Jeet Kune Do vs Wing Chun vs Krav Maga vs Filipino Kali vs Muay Thai

Discussion in 'Jeet Kune Do' started by blade007, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. Hannibal

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    Krav is gash to be honest

    As a JKD instructor my choice is obvious, but Kali is equally good
  2. blade007

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    Alright thanks man.
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    Giant Squid Beats All
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    And this is the wrong assumption to make. If someone is confident enough to start on you, then they likely have something up their sleeve (superior numbers, position, or armament are most likely). In addition, people who are pre-disposed to violent behaviour likely have a track record of it. Which means they have experience. In turn, they will have likely refined their technique with every confrontation they have been involved in, which technically means that they are well trained. Therefore, the only assumption that can be made of such individuals is that they are highly dangerous, and should be avoided whenever possible.

    Although you may have found the voices on this forum somewhat harsh, they have raised several valid points: Your presentation lacks maturity; you expectations are based on foolish assumptions; your insight into martial arts seems to go no further than what you've watched on the screen. Experience will probably help correct these points, but only if you drop the attitude.

    With regards my experience in the styles you've mentioned:-

    Krav - as a KM instructor myself, i can agree with Hannibal - unless the instructor is proficient in other systems, and covers the 8 points i raised earlier, the class will be complete and utter balls, and is more likely to get you killed than anything else. Most Krav i have seen taught is like a self-defence class with a few bulldog-style games for adults. A little bit of psycho-babble theory, a little bit of interesting vocab and roleplay, and some very prescribed attacks/entries. All from a guy who looks like he couldn't fight his way out of a paper bag, and whose technique looks about as sloppy and untested as a day 1 newbie. HOWEVER, there are some very good Krav instructors out there, who not only cover all the bases, but who also think outside the box. Though unfortunately i would say that they are in the minority.

    JKD - much the same as Krav. Because it's not a prescribed system, it can be very vague in places, and so it is more down to the individual teaching it, than the system itself. Because it is so vague though, many instructors may try to wing it, and unless they've got some traceable lineage, there's not much to stop a guy who's done a little bit of this and a little bit of that calling himself a JKD instructor. Indeed, this is also one of the issues i have with "MMA instructors" - guys who've done a mixture of martial arts and then claim to have found the sweet spot. Worst "JKD instructor" i met was a guy who came to me for weapons training. He'd done a few months of kickboxing, watched lots of videos, and read the book. Don't get me wrong, he could kick to the head, and he knew all the theory - he'd just never taken it outside his bedroom. After 1 lesson with me (in which he had trouble swinging a stick correctly), he told his mate that now that he knew the weapons aspect, his journey was complete, and he could get on with teaching what he'd learned. Tool.

    FMA - a complete system covering empty hand striking and grappling, edged weapons, and impact weapons of varying sizes. Some even cover flexible weapons. Again though, beware of instructors who know a few fancy patterns with the sticks and then claim to be able to teach eskrima. As with any combative system, its roots need to be in application, not in looking pretty. If you are training with someone who only teaches stickwork and nothing else, then you are not getting the real deal. In many classes the stickwork is dominant though, so it might take a fair few lessons to get to the other stuff. Unlike Krav, the technical library is so vast that unless you have the self-motivation to train regularly in your own time, you may find it takes a while before you can start to apply what you are learning.

    Wing Chun - No, for several reasons. But i'm out of time and have to go - maybe another time. But i just don't rate it as a combat system. Great classical martial art, but doesn't cover many of the 8 requirements i outlined earlier.

    At the end of the day, there is no harm in attending a few classes from each of the places before making a decision. Also, don't be afraid to ask the instructor some questions about what he teaches - what you see in class is likely to be only a small fraction of what he can deliver.
  5. blade007

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    Fair enough. I completely agree with your post. It's obvious you know about martial arts way more than me. It all depends on a person. I believe what I said is right as I know my situation more than anyone else. So, I wouldn't talk about that here.

    Your post has been really useful to me. You asked me for the links in your last post and I posted you already. So, I wanna know if those instructors are legit or not?
    Though, I do believe they are, but I obviously don't know much so that's why I m asking.

    Rest, if you think they all are legit then I ll go like this - I mean my preferences => Kali > Krav > JKD [would have been 1st but it takes longer to learn, so i ll do it later]

    Actually, I ll just post the links again -

    Krav -

    Kali / JKD -
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  6. Griffin

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    The Krav want $40 just to walk in the door man.. "They call it an Induction" when it is just a hour and a half lesson probably full of chat!

    You hand over that $40 and havent even joined yet, there will be another set of fees/membership and no dought a very exspensive ongoing fee. You got a good bank account lol, just for regurgitated martial arts in camo pants?

    Go the Kali/JKD mate, save yourself a fortune :cool:
  7. blade007

    blade007 Valued Member

    yea lol that's what i was thinking but who knows may be they actually teach you some self-defense techniques to prepare you before you join the actual class.

    I don't really care about money, 40 bucks is not much if I take quality into account. If you think it's legit i ll take it.

    And, what do you think about Kali/ JKD. You reckon they are legit?

    And, thanks for the suggestion man.
  8. Griffin

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    I agree with this, Blade007 :cool:
  9. blade007

    blade007 Valued Member

    Fair enough but my question is you reckon that link I gave you about JKD/ Kali is legit?
  10. Taiji_Lou

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    You need to get into Krav Maga and jujitsu. Just go to a good Karate school and ask if they offer a combatives curriculum. Sounds like it's rough out there for you. Just be careful, if you clock one fool, you're gonna have to mess with a whole BUNCH of fools :cry:. Unless you've got a posse and a nasty gang situation going on, you need MA for confidence. Once you're confident you can handle an emergency situation, you're less likely to get sucked into one. Unless you go around looking for trouble. In which case: get outta the gym:hat:!

    Although... Wing Chun is a good system to learn IMHO. It's effective, and as far as the romantic MA thing is concerned, it's 400 years old ;).
  11. blade007

    blade007 Valued Member

    Perhaps the 1st straight forward answer in this thread. Thanks for the suggestion man, really appreciate it. :)

    And, nah there is no gang fight and I m not a gangster. lol. But I do get into altercations very quickly that's why I wanna learn so that I feel more confident. I don't know but some guys here think Krav is useless, but on the other side I have heard it's really effective for real life situations, especially if you're dealing with 2 or more attackers with knife etc.

    What I was thinking that if I learn Krav Maga first, Ill be good enough to defeat 4-5 guys without sweating and side by side I start learning JKD or Kali which will take me to a higher level and is a good combination. Fitness and shape is a bonus too. :D
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    ???? What are you on about?

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