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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Knee Rider, Mar 19, 2016.

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    Jog this morning at 9:30.

    After that 200 squats in sets of 20 and 100 incline pressups in sets of 20.

    3x 2mins rounds of shadow boxing.

    Recorded some snippets after session to check over form. Feel like my structure the shot length and the relaxation is improving. Hand nice and high. Rolling way too low at times.

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    Just been doing high volume dumbell and bodyweight work in the week and sparring lately.

    Did about 20 rounds of mma standup today (striking with clinch, takedowns and ground fighting).

    I'm been toying with firing the right straight to the body after blocking the left mid roundhouse from a failed Dutch block/scoop and also on the timing for closing and throwing it against the same kick against taller opponents. I've been having some success with them both so wanted to focus on them.
    I'm finding the scoop from the Dutch block works great but when I miss the catch or the leg drops away it seems like a good habit to throw that straight hard to the body (on a taller opponent) as it often lands and takes them off balance.
    Entering to throw it on the inside of the kick before it lands is proving tricky but if done it through fluke a few times and it feels great. If it's a switch kick it's much easier as I just fire it off as the front foot lands but if they are in southpaw it's harder. If it's the lead leg, messing up isn't as punishing as the power isn't sufficient to really matter when taking the shot but the speed and angle make it tougher to land.

    Other than that I'm trying to stay busy off my jab and alter the level of my jab to stifle incoming attack and land low kicks, and hands in combination.

    I want to make a focus of using my teep more, keeping my circular and lateral movement up rather and angling away from the power hand (got caught a few times today being an idiot and circling into the power arc of the right hand) and not raising my chin when disengaging from the clinch next session.

    Did a bit of bodyweight work and shadow boxing when I got home.

    100 pressups in sets of 10 and 200 squats in sets of 20 alternating back to back.

    Here is a minute of shadow boxing.

    I'm heavy in the front leg during the uppercut I think everything else seems ok. I'm trying to bow more when I Bob and weave, my shot extension is improving and I'm feeling my shadow boxing is becoming more representative of how I actually move when sparring. I could really do with adding a bit but variety in though. My dislike/lack of ability with air kicking means I generally don't kick in shadow boxing although I am continually landing low kicks in sparring and pretty much consider them my primary weapon.
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    Nice shadowboxing work, that looks like the sort of gardening work I like to do :D

    We used to drill a similar counter in SanDa sparring. Timed right works well against their balance.

    It's tricky to time but pays off well:
    You have to time it so that you drive forward with the cross as they execute the kick, either to the body or the face.
    I found the body works best to knock them off balance, and usually less covered during the kick execution.

    The way we executed it from orthodox was left hand comes with a low block (to catch the leg), or bring the guard to cover the kick, so at the point you land the cross, you left elbow is about knee/upper thigh.
    This is a during counter, so as you can expect it's hard to time, but if they have a tell you will knock them over.
    A similar concept to what you described, but more of a during counter, instead of an after. Even with the after it works well, as you observed it's easier to knock them off balance.
    I pulled it off a few times in sparring knocking them over without the leg catch but it took a lot of live drilling.
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