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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by JKD83, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. JKD83

    JKD83 Valued Member

    Hi folks,

    i started my new routine today doing the old 5 x 5 plan, i did the following: -

    Squat 5 x 5 35kg
    Overhead press 5 x 5 40kg
    Deadlift 1 x 5 40kg
    Pullups 5 x to failure (10/8/7/6/5)

    would it be ok to do more sets of the deadlift? i read somewhere 1 set is all u need because of the squats already done?

    would it be good to add any exercises?

    also my nest training day will be squats, chest press, clean and press or barbell rows, which are more benificial the clean and press or the rows?

    if anyone has any thoughts id love hear them


  2. JKD83

    JKD83 Valued Member

    Did the alternate routine of my 5 x 5 plan which was as follows

    Squats 5 x 5 - 35kg

    Chest press 5 x 5 - 40kg

    Barbell Rows 5 x 5 - 35kg

    Barbell Curls 5 x 5 - 35kg

    i did a couple of warm up sets for each exercise using light weight or just the empty bar.

    Does anyone know how much a olympic bar weighs as i havent really been taking this into account?

    Also are clean and presses more benificial than barbell rows or should i perhaps include both into the routine?

  3. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    A proper certified Oly bar should weigh 20kg, there are ones that weigh 15kg and I think they make 10kg ones as well. A lot of the cheaper bars won't be spot on 20kg so, if you can, try and weight it yourself.

    My warm ups usually start with the bar and then work up to my working sets.

    So a working set of 3x5 for a deadlift would usually involve the following warmup
    1x5 20kg
    1x5 30kg
    1x5 40kg
    1x3 50kg
    1x2 60kg
    3x5 70kg

    Just split the difference into a good number of sets the Starting Strength recommendation is the split I've used above. I would definitely have some rows in your routine, but if you're desperate to clean and press, you could alternate them with the rows. If you're not sure about clean technique you might be better of sticking with the rows to start with.

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