kajukenbo practitioners (Grasshopper if you are one) I have A Q

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    Have a question about kajukenbo for the practitioners of it. What percentage of kajukenbo combos and moves contain groin strikes. Is it most of them like Krav or just here and there. Also does Kajukenbo have knife and gun defense techniques, like take a gun or knife out of someones hand. Grasshopper I think you practice Kajukenbo although I could be wrong so if you or anyone else here that practices kajukenbo let me know something. THanks. Im a little interested since I just found a school for it in my city so I was just wondering about it. Maybe Ill crosstrain in it or something.
  2. 8limbs38112

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    also. how happy are you with learning this system as a self defense street fighting system.
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    Of all the questions you could ask about a martial art, why did you choose this one? Are you looking for an art that will turn you into the next Keith Hackney, or is it the reverse, and you are looking for an art that doesn't involve having to touch another mans sweaty peaches? I can understand that a focus on testicle punching might not be ideal if you are looking to fight against girls.
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    ha......ha....ha....ha (fake laughing) . funny reply. But seriously. When I was in Job corp when I was 18. 2 people got in a fight. No one was going to jump in, they were going to let them fight fair and square, but then one guy kicked the other guy in the groin. After that happened everyone jumped in (not me) and beat the crap out of the guy that did the groin kick. An ignorant response to what he did. They had no good reason to jump him, but in there mind he pulled a punk move. Ever since that day, I am a little scared to kick someone in the groin if they try to fight me. I don't want what happened to that guy in job corp to happen to me. Now if this is just some random guy attacking me in the streets anything goes. But you never know.
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    Ahh Radford Davis....Master Ken without the irony!
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    I am attracted to kajukenbo because it seems pretty modernized and revised various arts to fit what might happen in modern times. For example the average person attacking you doesn't know karate so you will be training against what the modern man will be doing against you. You dont train to defend against samurai swords, but knives and clubs. Get my drift.
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    I'm really new to it but there is some groin striking so far. It's far from a focus it seems because that's not a hugely reliable technique (we men tend to protect our groins well).

    It's a cool art, I'm still a karateka at heart but I like kaju.
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    GoldShifter (Sifter) is a second or third degree blackberry in kajukenbo.
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    Beard. Ninja suit. Awsome name for crushing a man's stones. Man, that image has everything. :)
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    Not to mention I just learned from the description that 'massive blood loss causes death'. I feel much smrter now!
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    OH Hello!!! I'm sorry for not being around haha. I've had a lot on my plate these last couple months, trying to get into university, and maintaining my grades to be somewhat respectable, haha.

    Kajukenbo, well atleast I know for sure in the Gaylord Method (Chuan Fa branch), there are, as you may know, Punching Defenses, grabbing defenses, etc. A good majority of those will employ some sort of groin strike, even from the very first one. I would say without a shadow of a doubt that about 80-90% of our punching defenses have a possible groin strike, kick, slice downward with the fingertips (it hurts, even just getting tipped), punch, etc. The grabbing defenses have mainly joint manipulation or some form of that, I'd say maybe 40% of those have groin strikes.

    A little bit on the history of Kajukenbo and why we have such a massive number of groin strikes. I'll give leeway to the fact that yes, many people look down on groin strikes but I have to make it clear that Kajukenbo was structured to get you home safely and quickly, dispatching assailants efficiently. The situation you mentioned is common, two guys fight, group watches, one throws a groin shot, the group goes wild and beats the poor sap who threw the groin strike. I hate to call it this, but that is a confrontation. An argument that escalated but in a slightly "controlled" environment. From what you said, your co-workers would most likely have stopped anything else from happening after one of the guys clock cleaned.

    What Kajukenbo doesn't take into account is this situation, though it should help you get accustomed to taking hard hits to the head, neck, and body. It'll also help you act and defend yourself accordingly. Our style takes into account that this guy coming at you won't stop after he's beat you down, that he has malicious intent, to permanently damage you. Of course, like many in here will endorse, myself included, if you have the option, deescalate and run.

    To clarify why I said "possible" groin shots earlier. I mean that because, you punch or kick a little higher, you'll hit the stomach. Lower, and you'll hit the inner thigh, knee, etc. The necessity of hitting to the groin is your discretion. Where you hit, especially in a self defense/street fight situation, is you choice. We give the tools for you to use to get you home at the end of the day should the need arise, and you choose how to use it.

    In terms of knife and gun defense. Personally, we haven't covered gun defense. It is a good skill to know, we just never came along to cover it, in addition to that it could possibly give you unfounded confidence in what you can do. It's hard to pressure test gun defense and the founders mainly focused on hand vs weapon, hand vs hand, or weapon vs weapon self defense. For knife defense, what many Kajukenbo schools have is an Eskrima, Kali, or Arnis instructor, either the head instructor himself or a close friend that is well versed in Filipino Martial Arts. How much knife defense seems to vary from school to school but there shouldn't be much of a problem with it. Most FMA that is around is still around because it worked, on multiple occasions I dare say. Schools that have an instructor that is affiliated with one of the big FMA styles/groups (Doce Pares, Senkotiros, Balintawak, the other names escape me, I'm sorry. Try looking up the style they teach and see if it has a credible background to it) should be fine.

    I'm sorry for writing so much, I tried to give as full of an answer as possible. If you have any more questions, please ask! I'll try my best to lurk more than I am right now haha.
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    Gonna need bigger hands than that. :rolleyes:

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