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    If you are fishing then you would be Trawling ;-)

    aka Black Grass
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    :D :D :D

    Excellent Vince...that put him in his 'Plaice' :rolleyes:


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    I believe it is appropriate to show two trolls. Since there are two of you that are using that term and fill the description I feel is approprite, the one's who are entrenched, and have the location as a base for advertising.

    From what I have gathered, you are both involved in the system of KI. Yourself, being involved earlier with the great Edger Sulite. Competition is great, or not? :confused:

    For whatever reason you are determined to drive others away. I remember when I first arrived you were having a discussion about a student who was unhappy with what was going on :eek:

    I figured, now here is a good location to further some education for others and myself. :D

    Gary ;)
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    I show two because you twice as good a job at it than any others I have come across;)

    I am not involved or represent the KI system in any way shape or form. I have on occasion had the priviledge of training with some of the top KI Masters and I thank them for that, but involved with them. Again my dear troll you are way off the mark.

    OH really, do tell and please by all means point me in the direction of this thread and please please quote me.

    Have you learnt anything yet:rolleyes:
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    Pat mentions.

    Have you learnt anything yet

    Yes I have, the reason for doing all of this, is to further my education regarding what others feel is important, or not.

    I felt that maybe since you were involved with the late Edger Sulite you might have been with KI. The man was a good practioner and had a business established. I am not sure if you actually practised with him or were setting up to, when he passed away.

    His passing was sudden and unexpected the date and time and place was unusual for sure. Is there much to the story that has not been mentioned? He was injured and had a stroke or died of a hemmorage or??? I have read both I believe and heard more?

    But I have asked and it has not been answered here yet.
    Sort of avoided, I am thinking. No Problem. Just another of my trolling questions. Can be answered or not... :)

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    Ok this kind of erks me, for the most part I actually think you are just looking for knowledge. Even though I think your approach and tact is terrible.

    But now it looks like to me like you are spreading/starting gossip and herese with this last post. I don't know what you heard but for the record there is nothing more to the story, he was not injured. I know this because i was there.

    aka Black Grass
  8. BGile

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    I appreciate your forthright answer.

    But here is the reason. What I have read. Is your statement, and what has been said to me by some who are supposed to be in the know, mention an injury, from being hit with a stick, and causing a blood clot, to be the killer.

    If you were there and relate this to me, it is exactly what I am looking for. It puts the question and answer to rest. Regarding the date and time of his demise.

    But could the injury have been an earlier mishap and the long trip to Australia and sitting for a long time on a plane and then the blood not moving well and still the clot being the demise, but the stick injury being the actual cause of the blood clot in the first place? This group ''KI" love to talk about all the bruise's and injuries. Yet when someone possibly died from it, (bruise's and clot's) no one wants to talk... :confused: You would think because of it, you'd be more careful... :bang: As in learn from the mishap and not allow it to happen again.

    This is the in depth thought of what someone related to me:

    It is now known that long plane trips and car trips are very bad for people, not moving around like they should. (I was injured pretty bad from a kick by a horse and was watching it pretty close for a friend of mine had explained a similar injury to a cowboy who also was injured in a similar way died of the blood clot that went to his heart and shut it down).

    Now the reason I am mentioning this is because in a school I was in, they mentioned it and as a reminder if you have a bad bruise, you need to go to the doctor and receive proper medical attention. Many times it is best to practice the healing arts as well at the distructive arts. Not many study the art of Hilot anymore...Why?

    That is the whole of it. I could PM you and explain it better. But really no reason, for you have settled it in a single post. From your point of view.

    This was exactly what I was looking for, there is a small group of persons who post here that are in the inside sort of speak. They answer back in sometimes not very civil, but they give me a view. I take it like it is ment or not.
    I am a person looking for information. This question is critical to verify another who mentioned it to me as I have explained.

    I am not a young person so what I do or ask is coming from 50 years of being in the arts of the various weapons of the Moroland.

    I have used whips, bows and arrows, made my own blow guns, swords, knives and sticks. Out of wood and steel. There are not many who have the experience I do about the weapons of the Philippines. Believe me.
    The practice knife or dagger is one I made out of rattan turned on a lath and then used a drawknife to make the blade, filed it, sanded it. Then put linseed oil on it. Just like you are supposed to do to preserve things you appreciate.

    Swinging a stick is a very small part of the culture of old. Now it is in vogue.
    The pygmy of Africa and the Negrito of Philippines or the wild men of Borneo, I have been studing them since the first time I read about them in the National Geographic, when I was but a teen.

    Regarding approach and tact it is hard to be tactful when asking questions you can say all sorts of "in all due respect" etc. and they will still hammer you, so forget that. I just say it and if they want to hammer fine. I am what I am, straight and forward and no duplicity, or at least I try to be.

    Some call me a troll, I don't think it is me, since I believe, the troll is the big dogs not the other way around, but hey I did not write the rules, this location and others, most don't play by them anyway.

    It goes back to who you know, not what you know in many locations.

    Hope that helps.

    Thank you,
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    Who doesn't among the many who have been involved in the FMA. Everyone especially the Manongs will remind you and us of the hardships of their training experience and/or regiment. And if there isn't some truth to it then you are NOT training.

    So are you then saying that what Vince pointed out is not the exact truth? If you know then why ask? If you believe otherwise then why not share your side of the story from this reliable source. I'll tell you why...because you want more stories to talk about. More fables like the decuerdas caves and death matches. Don't waste our time with garbage.

    What are you implying?

    Who are you to have to verify anything? You have no relation to any of the camps, so why not mind your own business. Are you a gossip columnist???

