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  1. icefield

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    On going Injuries have meant little to no training this last month, and an investment in some new protective gear to hopefully allow me to keep lifting lol.

    Martial arts wise im moving back gently into training, both my judo and kung fu coaches are aware im injured and will be training as and when i can

    Bodyweight is down under 100kg for the first time in about a 8 years, normally walk around at 107kg and compete at 105 so lifting numbers have taken a hit accordingly.

    so first week of training done

    monday 29/6 AM conditioning work, 5 min hartzell band stretch's, then threshold work keeping my heart rate between 160-170bpm, did 20kg step ups 1st set, 83 step ups, 1 min standing hr recovery 163 to 135bpm, then 1 min band stretch 2) 75 stepups, hr from 166 to 128, 3) 72 step ups Hr from 167 - 133 bpm.
    PM Paused bench easing back in, after a llot of warm ups worked up to 100kg x 5 @ 9, sling shot work 80 x 8, 100 x 5 all paused. Then drilled 5 x 2 min MMA light drilling stand up rounds, followed by 40 mins ground work, basic movements followed by leglock drills and rolling. Followed by 30 min free sports massage. Body weight 99.85kg

    Day 2 Tuesday 30th AM 5 min hartzell band stretch 25 min tempo intervals, 15 secs on 1 mina ctive rest between. Average HR 135bpm, but core, band stretch and CLF shadow boxing between runs.
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  2. icefield

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    Day 3 1/7 AM band wam up, 10 minutes of heavy band shoulder and bicep work. Followed by 15 minutes of bike heavy resistance intervals, basically turn up the resistance as high as it will go for 10 seconds, recovery until HR 120-130bpm and go again. Average HR 132 bpm.
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    I take it your having lost 10kg or so of weight is considered an undesirable thing? I.E. you were not trying to loose.
  4. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    1/7 pm session, 10min hartzell band warm up, 20mins no gi judo throws, working of over/underhooks and either wrist or tricep control, started with entries then after warming up full throws, finished with light randori and cooled down with throws to submissions.
    Ground work for 30mins warmed up with side control drills, arm bar drills, butterfly sweeps, slow rolled for 10mins then I covered leglocks for 20mins, entering of a guard break, how to isolate the leg, straight leg lock, foot lock, heel hook, also covered switching to knee bar if they roll to clear the knee.
    Weights deadlifts worked up to 170kgx5@9, 160x5 back off set, no other back work as still easing back into lifting. Bodyweight 98.4kg
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  5. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Nope wanted to lose it, but hard to accept the corresponding strength loss that comes with it, but my joints feel happier and if I'm competing in judo this year it will be at under 99kg
  6. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    3/7 usual band and foam roller warm up then squats, worked up to 150x5@9, back off set 140x5@9, 10mun bench warm up worked up to 110x5@10, 100x5@9. 25kg incline db press 1)15, 2)14 3)14, flat press 25kg 1) 15 2)12, eq stretchs chest and back. Blue band pushdowns 1)25 2)22, 3)15.
  7. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    No Judo or kung fu still recovering so taking it easy on the martial front and the weights front
    Week 4 day 1 6/7
    AM band stretch and core work 20kg threshold work 3 min sets
    1) 82 steps, hr 1 min recovery 167-137bpm 2) 77 steps hr recovery 170-138 in 1 min 3) 67 1 min recovery 170 -132bpm
    PM MMA and weights:
    band warm up,
    2 min boxing rounds x 5,
    15 min no gi throw practise,
    30 min ground work, leglock and RAT guard work plus rolling.
    Bench warm up : Pause Bench 100kg X 3 at 9, sling shot 90 x 5 x 3 sets all reps paused. BW 97.3kg

    Day 2 27/7 AM lots of band shoulder and bicep work. PM ABC shoulder recovery workout. Nice will do this every week.

    Day 3 9/7 Weights and MMA,
    band warm up,
    deadlifts up to 180kg x 3 @9. Back off set 170 x 3 @ 9.
    15 min of core dips and chins circuit.
    4 x 2 min boxing rounds,
    10 min wall clinch to take down work.
    20 min ground rolling with strikes.
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    Mangosteen Hold strong not

    whats rat guard?
  9. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Here you go, I like it more than the rubber guard for a big guy like most heavies I'm not much of a guard player but occasionally use this, the controls fairly good but still not sold on it fully
  10. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Test week, so volume on conditioning was dropped as wanted to test 1 rep max’s for the first time in about 24 weeks, normally run a 6 weeks programme,
    Week 1 top set of 6 reps
    Week 2 top set of 4
    Week 3 top set of 5
    Week 4 top set of 3
    Week 5 top set of 4
    Week 6 top set of 2
    Then restart, haven’t tested 1 reps for a while as not competed this year so no real need to
    Dropped the hard conditioning sessions and just did two days of tempo intervals one Monday morning and one Tuesday morning

    Monday 27th
    warm up then squats, 70 x 5 x 2, 110 x 2, 130 x 2, 140 x 1 all beltless, then 155 x 1, then 165kg x 1 at a 9 on the scale of difficulty, wanted at least 170kg but this felt heavy on the pick up so left it there (try not to miss a rep if possible. Think I needed a longer warm up on squats
    Bench warmed up to 120kg x 1 which felt easy. So tried 130 x 1 which got off the chest but stalled straight away, too big a jump, then tried 125kg but failed to lock out, actually wanted a 120kg so happy with that

