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Discussion in 'Judo' started by Freeform, Apr 2, 2004.

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    This threads purely for resource and reference material. If I've missed some good ones, please add them.

    Great technique site.

    Great history site.

    Great site for rules/events.

    Because I'm a member ;)

    One of the British governing bodies.

    The other British governing body.

    Some Ozzie Judo.

    Not sure about this one, its new.
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    Gwargh i hate judoscotland!!!!

    the search for a club section is irratating, i've looked at the budokan judo club inverness. It doesn't state what time the sessions are, the prices, just where it is and what day. even more annoying the e-mail provided, hasn't replied back to me<<perhaps its an old e-mail addy.
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    Yeah the site is not great but better than many i have seen. Plus i am sure they will get the glitches sorted out soon as they can find a new HQ
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    Something a little different


    Have good video clips of standard judo throws plus a few usual ones. Judoinfo.com also links to this site also for videoclips.
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    Hi all,
    I want to invite you to have a look ay our new club site.
    A lot of techniques in video.

    Would be glad to have feedback and comments. There is also international forum.
    Thank you all,
    Margalit from Israel Budokan.
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    I found this site http://thejudo.com/. I hope this could help you with what you need regarding the art of judo.
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    ^ I wonder if anyone has recommendations for dvds at the beginner to intermediate level? I'm finding it hard to remember the finer points of several techniques, particularly escapes to ground holds
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    I KNOW!



    You can get them in english i think. but you dont need it cos his actions are so clear:
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    Some of the better Judo youtube channels - I've learned some really cool stuff from these

    Beyond Grappling Matt Daquino's channel. Matt is a former Olympian and has put out a load of great material, both free and paid.

    The Welcome Mat Steve Scott's channel. This school teaches Shingitai JJ, but they have some of the best technique instruction videos on the net. Steve Scott knows just about everything about everything from a Judo standpoint (he published a 400+ page book on Juji Gatame - just Juji - that's how much he knows about this stuff - btdubs, the book is awesome too).

    David CedeƱo's channel. Again, hundreds of videos of training sessions from the Tokhon in Chicago with loads of different instructors, some of them big names. This channel, in particular Maje Omagbaluwaje's 3 videos basically fixed my uchi mata and gave me a setup that has been incredibly effective.

    Judo Mat Lab This channel is pretty new, but they've done very in depth breakdowns of techniques from competition footage. I always watch their new videos the day they're published. And again, the day after. And again the day after that.
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    Please help us add to this list of websites and resources by sending a Private Message to any moderator members in red, and submitting the details of your recommendations so they may be reviewed and posted on this forum. Thank you.
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    AndressoureMM, do you think perhaps that's the sort of thing you might want to check out with the moderators prior to instructing MAP's membership? We do have an existing relationship with our posters, and they're all pretty clear on how to reach us.

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