How long does it really take to get a black belt?

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do Resources' started by Lafhastum, Dec 24, 2004.

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    Everything is looking good so far down here. No more tar-balls, or anything I've seen wash up. And it's just now getting to perfect beach weather too. I haven't heard of any issues with seafood either, so all in all the GC is doing good.
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    double post...original had a delay
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    Very much so.

    Before we switched my oldest to his WTF school, he was in something called the ATA - 10 yr old BB's got you chuffed? Try 10 yr old 3rd Dans.

    And right, they've not a lost clue how to defend themselves...poor little fellows ( and gals ).

    In his current WTF school, the Korean lady that runs it makes them earn their belts... he's been sweating for 6 months trying for his next promotion ( he's currently blue )

    She's told him no twice after he wanted to test for a higher belt. She'd not thought him ready, and I'm delighted that she didn't.

    Worth her weight in gold these days.
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    We have a few of the ATA's (like that one) around this area too. About 5 years back when my instructor was still a 6Dan, a school asked him to be on the testing board for a 11 yr-old going for his 5Dan!!!! With the most horrified look on his face he kindly turned them down.
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    That sounds good
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    Blind me...11 yr old 5th Dan...

    My son's current instructor told me once that it makes her cringe to see all thats happening with respects to that...ya know it breaks the good one's hearts to see it.

    I so much want to take my 9yr old blue belt to his former school and let him spar with their freshly minted BBs. Especially now, he's had some boxing training at a very, very good MMA school in the area to supplement his TKD. He's now very humble ( in the good sense ) and beginning to understand what its about.

    Of course, his former ATA wont go for, no,...that wouldn't do at all.
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    I see. You incorporate the earlier grades testing requirements into the current one. Very good!

    Makes sense now
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    To be fair, regarding my comments re the ATA, they did have some really good instructors who knew how to work with young uns and one of the co-owners of that particular school was very adamant about keeping up standards.

    If I'd put my kid in the harder-core, more realistic WTF school to start, he'd probably would have had a rough time of it, given his ADD. It provided a bridge for him.

    I suppose an analogy would be comparing Jr. ROTC to OCS . Everyone knows a lieutenant's bar involves a totally different level of expectations than does the corresponding Jr. Cadet's insignia.

    There oughta be a way where the ATA kind of programmes can offer their services without this watering down of real Taekwondo. 11 year old ( or even mid teens if ya ask me ) Dans is ridiculous.

    The term 'Dan' when I hear it, comes with associations like 'authority', 'respect', 'experience'. Not just that one is able to deliver blindingly quick crescent kicks. I've not practised the art, mind you. Its just the images the terms conjure up.

    LOL, I know I'm gettin old...
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    I'm not here to ATA bash either. I know of some ATA schools that are pretty good at keeping TKD legit. Unfortunately I know of a few more that just put out BBs. But it's not just ATA-TKD around here that's like that. We have Kung-Fu and a place that "teaches" ninjutsu, jujitsu, TKD, Karate, anything else you can think of. The guy calls himself a 10 Dan Soke of like 5 styles. He's maybe, maybe in his 40's. Pretty crazy!! TKD isn't the only style that gets mutilated for $, just one of they biggest targets for it. All in all it's really about finding a good instructor and that's about it.
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    Whenever the instructor feels like awarding the DAN/Poom. Also, it is ignorant to judge another instructors decision to promote Dan/Poom holders. Unless you were the one teaching that students day after day, working with them through the many struggles, you are in no position to judge if they are worthy. Now they may have bad technique, but that is not the only determining factor.
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    I have never seen a good skilled ATA black belt, or school. If it exist, I'd be surprised.
  12. ryuu55

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    To me bad technique is kind of a big thing. If someone can't do a side kick worth a damn, I'm not signing off on that person's testing. A student shouldn't be testing if they are still having issues with technique, especially when undergoing a BB test. We've had a kid come to our school after being with another group for 5 or so years. He couldn't do more than 2 kick "properly" and had no idea of what to do with his hands; and was wanting to know if he started with us, how long before he got his 2nd degree. After 2-1/2 weeks he left because it was too difficult of a class. Also, you would be amazed at what passes as a SD portion of a test at some school's I've seen.
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    I'll admit it was only one ATA guy, but I'm not going to go around saying all ATA sucks. I don't like stating absolutes anonymously on the internet. All I'm going to state is that ATA is not my cup of tea, and I'll leave it at that.
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    Personally I see two different groups who study martial arts. I also see two different groups that teach martial arts.

    General classes in popular martial arts should be conducted with a "sport for all" philosophy. Anyone, regardless of natural ability should be able to participate and enjoy the experience, and in the scheme of goal setting, achieve a black belt for their hard work and dedication.

    However when training competitors, or those who are hungry for serious training, then training should be intense and developmentally athletic, and that is not for everyone, just the elite few.

    As for instructors, I find that those who have a "hard core" mentality in their classes USUALLY do so to compensate for some lack of confidence in their teaching. As these instructors continue to teach over time, and learn more about human nature, they tend to relax and form better relationships with their students and finally they begin to produce better quality students as a result. I also find that most of these instructors can not perform the techniques of their style correctly as well, until their attitude changes toward their students, they their attitude toward their own learning improves, and so do they.
  15. ryuu55

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    I understand the diff between two types of student/classes, and agree to a certain extent. But a student needs to be able to execute the fundamentals for testing. It's as simple as that.

    Should the student be a child or adult, in class they need to be able to use what is taught. Some students take longer than others, but in the end everyone can do and use the techniques taught and they test together. When we do go over any TKD-ish kicks we do it for fun, and only fun. The general classes shouldn't receive anything less then real training, regardless of a student's natural abilities. If someone's nat-abilities limits them they need to be taught a way to defend themselves not just given rank cause they try harder than others.

    And as for instructors we all know the world is full of good ones and bad ones...
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    3 years and 1 and a half? wth, I took two to three classes a week and it took me 4 years to get there. :/
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    So 3 and half is no where close to 4?:rolleyes:

    I bet they weren't doing 10,000 punches
  18. Mugen Zero

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    yeah but it's way faster to take a 1 and a half. what kind of training do those guys recieve?
  19. 47MartialMan

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    Perhaps the type from "qualified instructors"
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    I seriously question whether I can achieve black belt in TKD or Jujutsu. I won't stop training though as I feel I gain a lot from it in a variety of ways.

    Plus my JJ instructor says that there is a lot to be said for perseverance.

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