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Discussion in 'Judo' started by G50, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. dimitris

    dimitris Valued Member

    Hello,i have been doing Judo 5 years and i am brown belt,1st kyu
  2. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    Welcome to MAP :)
  3. dimitris

    dimitris Valued Member

    Thank you
  4. Dragonfly

    Dragonfly Valued Member

    im Roel (14) from the Netherlands i do Judo for 10 years now 1 kyu (brown belt) 3th year :)
    i am not allowed to wear black belt under 15/16 :( so next year i am gonne do my black belt Kata (nage no Kata) hop the the see you on he mat for a friendly match ;)
  5. thp

    thp New Member

    Hi, I'm Tim. I'm an orange belt. Been doing Judo since March of 2009.
  6. Octagoon

    Octagoon New Member

    I trained Judo for 2 or 3 years and held an orange belt. I haven't been doing Judo for close to 20 years tho. Thinking of picking it up again.
  7. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    Sensei Angel Perez, Sandan with 40 years of JUDO experience as a Competitor, Instructor & Coach and 30+ years of NO-GI GRAPPLING & JIU JITSU experience as well.
  8. hkdstl

    hkdstl Banned Banned


    I have been doing judo over 30 years and am still learning. I am now part of the USMA Judo system under 10th dan Phil Porter.
  9. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    WOW!!! Now Im impressed. For those who dont know or haven't heard of O Sensei Phil Porter, he holds a 10th Dan in more than 15 different M/A styles. The man is a legend... (in his own mind) I mean, his own time. LOL - No, really, he is.
  10. LS

    LS Full Metal Jacket.

    Just signed on with Team Quest in Tualatin, OR under the guidance of Sensei/Coach Scott McQuary. I really think, if not for JKD, I would definitely would have enjoyed starting my journey in the Martial Arts through Judo.
  11. shouldercarge

    shouldercarge Valued Member

    25 year old sankyu/green belt with just over 18months training (previous bjj experience)
  12. JudoKitty

    JudoKitty New Member

    Hi :)

    I'm doing judo, white belt (ive been to about 4 training sessions) and I love it! daunting with the seniors who are all brown and black belts, but hopefully one day I'll get there.
  13. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    In the late 60;s I started with Jacques Legrand, and Theron Larroquette
  14. Microlamia

    Microlamia Banned Banned

    Novice judoka here. I just started training at a club a small distance away and really enjoy it.
  15. Alansmurf

    Alansmurf Aspire to Inspire before you Expire Supporter

    Corona welcome to the bright side !!!1

  16. JackMcCann

    JackMcCann Valued Member

    Hi, My names Jack.

    Currentlyn white belt, but grading very soon and know a few higher techniques for competition. Been at the sport for 4 months now.
  17. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    Welcome. And keep going at it :cool:
  18. Done-Gone

    Done-Gone Banned Banned

    Welcome on board. I noticed you are Irish - my stepson's dad is also Irish. :cool:
  19. Pompeythegreat

    Pompeythegreat Im Very White Aparently

    Id prefer to stay nameless
    1 year
    yellow belt
  20. benkei

    benkei Valued Member

    Lol, well welcome to judo! I hope your stay is long and enjoyable!

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