jigen ryu and karate

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    there seems to be some similarities between jigen ryu and karate , jigen ryu learning s very simple it has 3 kinds of training but the way of training make it effective like karate in which u can learn its teachniques in 6 monthes and then u should polish your wasa with hard training to achive dan rank also in jigen ryu one should strike a tree with a boken until he develope such a strong strike that it will be almost impossible to defend in karate you should train your fist this way and u should be able to smash woods , anyone has any idea on this? do u think these 2 are connected?
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    Please take the time to write legible posts.

    I'm assuming you have read something like this.


    While I'm all for more activity here I think it would be useful, when you post, if you gave a little background about why you have reached certain conclusions or what sources you have used.
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