    I would think at 50 years, you would know enough not to be full of sh#t and...beep, beep!!!!!, honk our own horn. Rather than pay tribute to a great eskrimador who passed 10 years ago this month, you choose to make insinuations and fabricate stories. Instead of spending your time on this forum why not speak to some of the individuals who knew him best. Many are right around your corner.

    Now, entertain us some more with your "warrior lifestyle". And don't pull any punches, please!
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    If you think it was a result of a blood clot brought on by training then just say that. The way you ask question always come off as if there is a conspirecy you are trying to uncover and others are trying to hide.

    As for the anuerism, is it possible it was training ? Yeah sure, I know that several of us in discussions at the hospital speculated it could have been a result of years training. But we also speculated it was because of the Filipino diet, the the fact that Guro Edgar didn't like to fly or all combination of all three. So pork adobe or United Airlines might have also been the killer. The fact that you think he was flying from Australia dictates you information source is unreilable.

    But all this doesn't really matter what matter is that the man is dead and ten years ago we lost a leader in the FMA and that he is missed by many.

    aka Black Grass
  11. BGile

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    JohnJ, I think I'll just allow you to fabricate in your own mind what I was trying to explain...
    You are doing a good job of showing where you are most of the time. I have noticed by prior posts that the insults are usually where you end up.

    At one time it was civil now it is not. So you just go on thinking what you want, I am sorry I shared anything with you.

    As far as death, it is inevitable. We all go to the void, some sooner than others.

    I am sorry that some have lost a very good friend and co-practioner.
    My condolances go out to you and the family. A decade has gone by and very fast to boot.

    Vince, I never said I knew the whole story. I just related my information for you to read, and come up with your own thoughts.

    As far as my profile you can read it, if you want to know more ask, or not.

  12. Pat OMalley

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    There go making assumptions again without actualy knowing or looking at the facts. You seem to have a knack for making assumptions without actually knowing the truth.;)

    And from that you assumed I was a KI practioner. Quite frankly my involvement with the late great Edgar, does not actually matter anymore as unfortunately he is no longer with us. I do not use his name to promote myself or my group so I feel no need to explain what involvement I had with him.

    Story being the opporative word here. You seem to also have a knack for stories and the spreading of them ;) I am inclinded to beleive what others have said, that you are a gossip maker and a gossip spreader and accuse everyone who may disagree with you as having an agenda and insulting, not really someone who either knows or accepts any truth even if it is staring you right in the face.

    You are always making insinuations that there has to be something more sinister to peoples answers and you are always implying that their is this big conspiracy to change the truth, just because you only beleive the version you have or the stories (gossip) you have heard.

    That, is why people finally lose patients with you. It is not what you ask, it is how you ask it, and it is not what you say, it is how you say it and what you try to insinuate, and for that reason people cannot take you seriously even with your so called extensive training and knowledge in the weapons of Moroland. Please enlighten us.

    It has been answered, you are as usual no willing to accept the answer as for some reason it does not fit into what you think is the truth.

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    This seems to be a typical responce from you with anyone disagrees with you, even before the end up losing patients with you, you quite commonly respond to people in this way.

    And why do you think his attitude changed towards you? What did you do to change it?

    Vince did not have to come up with any thoughts, he already knew the truth, you assumptions and insinuations of some cover up will not change that, hence yet another person loses patients with you.

    He did.

    But as usual you will not answer any direct questions will you.

    OH! and by the way, I am still waiting for you to quote me on you know what.

  14. John J

    John J Valued Member

    No need have been doing it since you posted.

    Thanks, I like to think of integrity as a good thing :Angel:

    You make it sooo easy!

    You shared nothing!

    So your a gossip columnist???? :D

    Thanks for the chat.
  15. BGile

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    I believe you are the one coming up with the ideas of a cover up, I said nothing of the sort. I asked for a clarification is all...This is in your mind and others, it was not mentioned that way, if you say that, you are incorrect...
    I believe I have stumbled into a major problem and it is fairly obvious by how it is being taken. Pretty touchy subject I can see and I will ask no further questions.

    I will not look for the quote, I will allow what I said stand. You are very abusive and I have read it and have been subject to it. Patience is something I have, and you don't. If you have lost it. I find it hard to believe, that you ever had it. Others follow your lead and that is a shame.

    You believe what you want to, it is fine with me. You are the main troll here, keep it up you are showing that to all.

    As far as all of these excuses from all to the fact that there is not a problem, as I have mentioned you are only fooling yourself. It is very apparant and no matter how many times you mention a lie to cover the truth, it is still misinformation or denial, I have noticed. I have gone to many websites and they all from years and years ago are saying there is not a problem. But it is here and I stumbled into it, I am sorry for that believe me. I felt at first there was no problem but there is one I am thinking.

    If I am the problem I will be told and that will be that. But the truth will hopefully come out, I hope the changes will be made for the good of more than just a few. The subject and thread need some honest evaluation.

    I don't mind disagreement Pat, it is the abuse you and others like to spew, is whats wrong here, and has been for quite some time.

    I apologize to those I have offended if I seem to fail to use tact.

    For others and Pat that spew an on going amount of abuse. I can only hope that the Mods do what is right. If I am the one that is wrong they will tell me.

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    Lol ^^^^
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    The Filipino blade is like a polygraph machine, if used correctly it will determine the truth so both parties are satisfied. :woo:
  18. BGile

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    Hey I like that, i am glad you have joined the board it is going to be interesting to see what others will write.
    The sword was the "original polygraph". Hmmm I like that.
  19. ptkalista

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    Read "Gatekeeper" by Jack Sullivan :topic:
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