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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Humblebee, Dec 24, 2008.

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    @paciFIST: I don't think anari was being immature really, I'd say humorous and sarcastic. :) Just as a side note, since your first post didn't say that you had copied it, might be helpful to specify that in later references. I'm not saying you were trying to claim it as yours or anything, just that it's always nice to be clear (plus, that way no one can accuse you of trying to claim it! :D).
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    I don't think its too cool to post something on the internet that isn't yours (despite whether you you feel you have an affiliation with it), and not pre-fix it with a title identifying the true author.

    No probs with people quoting references to stuff that enhance their thoughts, but personally I am more interested in reading first hand accounts.
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    Thanks for listing the source. It helps to list sources, particular on long pieces to give proper credit.

    I'll add something about kata and inspiration. One theory for the value of kata is that it is a form of inspiration to a martial artist. Because kata is a fairly exact set sequence, people could practice outside of class, with themselves and with others. In the morning to help wake up, at night to help relax, during the day to stretch out, etc.

    Keeping the martial arts spirit in the mind and body 24/7.

    The first part of teaching anything is for the student to want and be willing to learn. When I think of kata, the first thing is how can this be used to make a student want to learn more and keep wanting to learn more.

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