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Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by stycx, Jul 14, 2005.

  1. stycx

    stycx New Member

    I am a disabled man Spina Bifida (L4L5 for the technically minded).

    Briefly, I am a man on crutches who, looking for an effective fighting style,
    chose wing chun for its excellence but also I liked the square facing (I have no balance side-on) the ambidexterity and the fact that my legs kinda naturally fall into the YCKYM stance ( I call it the you can kiss your mother to remember it) when I stand without my crutches
    I think I believe in the WSL which I experienced in Sydney, Australia.

    The help I need is as follows:-
    1. Can I generate the right kind of power if a) my hip tortion is not great AND
    2. I can not step, not once, not even a little bit. On the upside I think that my "over-rootedness" helps ( I have learned to balance very well in the forty years+ I've used crutches).
    3. One last "advantage" I perceive is my inability to initate attack. Instead I am counting on my adversary doing the closing/bridge building for both of us but this raises the problem of acquiring the centreline on the opponent while not being able to turn as fast as they may.

    I used to attend classes but my needs don't fit well into a group situation
    and in any casev i cannot adopt the whole system, so I would say I try to cultivate as many WC attributes as I can based on the SLT ( even my chi sao experience is limited

    Thank you for any assistance you feel able to offer.

    One final query: would the San Sik of any WC/VT lineage be useful to me?

  2. ocianain

    ocianain Valued Member

    Stycx, Awesome post! We all have limits/constraints we must operate within. With this in mind use your limits to determine the development of your skills, you basically already know what you have to do (after all you know what you can't do). Use WC AS YOUR GENERAL PRINCIPAL, DEVELOP YOUR OWN SPECIFIC PRINCIPLES.
  3. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    While not a specific answer to your question here's a thought...

    There are dozens if not hundreds of WC boys on this forum from time to time.
    But given the title of your post and that it was posted in the Disabled forum... I am guessing that it's not going to get much viewage by the people that could offer you some insight..

    I suggest posting something similar in the Kung Fu forum... if nothing more than just a heads up with a hot link to this thread.. you will much likely get more attention to your questions there than here.

    Good luck.
  4. stycx

    stycx New Member

    Cheers thanks for your earnest and swift advice. Hope to trade more licks with all the MA crew around the WWW.
  5. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    I think that you're saying that you would have your crutches with you in most situations? In that case it may well be worth looking at adapting some kind of weapons based MA to incorporate the use of your crutches as weapons.
  6. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    I agree with Psin.

    A good Escrima school might be good. Just find somehwere that can cater to your needs.
  7. The Decay of Meaning

    The Decay of Meaning Valued Member

    I was actually reading this thread yesterday, and I thought about the same thing. I was going to write that actually, so I was suprised when I saw another person suggesting the same thing.

    You probably have strong hands and arms too, after using crouches? I think you can utilize the crutches in many ways. You can use them in grappling situations, and use the crutches against the enemy/opponent to tip of his balance, punch him in the face with one of the crutches. You can even strike vulnerable/vital points like the adam's apple much more easily than non-crutch martial artists. :)

    Adapt your physical limitations and advantages together with your crutches. You might even create a martial arts system for people using crutches! That's what I would do, if I were you. That's sounds a lot of fun, and it could be very helpful for many people. When I broke my leg a few years ago, I had to use crutches. If I had thought about it back then, I would have done that. Develop a system for people using crutches. And you can call it something cool like "crutch wong fu" or something, and develop special moves like "the way of the crutch".

    If you manage to develop a system, or in any case, use your crutches effectively as a weapon, you also have another BIG advantage. Crutches are not a symbol of "power" or "danger", so if someone attacks you, they can be very suprised or afraid, because they see that things they normally perceived as non-leathal, can actually be very dangerous.

    Never understimate what you have at hand. :)
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  8. speedbag

    speedbag Valued Member

    Speed Bag for Face Front stance.


    Hi Stycx,

    Concerning the square facing stance, (shoulders squared to target or opponent, not in a traditional fighting stance), One activity that you may find helpful is the speed bag. the 'normal' speed bag stance has the squared stance you mention.

    facing stance on speed bag

    this may also help you learn to initiate movement. read down the beginners section at the above link and there is a four step learning sequence that may help you. Basically, it is this:

    1. Hit bag. Stop it. get ready, and then hit it again.
    2. Hit bag, let it swing until almost stops. Then when YOU are ready, hit it again.
    3. Hit the bag, count the rebounds. After 7 rebounds ( or 5 rebounds), hit it again.
    4. Hit bag "lightly" after 3 rebounds.

    steps 1 & 2 will let YOU determine when you want to initiate the movement. Timing, Punch power and the need to control the bag are not important, because the bag is either stopped or almost stopped. You have plenty of time to get ready to initiate your movement.
    Step 3 begins to allow a little faster antipation of movement, and introduces a little timing to your motion, since the bag will still be moving after the chosen number of rebounds.
    step 3 really emphasizes timing and smooth repetitive motion.

    The speed bag will also allow you to begin learn to use your elbows for self defense in the facing foreward stance. You can do outward, Inward and downward elbow strikes very effectively, and also use the above 4-step approach. here is a link to elbow strikes on the speed bag
    Elbow striking on Speed Bag

    Eventually, you will smoothly contact the moving bag, with fists or elbows from the front facing position. You may also use the Double End Bag from a face front position, but since it has a variable rebound there is more chance to be hit by the rebounding bag. Double End Bag Basics
    The speed bag has a fixed arc and will does not change, regardless of how hard you hit it.

    You can also adjust your distance front and back on the speed bag slightly, perhaps helping your body movement ability.

    ..and a little demo of speed bag, facing front in a wheel chair (brower video clip)
    Speed Bag in Wheel Chair

    ...note the fists and elbow techniques in this clip.
    standard speed bag punching-several angles

    one more sitting down, facing front with fists and elbows
    hitting speed bag face front on cycle

    *don't worry about the speed of your fist and elbow techniques on the bag. You do NOT have have to hit it as fast as these clips to benefit, and the bag size has a big effect on speed anyway.

    Here are a few more links you may find helpful:
    * good site for defense and disabilities

    Warrior School - disabled classes

    Cane Defense

    How Can People with Disabilities Remain Both Mobile and Safe?

    I hope this helps you, Stycx. Good luck and train safely
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  9. ManabiMashoMan

    ManabiMashoMan Banned Banned

    Our style has a very advanced form that takes years to master we nick named it "Unmoveable style" I have learned it and you basicaly stand in a square stance as you would be in 99.9% of your daily life and take out people you never move your feet. Our Grandmaster does this at demonstrations and always gets people dropping thier jaw and standing applause. I would say to you.....learn how to stand up and use your hands to perform joinlocks, combo hits, pressurepoints, and take downs without stepping or kneeling.

    The best idea to start with is
    The head weighs about 30-40 pounds, if you tip it the body must follow.

    Try fighting and always pushing or leaning the head, if you do so thier body must follow. I wish you luck friend.
  10. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    Any chance of any Vid clips of this please???
  11. ats

    ats Valued Member

    hi there
    a good guy to talk to would be Al Davison at
    he's an experienced mixed martial artist with spina bifida who fights both with and without his chair, sticks etc.
    he's a great martial artist and a great bloke aswell and well worth contacting.

    good luck in your search and best of luck in your chosen art


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