    Wednesday 29th
    Warm up then deadlift 70 x 5, 110 x 3, 140 x 1, 160 x 1, all reps beltless and double overhand. Then belt on 180 x 1, 195 x 1 which was the target (2 x bodyweight). This felt easy so went 200kg x 1, which came up well enough. Then went 202.5kg x 1, which came up as well, my best comp dl is 200kg, my best training one 205kg at 107kg bodyweight, weighed 98kg this week so happy.
    Pause bench, 60 x 8, 80 x 3, 100 x 2, 110 x 1, 115 x 1, 120 x 1 pause called by one of our refs. Felt easy and strong so went 125kg for a touch and go rep which I got just.
    So after dropping about 7-8kg bodyweight strength on deads and bench is coming back nicely, strength of squats is down
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    HarryF Malued Vember

    Cool. :D Do you feel better at a lower bodyweight? Have you lost mainly fat, or were you ripped at 107?
  12. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    Mainly fat if im honest and Not exactly then or now ripped lol, was about 38 waist and XL/XXL top went 107
    At 98kg im about 34/36 waist (some 34s don’t fit over my legs), with little or no stomach and still XL upper body
    Joint pains are less at the lower weight and im moving better in grappling, when I used to compete in grappling I was about 95kg I compete in the 105’s in powerlifting
  13. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    6 months wow, still training just finished a 8week strength and conditioning block, re testing numbers this week and back doing judo and kung fu. Lucky that both coaches understand I can't always make the classes and still are willing to share with me.
    Today was TCMA class, warmed up with clf and wing chun walks, then worked through a new clf form and the first lung Ying set, going over the key principles of that Hakka form.

    Then worked a few stick forms, buk sing form and bak mei's main pole form and the wing chun long pole.

    Finished with some sparring, working on continuing to strike when hit and hitting into and out of the pocket. My coach likes throwing clf and hung gar strikes from different angles which makes things interesting, Nice workout.

    Later did 12min weighted shoulder stretches and 2min towel thoracic stretch
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  14. icefield

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    11/4/16 AM
    10min darkside mobility, breathing and activation drills. 31min bike tempo work; 20sex on 1min active recovery between, band stretch and shadow boxing between. 10min bike high resistance intervals, 10sec on rest until he 130bpm. 41min total avhr 132bpm.
  15. icefield

    icefield Valued Member

    11/4/16 PM grappling and strength test results. Taught some technical grappling: mount escapes, sweeps and subs from guard.
    This was after strength test work following and 8 week block. Results before the block was as follows:
    3rep bench 115 kg @10rpe
    dead hang chins 6
    1 rep deadlift 195kg @10 rpe
    Conditioning bench marks before
    Resting HR 67
    HR 1min recovery 168-138bpm.

    Results after 8 week block
    Bench 117.5kg x 3 @9.5
    Dead hang chins 11
    1rep deadlift 195kg @ 8rpe, missed 205 three times due to grip and plates moving, still moved 195 easily and last week hit 200kg x 2 which is a personal best.

    So strength results were good, increase in bench and chins, deadlift went wrong due to bad warm up and set up but I doubled 200kg two weeks ago which was good.

    Squats weren't used due to knee issues but on my easy DELOAD week I hit an easy 150kg x2reps.

    My girlfriend also ran the same 8 week block,

    her bench went from 45kg for 3 to 47.5kg x 3
    Dead hang chins from 3 to 6 reps
    Deadlift from 120kg x1@10/which was a struggle to 127.5kg x1@10 without even using a belt.

    What helped both our deadlift was heavy farmers walks helped both grip and lockout and core strength.

    Conditioning gains were mixed resting HR went up 2beats, will retake in case an anomaly:
    Resting HR week 1 67bpm
    Week 4 65bpm
    Week 7 64bpm
    Test week 69bpm,

    Hr 1 minute recovery
    Week 1 168-138bpm (20 beats)
    Week 8 179-139bpm (30 beats)

    I think adding in the strongman stuff has lead to more concentric hypertrophy than eccentric hypertrophy in the heart, next block I will reduce the higher intensity conditioning work and keep it lower intensity the whole block just increase volume. And let the strength work, and strongman work due most of the harder conditioning work for me.

    Overall the block worked well for strength, less so for conditioning and can see how to fix that now.
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    So might as well re start this log as currently furloughed

    5/5 am 10minute neigong 5 min cloud hands, three swings and spine stretch.
    Lunch time my girlfriend was working from home so I did the following
    weights 20kgx12 curls, row, rdl and press
    for three sets to warm up before

    2xclean+2pushpress 47kg then 60kg x5 sets.
    Finished with one clean+8 military press, 47kgx3 sets last set 6reps +2 push press.

    Then my girlfriend joined me and we got the mats out in the garden
    30minute clinch work from the pummel: arm drags and duckunders,
    From the head and arm we worked
    ippon seionage, and using the same grip osoto gari and tai otoshi
    from the over under hook position we worked
    killiing the opponent's undertook at the elbow into the following: arm drag, double leg, body lock and trip.

    Then moved onto the kimura from
    Half guard top and bottom , and
    turtle top and bottom

    Using it to not only submit but also to control and dominate position, set-up other submissions and also reverse position.
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  17. icefield

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    McGill warm up then Thai pad work
    working all power shots single then in easy combinations
    making sure walking the pad man down and moving out of range or angling off. then worked on the kick shield working
    power kicks to legs and body, using the front leg teep to pad mans knee
    to stop opponent and set up low round kick. then glove on glove using punches to set up knees and countering with knees
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    sorry to hear you got furloughed.

    but nice to see you posting a log, must be good to have a partner at home to drill with :)

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