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Discussion in 'Karate' started by Saz, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. gorinnosho

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    Hi. Re checking in.
    Name: Sean Thompson
    Age 21
    Style: Shukokai: ****o Ryu
    Rank: Shodan
    Also been doing some Koryu uchinadi stuff with my Sensei.
  2. alexst

    alexst New Member

    Hi all, I trained in the Bushido Academy for about 3 years (London & Nottingham) 7 years ago in Shotokan Karate, Akido and Weapons got to Brown Belt. It all went a bit pete tong about 2/3 years after I left and the academy split up into smaller dojos.

    Just moved to Cheshire and been looking for a new place to train years later, although still at the ripe old age of 29! Found a club in my local gym and had a chat with the UK chief instructor for 30 mins and going along next Tuesday, style is Kenshikan Karate but cant find a lot of information about it, so guess ill suck it and see.

    Hi all.
  3. Boom Headshot!

    Boom Headshot! Valued Member

    Currently in Canada and studying Goju-Ryu. Recently received 4th kyu (purple belt). I've been training in Goju-Ryu for a few years. I also practice judo where I'm 5th kyu. At our dojo we sometimes get brown and black belt students from other karate styles, usually Shotokan, Goju-Ryu and sometimes Wado-Ryu, along with different martial arts such as aikido.
  4. SamW11

    SamW11 Valued Member


    I'm Sam... I am *ahem* years old & am a karate widow! My husband runs a club in Cheshire & bless him, he's trying to teach me shotokan - I'm a 9th kyu at the moment so we're getting there.

    I don't train very often as we have a 3 year old daughter, who deperately wants to do karate, (or 'fratty' as she pronounces it) but doesn't behave because Sensei is Daddy & she's younger than we can insure anyway!

    I have also trained (for a short while) in kobujutsu, but the classes were suspended due to lack of interest & many (very many) years ago, I went to kick boxing classes. It sounded more glamorous than it was & I ditched it in favour of the pub.

    I've been reading martial arts forums for a few years now, beloved kept sending me links, and figured I'd actually join & say hello!
  5. Karatebadger

    Karatebadger Valued Member

    Hi I'm Rob

    I previously studied Shotokan for a while as a kid, a bit of Goju at university and got a 1st dan in Wado a few years ago but I'm looking to go back to Shotokan as a white belt before the end of this year. I am nearly able to fit in my karategi without ripping the trousers, a few more weeks on the treadmill and I'll be looking for a club.

    I'm looking forward to re-learning everything again in a different style. I have been looking at Loscoe Karate Club in Heanor or Ilkeston Takushinsuku Shotokan Karate Club so if there is anyone here who knows either one I would be interested in talking.

  6. Pompeythegreat

    Pompeythegreat Im Very White Aparently

    Tsuruoka Ryu
    Blue Belt
    Canada (obviously)
  7. kfitz

    kfitz Valued Member

    Yellow Belt
    -Uechi Ryu-(Just started)
    White Belt
    Kalamazoo, MI
  8. fredwrite

    fredwrite New Member

    I'm Fred. I study Shorin-ryu in Topeka, Kansas. I'm a 1st kyu.
  9. lma

    lma Valued Member

    I do shotokan. Used to be part of the NKF and now part of the UKASKO. Livingston is over run with Tae Kwon Do and KUK sool Wan.
  10. JBomb123

    JBomb123 Valued Member

    I do Shotokan, Brown Belt (second kyu) - Sydney, Australia.
  11. KG6EYR

    KG6EYR New Member

    Greetings everyone,

    My name is Max Meier, III, and I'm currently Dai Ju San Kyu in American karate, with a foundational basis of Shotokan karate. I train at Lou Casamassa's Red Dragon Karate in West Covina, California, and I am currently studying under Sensei Mike Casamassa and Senpai "Po". (I only know his first name, and Po is his given nickname by all the karateka in our dojo. Yes - it's a direct reference to 'Kung Fu Panda,' and there is a backstory to it, but that's for another thread...)

    In case y'all don't already know, I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I initially trained for approximately six months at the local YWCA when I was about eight years old, but was taken out of lessons due to the Sensei not allowing me to advance, despite my attendance being perfect and utmost dedication. Long story short, I kept looking (but obviously not hard enough) for years following, until I decided that here recently that I would attempt training once again.

    My general introduction is posted here, for those who haven't read it, and a slightly more detailed (though not much so) post in the Disabled Martial Artist Check-In thread located here.

    One thing I forgot to mention in both posts - feel free to PM me or add me on Facebook. I'm always looking for new minds to brainstorm with and talk things over. Plus, I don't bite - but I can assure you I know how to bring the wrath of the 'Loftstrand'. (Just think of tonfa, only the size of joto, weighing about 3 pounds each - or look at my avatar.) :jester:
  12. reconnoiter

    reconnoiter Valued Member

    I do Shukokai Karate in Finland, Blue belt at the moment and starting my 4th year, no hurry in passing belts for me :D
  13. Zinowor

    Zinowor Moved on

    I'm Arek. I study Wado Ryu in the Netherlands, Leusden. I'm currently a yellow belt/8th Kyu and May 21st I will be a orange belt/7th kyu. :p
  14. Tom O'Brien

    Tom O'Brien Valued Member

    40 yrs. doin MA. Not from TMA karate but a hybrid MMA called Vee-Jitsu. 6th degree black belt. No frills garage dojo. We do boxing, kick boxing, karate, judo, ju-jitsu, Arnis & SD. We do compete in AAU karate competitions tho - Won silver medals in the National's last 2 yrs. (old geezer's div.) Here's the site - http://www.freewebs.com/senseitom/
  15. marcwagz

    marcwagz New Member

    I'm marc, i'm studying goju ryu and loving it
    i am only a white belt, but soon i am going for my yellow belt (9th kyu)am very curious to see what the gradings are like
  16. cktp

    cktp New Member

    Hi, I'm Cameron. I do Shotokan Karate in New Zealand and am currently a 5th Kyu. Cheers.

    ATACX GYM New Member

    AMANI..."peace". I am Head Coach Ras of THE A.T.A.C.X. GYM. 5th dan Kenpo Karate, 1st dan Shaolin Kempo Karate, 5th dan THE WAY OF SIMPLICITY. Long Beach California, USA.
  18. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Wado newbie

    Hi All,
    Name's Pete. I'm a Yellow belt in Wado Kai. I only started to settle my wee boy into the club, but loved it. My main style is Wing Chun (and I've dabbled in escrima for years), but I suppose I've always hankered to learn karate. The more I find out about Wado, the more I see similarities between it and Chun.
  19. GaryWado

    GaryWado Tired

    Hi Peter, good to have another Wado-ka on board.

    I see you are in Scotland, do you train with the Scottish Wado-kai (Hamish Adams and Colin Clapperton)?

    If so you are in very good hands.

  20. PeterMac

    PeterMac New Member

    Hi Garry. I'm studying under Andy Simpson, who's part of Scottish Wado.

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