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Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Cooler, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. Cooler

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    I would just like to say we now have the new interviews section up and running in the Magazine area of the site. Our first interview is up courtesy of Melanie who while at the UK meet asked Neil McCarthy and David Arnold of U.K. Kung Fu to answer a few questions you can read the interview here. There are a few more interviews to come from this meet and we look forward to receiving them.

    I would like to thank Neil and David for taking the time to answer the questions and Melanie for taking the time to get the interviews.
  2. wayofthedragon

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    Hmmmm....If I want to be interviewed, then what do I do, or do I wait for someone to offer to interview me???

    Just curious:)
  3. Melanie

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    You're absolutely right in asking that WOTD. We are interviewing people that can educate us in their style and what their experience can offer us. Most of the people we have interviewed so far have had extensive experience in several styles, attaining levels of instruction that have brought them through the ranks to Instructor. Almost all the interviewees so far can trace their lineage back to the founder or to the direct students. They have managed to complete several styles - for their own reasons - and have been able to amalgamate the useful parts of each style and blend a bit of themselves and their thoughts into their art. If you or indeed anyone else feels they have the knowledge to enlighten others then please contact me and I will arrange for an appropriate 'interview' to be sent to you. I normally do a fair bit of research on the people I am interviewing in order that the questions apply. However, in the case of the UK Meet, myself and the other moderators agreed what would be a good overall questionnaire that could be given to them without making the interview too much hard work.

    Please note that we will need your ful name and rank in order to complete our research. Please email/PM me the details and your interest and I can sort it out from there. :)

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