‘Killing Jews is Worship’ posters will soon appear on NYC subways and buses

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    Sorry mate but you are going to have to explain it to me please..

    Would you consider areas like Tower Hamlets to be the sort of thing you are referring to? Where the mayor has been found to drum up isolationist sentiments to get himself elected and to give out hand outs to people from his own community? Where he had the local Imams declare it ''anti-muslim'' not to vote for the candidate from their faith/ethnic community? One might even suggest that part of what occurs is self-serving.

    I don't know about you but it makes me feel really odd when I fill out a form and I get asked to identify my racial background and religious orientation. I asked isn't this sort of racist to the government official that last asked me this. They told me that the communities identified asked that this sort of thing be carried out so that there was a way to track how their needs were being met.. I can't say that it makes me happy that anyone wants to identify everyone with their ethnicity and religion.

    Just some thoughts.

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    So the key here is exactly what you said: communities will have isolationist sentiments. Any community will.

    The scots did for a while.
    The english certainly do from time to time.
    Heck there are even folk in yorkshire who feel that their northern identity is being compromised.

    But this only ever gets out of control (radicalised) if you have something to fan the flames.

    Scotland saw the economic crisis hit them pretty hard in terms of poverty and the already many poor when they saw news of the rest of the UK "recovering" and that alienated them causing a referendum and the current lead the SNP has over any other party in scotland. Nationalism is one kind of radicalisation.

    So why do young muslims run off to syria? same reason! they feel alienated from the british public and radical religious groups fan the flames of an identity they feel they could fit into.

    How do they feel alienated? here's a list of a few reasons:
    - You grow up in a community that for previous circumstances is predominantly homogenous and similar to you (like the collapse of industry in bradford) yet different from the rest of the country
    - The community hasnt had much major outside influence for a few generations so you dont really fit into your parents culture of "new immigrant" or the outside culture of the rest of country. You have to find your own identity because you dont fit anything else.
    - You turn on the TV and hear that a major part of your current identity (your religion) is consistently labelled "evil" by various media sources
    - Your told from a young age that people from different communities are different but some communities are the similar as you and okay to hangout with (this isnt unique to any one community either) (here im taking about parents encouraging kids to play with other kids of the same religion, race etc. but not outright encouraging others)
    - Your attempts to integrate ends badly and you're too scared to try again.
    - Nobody tries to include you.

    Alienation + Isolation + Alternative Identity = Radicalisation

    we can blame the crazy imams and ISIS's social media skills (and yeah the stupid parents) but they only fanned the flames of alienation. they're only part of the problem and that problem involves everyone in the UK when it comes to minors. not different from grooming. They're filling their ranks with this country's disenchanted youths.

    A less "radical" example of alienation and isolation:
    Go to any university campus in the UK and you'll see chinese students hanging out together and usually only together.
    the local students at my uni constantly complained to the union and the university that the chinese students weren't integrating but can you blame them for being scared? they were in a new country, every week the area reported another attack on a chinese student, the chinese students had many classes together and (most importantly) the students complaining never made an effort to help the chinese students integrate either. so they all huddle together in the same areas of accommodation and dont integrate.

    Thats a nice thought and I still don't fill in my race and religions on forms (i tick other and write human) but they monitor this stuff (supposedly) to see high risk groups. they probably have enough data that they could have told you when ISIS popped up that there would be radicalisation more in certain areas of the UK based on certain stats.

    The reason i have a better perspective on this than most people is that i sit on the crossroads of race and religion without buying into either one but getting the same hurdles as those who do in an attempt to "integrate".

    My skin colour is equated to my assumed religion in general conversation. My surname too.
    true story: My brother walks into a pub and some guy immediately tries to start a conversation about "the evils of islam and terrorism", my brother is just trying to get a beer and integrate but integrating is insanely bloodly difficult because it's scary and for some people this scares them away from integrating at all. It's why i admire my grandparents. they put up with all the crap they got for looking and dressing different and just tried to fit.
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    you might want to read up on the history of the paris suburbs...
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    Pamela Gellar is exactly the type of backwards redneck that gives a great country like the USA a bad name.

    Her homophobic and Islamaphobic rants on Facebook are equal parts stupid and vile.

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