minus)

    $ 38,819.27 (new total)

    Trusses $ 3,218.57 (minus)

    $ 35,600.7 (new total)

    This list doesn't include the equipment rentals, shingles, studs, osb, 3/4 inch flooring. nails, top plate, 2 by 12 floor joists, I-joists floor joists that were over the garage, etc. There is no way, as shown above that I could have stolen any of the money because I put it all back into your property plus about 10,000 dollars. You know this that is why you made sure the house, physical proof, was torn down so that I could not prove you out to be a liar.

    You say that you were not going to get more from the insurance company. That is something that you and your lawyers had to work out because I did withdraw my defense in the civil suit and allow you and your lawyer free reign over the insurance company.

    You still mislead people by stating that I have sold thousand of book when I have not.
    The people that you are emailing, "against our requests," have seen the receipts that I have spoke of, and by the way who do you think has helped me do the research for my case, those very same people!!You say that Jay Green smiled and grinned at you in court, but what about you making the
    "trigger finger"sign toward Jay Green and mouthing; "I'll get you." That is a death threat, without a doubt. Some "Christian" you are, sound more like SATAN HOLMER when you show your true colors.You truly have the "redneck / me-ism" mentality of; "I can do no wrong, I am always right no matter how bad I have to hurt someone, and the world owes me".
    I truly hate that you have Made the choice to live as you do.It must be terrible to live so negatively by choice!! Again I ask, demand, and implore you not to email me or my black belt ever again or face criminal harassment charges.

    Shidoshi Bryce Dallas, The Honorable

    Pretty rough to read, I know. In this email according to Bryce Dallas this email would “put to rest” all the issues Mr. Holmes was having at that time. Issues that Bryce himself caused, mind you.

    Let’s start with this:

    You know this that is why you made sure the house, physical proof, was torn down so that I could not prove you out to be a liar.”

    To be fair I could see why Mr. Holmes would be accused of this. If the home was stable and presentable sure, I could say with all honesty that were it also proven he was trying to obtain a frivolous suit against Bryce Dallas from this then sure, tear down the home. Destroy the evidence. However, that was not the case. I know you’re all probably tired of seeing them, but look at the home again.
    It is by looking at these pictures you start to realize that the neighbors would INDEED complain about such a travesty sitting near their own homes. Speaking to a local official during my visit to Cookeville at the Court House the structure was actually on the verge of being condemned when Mr. Holmes had it demolished at the request of the local neighbors and because he already had enough proof through pictures, videos and receipts showing the damages.

    In regards to this:

    You say that I stole money from you. Wel here is some simple math that cannot be disputed due to the fact that concrete, rock, and fill dirt drivers cannot claim to deliver to one place them take it to another- that is illegal and they can loose their hauling permits, and you yourself have never dispute the receipts!”

    Well, we look again to Michael. He stated that yes, they did in fact deliver a lot of concrete and rock but Bryce would load it into trucks and leave the site with it saying he “ordered enough to do another job nearby.” He also said being young he didn’t know a lot about construction, but he said he had no idea what he was doing with the materials as he knew of no other jobs in the area.

    Mr. Holmes said the receipts were never disputed because the materials were in fact delivered. That was never the issue, he said. Instead they were never used on the home itself.

    This list doesn't include the equipment rentals, shingles, studs, osb, 3/4 inch flooring. nails, top plate, 2 by 12 floor joists, I-joists floor joists that were over the garage, etc. There is no way, as shown above that I could have stolen any of the money because I put it all back into your property plus about 10,000 dollars.”

    We again look to Michael. “These materials? They came from other jobs he claimed to have done. I always thought it was weird how he used materials that were all old looking or rusty. Rusty nails, torn shingles, and wood that wasn’t treated to withstand weather.”

    Let’s move to this one:

    The people that you are emailing, "against our requests," have seen the receipts that I have spoke of, and by the way who do you think has helped me do the research for my case, those very same people!!–These same people were students who he paid to have certified to be paralegals and would help him in almost all of his frivolous lawsuits. This would be the case against E-budo. Bryce Dallas literally had a dozen or so young people become legal aides to help him attack people with the legal system.

