I'm getting married on saturday!

Discussion in 'Celebrations!' started by SpikeD, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    Thanks Chimp, I clearly remember you writing a similar post last year, Just after i had proposed, and thinking 'Oh shizzle, there's going to be a ceremony isn't there'.

    Crying is always an option, as is blabbering utter nonsense. As for speeches, no sir-ee, that's what the wife will be for. She has no problem with that talking to people bit (and the father in law is the same). My Dad is my best man and i believe his speech is around 4 words long. :evil:
  2. EmptyHandGuy

    EmptyHandGuy Valued Member

    Congratulations! I remember I was so nervous on my wedding day, they had us sitting up on a platform at the front of the church whilst the bride walked down the aisle. Apparently I sat with my legs wide apart with a stupid grin on my face, the only problem being you shouldn't sit with your legs open when wearing a kilt apparently!!
  3. Simon

    Simon Administrator Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    I agree with the posts that say "who cares, just have fun".

    One tip I give my kids which will work if you are reading a speech is not to try and understand it as you read it.
    Just read it out loud, but do it as though you are not listening or understanding it yourself. This is where people pause and stumble.

    Eat, drink, dance stupidly, have fun, because the stupid behaviour will all be forgiven in the morning.
  4. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    I am going to go through the ceremony completely sober, so no alcohol or any other vice till the car ride to the reception where we get a bottle of bubbly to enjoy (I can't stand the stuff so am taking a hip flask of brandy :cool:)
  5. CosmicFish

    CosmicFish Aleprechaunist

    Congrats to Mr and Mrs SpikeD! :D
  6. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    Congrats to both of you man. I'll agree with everyone else and say just chill out as much as possible and remember to use putting you through the ceremony as leverage on your soon to be wife :evil:

    Will there be a wedding video so we can all dress up in front of our computers and pretend we were there?
  7. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    Two chickens and a goat! :cool: That's me sorted for curry for a few weeks.

    On a not to dissimilar thread, My wife-to-be works as a vocal entertainer and has worked abroad quite a bit. At one point she worked in Turkey where by a quite elderly *Ahem* gentleman proposed a trade with the father-in-law that involved several Camels. I love to remind her of that. :evil:
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  8. Blade96

    Blade96 shotokan karateka

    Grats :)
  9. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    Cheers. Not sure about the video (don't know if it's being filmed or not) but i have no objections to people dressing up. And it's comic-con season perhaps we could merge the two. Mmmmmm super hero outfits *Calls Wonder-Mitch*

  10. Fish Of Doom

    Fish Of Doom Will : Mind : Motion Supporter

    wait, you'll make your wife dress up as mitch?
  11. thguy

    thguy Valued Member

    Congrats!! I'm approaching my one year this month! I second not to get drunk. My wife had sparkling apple cider and I only had two glasses of champagne. The night can go fast and it is nice to be able to remember it. Also, some good advice I got is to hold hands with your bride while you are walking around greeting. It is very easy to get pulled in separate directions (depending on the guest list of course) so, always keep each other close. Another think that ended up quite funny for me was the video. We had a video of the reception and I had a mic on. I was breathing heavily throughout the whole video. Sounds like I was sighing the whole time...oh well. So if you have a mic, don't forget that it is on. On top of that...when your up there no one else matters. It felt like it was just her and me. We hardly took our eyes off of each other. Have fun... I love being married!! I wish you and your new wife the best!
  12. slickoneuk

    slickoneuk Member Supporter

    Grasp every second, it will go by in a flash! It is an amazing experiance! Wear a kilt!
  13. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    You sound surprised. Isn't it every male MAP members dream to marry a Mitch? Especially in the Wonder Woman outfit. :love:
  14. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    Doesn't abject terror affect certain areas the same way as cold water does? Definately no Kilt then. :hat:
  15. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Dude, just focus on one thing, you're not talking to ANYONE other than HER! No one else matters - hell, I didnt even NOTICE anyone else when I got married the first time, lol. You'll be fine man. But most importantly CONGRATULATIONS!!! :)
  16. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    way cool. Genuine congratulations :) Just don't drink too much. Slurring the words 'I do' is not going to make you popular.
  17. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    Alcohol will be thrust upon me throughout the night.

    And promptly poured into a hip flask (or two) for later enjoyment. :evil:

    As for slurring, I'm a brummie so i speak so fast that we call it spitting. :evil:
  18. Chimpcheng

    Chimpcheng Yup... Giant cow head... Supporter

    I would totally recommend filming it though I wouldn't hire anyone in. I bought an High Def HDD camcorder and got a mate with a variety of tripods to film the event. Got some cracking video and best of all it isn't married but awful love songs and heart fades that professional videographers would have done to your video.

    My video is raw, edgy and with tracking shots that have you right in the action. Think Grindhouse but less killing and Machete...
  19. Mushroom

    Mushroom De-powered to come back better than before.

    Congrats dude!

    Weddings are a nightmare...but more importantly..

    where was our invites to the stag??!!
  20. Kongrats ;):)


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