How to deal with Aggressive person - So called boxer

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Hatto7065, Feb 18, 2014.

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    Hull. Err Nerr! And they talk about Geordies :rolleyes: ",

    "Skeg, mummy. At owd tart dooant av neya knickers." LOL
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    First thing that poped into my head was mike Tyson .
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    Far as I know there's nothing about coke that would make someone worse at boxing. Till they have a stroke that his.
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    working on a door and taking someone to ground........ recipe for disaster, if you ask me unless you've got lots of big mates backing you up........
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    Yeah, I imagine he's popped into a few people's heads, both literally and figuratively at this point. Hell, he took part of Holyfield's head for keeps.
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    Here are my thoughts. He may have been a real boxer and you may truly have not had a lot of space. On a bus though, at least in america, there is an isle in the middle of the bus which if you were able to get in, you might be able to utalize your kicks.

    Boxers generally have a bladed stance which means they wouldn't have the easiest time countering kicks, straight and roundhouse, to the knee/leg. This makes it a target (usually) though a small space might make that impossible.

    If you are in PUNCHING RANGE with a boxer and can't get out, your best bets are to get way better with your hands or learn how to do a very good clinch. By the way, I said get better with your HANDS, not get better at BOXING or with PUNCHES. Getting good punches can be a part of it, but at that range you can utilize elbows, trapping, and other hand techniques. Especially however: punches, elbows and trapping. Oh yeah, locks and holds too.

    Practice with your hands a lot in my opinion. This is the area that most people utilize in a real fight if you look at (most?) youtube videos of real fights and you don't want to be weak in this area.

    That is my opinion, hope this helps. Good job in not fighting unless you had to.

    PS headbutts and knees can work well at that range too. The big thing to watch out for however is that a boxer might throw techniques VERY fast, faster than you were prparing to deal with. So you need to train with this in mind: Don't get fooled to think that the people who you train with at your dojo will be at the same RHYTHMIC SPEED as the. You need to be able to attack and defend fast as well. Meaning, you might be used to, "attack...defend..defend.....attack.attack..........attack..." where the boxer comes in with: "attackattackattackattackattack." So don't let that catch you off guard.
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  8. YouKnowWho

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    If your boxer opponent can't put weight on his leading leg, he can't punch you. You can kick his knee joint or sweep his leg when he does that. If you don't have space to kick or sweep, try to wrap his arms ASAP.
  9. David Harrison

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    The SAS managed to cut a swathe through North Africa on tobacco and benzedrine.

    It will catch up with people eventually, but I think you'd be suprised what the body will cope with. Homeostasis can be an impressive thing.
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    How long have you done Muay Thai and BJJ? How long and how far did you progress in TKD? What was the environment like (Crowded Bus, Other Patrons, fitness and lucidity of antagonist, ...)

    This will dictate what you can do in a situation like this. Everyone has a different skill set based on their training yours is unique to you, and my recommended actions will be influenced by mine.

    Disclaimer aside now: I would establish a fence, gain space to move if it escalates (you don't want to be trapped in a seat under a coked up boxer taking shots), and maintain a kicking range if possible.
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    Tyson? Bush leaguer. Try Aaron Pryor.

    Ap doesn't recall the 80s,I guess.
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    Haha that made me giggle, yea we got public transport... if you can call it that.
    But its open to all public and school kids use them also.
  13. Hatto7065

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    Thanks guys for all the comments and reply's some of the answers are very helpful since I am not very knowledgeable about boxing. Also the horse and cart comments are brilliant and brightened up my day :D

    For the those who asked about how long I have been training all I can say is I have constantly trained in some way however lately it has been with a good friend of mine who was fighting semi pro in Leed and we usually just train through pads and light to heavy sparring.

    During the situation on the bus I was sat with my back against the window so I could see the guy at all times. My thoughts after reading his body langue was that he would stand up and try to block me from getting out of my seat and then holding the rail would try to punch me with the rear hand at the time it was all i could think of in which I guess I would have countered by stomping out into his lower body (groin, Knee or hip) and if successful attempt to get him into my guard
    and go for a choke or fingers to the eyes. I realise that this is all pre-emptive thinking and that there are many possibilities how this could have played out.

    One of the problems I have noticed after thinking on this is that boxers scare me, all of my training so far has either been kick focused with little hand work, clinching and submissions. I do have little knowledge of judo but I realise that I have more chance of landing on the moon than successfully throwing a coked up boxer on a moving bus with little space.

    I respect boxers as an art and I suppose I feel uncomfortable fighting them due to my lack of understanding and because of this it causes me to doubt how successful I would be in this situation.

    Thanks for the comments so far and I look forward to reading more thoughts :)
  14. Grass hopper

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    you aren't the only one, i would be nervous to fight a good boxer. loads of full contact experience and a very practical skill set.

    that's why i'm gonna take up boxing when i start school.
  15. mattt

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    Pull guard. His boxing has no power over you if you fall over preemptively.
  16. Hatto7065

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    Al though I agree that this could work in certain situations If I pulled guard in my position I would have essentially laid down on the chair which would have put me at just below his waist height and left me no way to escape from the chair.

    If i position myself into the aisle and pulled guard I would have no way to move side to side and again would prevent me from moving out of reach. Both options place my directly in my opponents striking zone with a serious disadvantage. At least that's how I picture it in my mind however that could just be me thinking on the defensive.

    Thanks for your comment
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  17. Grass hopper

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    another point i think is important is speed. a boxer doesn't need long to turn your face into a bloody mess. whatever you do needs to be quick and really damaging, or something that totally eliminates their ability to punch you (such as holding them in such a way they can't use their arms)
  18. Hatto7065

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    I am fairly confident that if I had managed to get my hands on the guy I could have left him in a pile of knots. I have primarily trained striking however have not had experience with boxers at mid to long range. Closing the gap without getting my face turned into mush is what worries me.

    Thank you for the comment :)
  19. Grass hopper

    Grass hopper Valued Member

    in my experience, closing the gap with people who are good at punching has a lot to do with taking a hit. do your best to minimize damage (keep your chin tucked, have a good high guard that covers your temples, be quick) but in the end a boxer doing his best to punch you will probably succeed at least once.
  20. Hatto7065

    Hatto7065 New Member

    Yea i know what you mean, its been very rare during training that I managed to close the gap against a boxer without getting hit. However I did notice against a friend of mine who has no ma experience other than boxing that if i suddenly dropped my weight down as I would for a single leg that he didnt know what I was doing. However my experience from muay thai tells me not to do this unless i want a knee in the face.

    Would anybody happen to have any resources such as links to videos or articles on snapping punches, guards and principles of boxing such as drills and punches I should practice. I only ask instead of spending a lot of time researching as I find it difficult due to my inexperience to find good quality teachers as I'm sure as you are all aware, many people on the internet are full of rubbish :)
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