    You say that Jay Green smiled and grinned at you in court, but what about you making the "trigger finger"sign toward Jay Green and mouthing; "I'll get you." That is a death threat, without a doubt. Some "Christian" you are, sound more like SATAN HOLMER when you show your true colors.—Mr. Holmes actually did admit to pointing at Jay Green and did say he told him he would “get him,” but only after Jay Green showed up at court and threatened him, his wife and granddaughter on their way into the court to see the judge about the case. This was further brought against Bryce later as he blocked the door and would not let Mr. Holmes through with his family. That said by this point Mr. Holmes was tired of waking up in the morning and seeing Konigun students sitting in plain sight across the road from his home and making rude gestures at him. This was further confirmed by Michael who was one of the students Bryce sent to harass Mr. Holmes at the outset prior to his return to Mississippi.

    You truly have the "redneck / me-ism" mentality of; "I can do no wrong, I am always right no matter how bad I have to hurt someone, and the world owes me". – I’m not even sure where to go with this except to say my interactions with Mr. Holmes show nothing like this. However if we look at Bryce we see a pattern of this in his behaviors and also I think by this point it is fair to say he was projecting himself and his actions onto others, to include his victims. One example of this is when he threw his tea all over the room one night when his then girlfriend Candace Powell brought him sausages on a small plate and he dropped them on his shirt.

    I truly hate that you have Made the choice to live as you do. It must be terrible to live so negatively by choice!! – Bryce used these a lot in messages, he would attempt to make people feel bad about themselves. In our phone conversations he said this a lot to me, as have many of his still-current disciples who carry the art onwards. They tell me I am “living negatively.” This is a common ploy to redirect your responses and questions.

    Again I ask, demand, and implore you not to email me or my black belt ever again or face criminal harassment charges. – Threats made to further intimidate. This was Bryce’s tactics commonly used and we will see that as we go forth into the coming articles.

    Shidoshi Bryce Dallas, The Honorable—Bryce’s typical signature by this point.

    So, by this point we are seeing the correspondence between Mr. Holmes and Bryce Dallas as played out between them, as well as eye-witness accounts to the situation. But this is only two of the four emails sent between them I am presenting so far. I will continue to bring the remainder to light in the next article.

    What we are seeing here is the process in which Bryce Dallas smeared the names of people who dared to confront him with the truth. Mr. Holmes, Michael and Steven all verified that the home was not stable, materials were missing, and Bryce Dallas was also during this time indicted for perjury and theft by the Putnam County Grand Jury. This process by which Bryce was operating is nothing new. He did this same tactic of smearing a person’s name back in Mississippi against Rusty Knight, and even further back from there to his own brother who he claimed for years was the mastermind behind the counterfeiting charges he committed.

    Why did this happen? What possible benefit could have come from scamming a man from building a home?

    Money. Money was always the issue. And Bryce Dallas had his heart and mind set on what he thought was a mother lode of money laying at the end of this lawsuit.

    And this list? It’s just beginning.
  6. Nojon

    Nojon Tha mo bhàta-foluaimein

    Btw, after re-reading my response..I didnt want to come across as rude. I was there on e-budo for all the fraud hunts, lawsuits, drama etc. I just couldnt believe Bryce Dallas popped up again.
  7. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    Has to be said, this one goes way beyond your basic martial arts fraud; which I'd take to be making up a background/ An ancient lineage, highly dubious unbroken transmission from person to person, trained with x person for so many years when they didn't. You know the kind of thing..

    This guy was not a nice human being and went down a pretty dark path.
    Sorry for all the unsuspecting people he hurt.
  8. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    I've been enjoying the research and presentation pretty well. I would offer a couple of bits of advice:
    1. You may wish to reorganize your work a bit to make it more clear what you are trying to prove... right now it seems like a collection of 'here's bad things he did". What is your thesis and how can make your writing line up with that?
    2. Comments like the one below make your work come off as petty and unprofessional

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  9. ned

    ned Valued Member

    While I have sympathy with the poor sap who ended up with such a bodged job, when it comes to building work the same principle applies as to martial arts - caveat emptor.
    A little digging goes a long way and picking up an unknown builder's business card on a whim and contracting them to build a $100,000 house is inviting trouble down the line.
  10. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    Doesn't even take a little digging.
    I wouldn't have trained with some of those guys based on their hairstyles alone.
    The BMI ain't exactly doing them any favours either.
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