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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Endolphins, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Hi guys and gals, good to connect.

    I'm 28, a guy and am into fitness. The only art I practice is called Spring Forest Qigong and it's used for healing the mind, body and spirit more than anything else but I do have an interest in this world and what it's all about even though the form of Qigong I practice is not strictly 'martial' in the conventional sense per say. I hope that doesn't ''disqualify'' me lol

    I love weight training, swimming and soccer and just exploring the capabilities and potential of the human body and mind, not to mention endorphins ;)

    Anyway, looking forward to some good times and interesting convos on here. I've never tried a martial arts workout before so maybe some of you can enlighten me as I'm trying to spice up my regimen

    Peace! :meditate:
  2. Simon

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    Welcome to MAP.
  3. aaradia

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  4. Frodocious

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    Welcome to MAP! :)
  5. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Thank you :)

    Hope you're having a great one

    Does anyone know how to change the profile picture on here?
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  6. aikiMac

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  7. TwirlinMerlin

    TwirlinMerlin Valued Member

  8. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Hi Merlin, so where are you all from? :)
  9. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Thanks, I tried that but it just gives me a list of fixed images to choose from. How do I upload?
  10. aikiMac

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    Below that there's an option for a "Custom Avatar." Actually, that might be one of the features that isn't triggered until you have a minimum number of posts. (Sorry.)
  11. TwirlinMerlin

    TwirlinMerlin Valued Member

    I'm in Tacoma WA. It's a blue collar port city on the Puget sound and lies about 30 miles south of Seattle. It rains a lot but I like it. There's a lot of culture here. It's kind of melting pot so there are tons of martial arts and different kinds of food, music, etc. MMA is big as well and we have a lot of hometown heroes. Meisha Tate, Demetrius Johnson and Benson Henderson to name a few.
  12. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    Sounds like an interesting place to live. Forgive me but I'm unfamiliar with those names :eek:

    Are they local talents?
  13. TwirlinMerlin

    TwirlinMerlin Valued Member

    Those are UFC fighters. How about you? Where do you hail from good sir?
  14. Marku85

    Marku85 Valued Member

    Welcome to MAP
  15. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    I thought so!

    I'm from South Africa. Have lived there most of my life but am now currently living in Greece as my family is originally from here. My grandparents emigrated to SA back in the day, when there was still Apartheid but by the time I was a lighty, '94 happened and Mandela was released and we officially became democratic nation. So my generation came in just after Apartheid ended which was quite an amazing thing to see, growing older, witnessing that middle-ground transition period from the inside :)

    On the one hand, there's still racism from all sides in that country to this day and on the other, my friends and I from that side were from all walks of life, regardless of race and we truly were an example that it was possible you know? To live like that. And it wasn't a big issue either. We were regular everyday people just trying to live our lives in our college years.

    But the reactions we got from people on the streets mate! I'll never forget it. We had people throwing bread dipped in water down at us once from an apartment block once because we were considered strange for I don't know, being tolerant of one another I guess. Lol, you can't make up this kind of stuff, as sad as it may sound.

    Now, regarding Greece, the huge migrant crisis, hugely engineered by the countries condemning or covertly causing it in the first place, is causing social tensions is mild to extreme ways across the country with a lot of prejudice and intolerance from both sides.

    I saw something on the internet regarding the Communist Youth Party here in Greece, a video showcasing young Communist women doing a martial arts demonstration at a protest rally with such fierceness in response to what was happening in the country that it made me wonder just how messed up things have become. Makes you wonder what they're truly preparing for? :confused:

    So that to me, amongst other things, was an indication that things are getting quite wild. Not just here though but across the world as well :(

    But hey, as long as you can be calm in the storm, it will eventually pass through I feel :)
  16. TwirlinMerlin

    TwirlinMerlin Valued Member

    Greece seems like a beautiful place. I imagine the food and wine in that area is great. South Africa sounds a bit like the US. There's still a bit of racism here as well.
  17. Endolphins

    Endolphins Valued Member

    For sure, just ask my waist-line when I first got here, lol

    But now, trying to work it off and get back to where I was :)

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