Is GKR a scam?

Discussion in 'Karate' started by puma, Aug 16, 2012.

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    Dunning Krueger effect - is that the one about only experts can see and acknowledge their incompetence, whereas genuinely incompetent people can't because they can't see their shortcomings?
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    Sorry, the 2nd paragraph wasn't meant to sound as if I was still referring to you. I was just commenting generally that I find it amusing when people defend GKR as I used to myself a few years ago (for a very short time, I hasten to add).
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    Ah, OK. No worries.

    Oss :)
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    I've got to applaud Lorelei for being frank and acknowledging some of the shortcomings of GKR. There have been many devotees who would consider any criticism to be heresy.

    I think Lorelei also has the benefit of training in a relatively strong region. As I said earlier, the standard across the board in GKR in the UK has risen over the years. But some regions have much higher standards than others. I understand that the regional manager in West Yorkshire is/was a dan grade in another karate system and this no doubt has had a positive effect on the students and instructors in the area.

    Lorelei, it concerns me though that you state that you're learning self-defence with locks and breaks. None of the GKR bunkai that I saw a few years ago had any self-defence value to it whatsoever, it was unrealistic in the extreme. I also have a student who started in GKR some years before he started training with me. He attained his shodan in GKR fairly recently, although he is fully aware of shortcomings of the system/organisation. His karate-do is quite decent, entirely commensurate with his grade. I put this down to a) his own persistence and b) having a regional manager who was a decent dan grade before getting involved with GKR. But his knowledge of bunkai, in particular the non-striking aspects of it (grappling, throwing, joint-locking) was almost wholly lacking. That's largely why he started training with me. He would probably add other skillsets to that comment, that seem trivial to me but that are fundamental to effectively applying the kata. If you were being taught these skills in your region then he wouldn't have had to seek me out.

    An open offer, Lorelei. Our club is in Leeds. Come and see what we do, so you can contrast and compare with the bunkai / self-defence that you're currently learning. I can't teach you anything about sport karate but I think I can give you plenty of food for thought regarding the self-defence side of karate. No need to report back here or anything, just find out for yourself. You've nothing to lose but maybe plenty to gain.

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    Lorelei, I have had a look at the whole website. It was the most misleading garbage I have ever read! Whoever wrote it should be in a padded cell! I can't believe GKR allow it. It can't be good for business. They don't need any help making themselves look bad.
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    I just read the GKR means "hard complete style" bit. Missed it the first time. That's a classic! The least complete style going calls itself that! Brilliant!
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    Hard as well, with "no-contact"... :D
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    I'm probably committing a cardinal sin bouncing this to the top again but here goes.

    I came across this thread while researching who on earth this GKR joker was who turned up unannounced at my door. Here's the rub - I had actually been looking around Auckland for a place to take the kids to Karate classes, so they can see if they are up for it (or not).

    Well what do you know, it turns out GKR have sessions at the local school (where my kids attend and within walking distance). It's non-contact (my kids are soft and spoilt and this is the first step to hardening them up). There's a $50 each signing up fee and $10/session cost (which we can afford). They can start off in tracksuits (thereby saving a big expense when they probably jack-it-in after two weeks)

    Apart from a very feeble attempt to make me sign up there and then (golden rule no.1 - "never buy on the night") to which I said "come back, pal, and I'll give you the answer tomorrow".

    So here I am now much wiser about the whole GKR thing. My question is ... it can't be that bad for checking out whether my nippers are likely to stick with it or not, can it?

    If so, I notice Kave is in Auckland, could you please give me an alternative (for West Auckland) because I have looked and failed.

    Maybe McDojo is just what the kids need, because I do have to feed them a McDonalds sometimes (even though I hate myself for it)?
  10. Kave

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    There are plenty of options out west, but west is a big place. Give me a suburb so I can narrow it down. Also, my recommendations would probably differ depending on whether your kids are 4 or 14. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to martial arts in Auckland
    but there are plenty of charlatans too, so it is definitely wise to ask around.
  11. Clouseau

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    Daughter 9, Son 11

    Location ideally West Harbour / Hobsonville

    At a push, Whenuapai, Greenhithe, Massey or Westgate
  12. Kave

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    For kids of that age I believe that grappling is the best option. When you said West Auckland I wasn't expecting that you would be quite so far out. Most of the good options out west are between Grey Lynn and New Lynn.

    The nearest good option to you would be the Western Judo Academy.
    contact details at the bottom of this page:
    I dont know much about them, but they are associated with the Auckland Judo Association which suggests that they are of a good standard. Also they have a student who appears on the junior rankings list, so the gym obviously competes.

    Olivers run kids BJJ in Glen Eden. This gym is highly respected.

    Strikeforce is also highly respected and runs kids classes, but they probably aren't west enough for you (New Lynn).

    I don't know if a drive to Paremoremo would be quicker, but Maai Hyoshi Dojos (Ninjitsu) appear to run a kids class at 505 Paremoremo Road.
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    We can put a face to the site......lectures on youtube from a master!
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    Hamilton Wado Kai is like liquid gold that a fact....GKR GKR Karate when i found out my Sensei was a Orange belt who lack skills even if them wear the sensei belt gkr only hiding the fact that trying to make money when it not worthwhile paying that money for that club so i join a new style and im getting teach by Sensei that had many years of experence with there dan grade
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    What is your connection to Hamilton Wado-kai?
  16. megazero

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    I only need to walk 15 minutes to the club and learning alot more stuff different kata to learn but i dont mind everyone at Wado Kai Hamilton New Zealand Dojo is alot more respectful them also offer me a month trial for training and i just like connect on the first session. like i said earlyer it like liquid gold.
  17. GaryWado

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    I see,

    I used to train with Robbie Smith when he was based in the UK.

    It was very sad to hear of his passing.
  18. megazero

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    sadly i never got the opportunity to meet Robbie Smith
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    [ame=""]GKR UK Black Belt Grading 14/12/13 Video 1 - YouTube[/ame]
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