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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by tpyeon, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Fire-quan

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    At war with the world is your journey; arrange your own fights. I couldn't even, in good conscience, let you hold a pad for me, never mind fight, lol - I'd break your shoulder.

    But good luck in your training, and I hope you are a success.
  2. Taoquan

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    Sorry all holiday weekend so been away for awhile.
    So did I miss where this thread disintegrated into another religious/philosophical debate? :D

    I don't know that I will get time to go through all 7 pages of what I missed, just wondering if it is worth the trouble. ;)
  3. cheesypeas

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    Nope!! :D
  4. jkzorya

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    Well don't ask me if I've got any senior male students you could fight then - you brought it up.
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  5. Fire-quan

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    I didn't.
  6. jkzorya

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    Now if you didn't want to fight them, given the context that you want to arrange a meet up to "do whatever... push hands, gloves on, I don't mind" why ask whether I had "any senior male students"? What were you hoping to do if I did?
  7. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    I think this remark may warrant a :rolleyes:
  8. Polar Bear

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    Indeed, it appeared a clear case of attempted bullying, which you stood up to JK. Well done.

    The Bear.
  9. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    First of all, I would have a nice chat, and make them feel at home. Then as we chatted I would warm up, then I would ask them about their training, then I would most probably ask them if they do push hands, then I would do push hands with them to gauge their level. If they were as good or better than me, then I'd just train with them. If they weren't, I'd manouvre them to the punching bag - assuming they were at my gym, then I'd show them how hard I can hit, so that they had an informed choice of how they want to train, speak, or approach with me. Then I'd ask them to hit the bag, so that I could get an informed view of them.

    Then I'd ask them what they were working on, and help them to do it if I could. If I couldn't, as my guests, I'd show them something else. If the way they had been taught wasn't best for them, or I didn't like your method or its results, I'd undermine it with my charming, friendly, explanations and demonstrations. I don't need to fight anyone in anger to get my points across; and I have a long experience of working with members of other clubs and styles.

    If I was your guest, I'd tell you you were great, and very politely refuse to spar with you.

    You decided that it meant fight, get me someone to fight, yeah, yeah, I wanna fight... We each have a choice, how we see things - do we want to see it instantly as a means for verbal or physical violence... If you chose to, that's your thing. Why would I ever want to hit a junior taiji instructor? I would be in prison for murder.

    No use for me to demonstrate the truth of what i say on you. Just sheer physical difference of strength would account for me overcoming a small woman in any kind of sport, never mind martial arts. I believed you had an assistant male instructor; that would be a useful way of me demonstrating the difference of whole body method, compared to what you do.
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  10. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    You are silly.
  11. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    You'll never know, because I won't ever let you hold the pad for me. I'm at least twice your size, and considerably more powerful than that compared to you - there's no way on God's green earth that you could safely hold a pad while I hit it full power - I'd rip your shoulder out of the socket. If I kicked a pad while you were holding it - well, never mind bully, I'd be a murderer, because there is no way I could justifiably explaint to a judge that I didn't know I might kill you by doing so. Far from bullying, it's the opposite - caring for your safety in a training environment.

    As far as I'm concerned, if you think that's BS, then you're failing your own students in turn by harbouring and promoting unrealistic awareness of your level, size and strength compared to others.

    As for Polar Bear's comments - don't let people like that feed the illusion.
  12. jkzorya

    jkzorya Moved on by request

    I'm under no illusions. You talk big and you are deliberately very obnoxious, aggressive and belittling, or at least you try to be. I've never seen you do anything, but I've dealt with people that were bigger than me before. And a lot scarier than you.
  13. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Buwhahahahaha, kill with a kick through a pad. Rip shoulder out of socket, man, you come straight out of a comic book. I used to train as a heavy weight muay thai fighter, a grown woman who knows how to use a pad would be knocked back and winded as worst. You say I'm silly but that comment is sadly embarassing.

    The Bear.
  14. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Are you sure you've never seen me do anything?
  15. tpyeon

    tpyeon Valued Member

    i'm sorry, i know i've been trying to remain polite and keep things on task, but:





    sorry. sorry. but hey laughter is good for the soul right?

    polar bear and jkzorya; shall we just ignore the baiting? or shall we start a new thread on "can you kill a human in one blow though a pad; a clinical trial"


  16. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Well, that says more about your level than mine.
  17. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    Well, have you seen JK's slight physique? If you;re seriously telling me she could hold a pad for you while you kicked it full contact, without it hurting her, then you shouldn't even be talking about CMA. I've trained for yeard with men who hurt me through pads, men of my own size and strength.

    And if you are an instructor, who allows women, or children, or people of a massive size differential to hold pads for one another, then you're a shoddy one, with little experience, or else your style is useless. And now that's a laugh.
  18. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Hurt is fine, who cares about hurt. If your training doesn't hurt then you aren't doing it right. Your talking about ripping arms from sockets and killing. That's just bonkers.

    ha ha ha ha, yeah of course we're all too stupid.

    The Bear.
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  19. Polar Bear

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    yeah, your obviously 100th level master death lord.

    The Bear.
  20. Fire-quan

    Fire-quan Banned Banned

    You know, I do understand then when you don't like someone, or you think someone is an idiot, that there's a need to make everything that they say sound stupid, or to spin everything that they say. I kind of rely on any reasonable outsider considering what has been said, pretty much agreeing with me - a woman of JK's slight frame could not seriously expect to hold a pad for a man twice her size who is very powerful.

    I don't know about your muay thai training, but many times when i trained with muay thai fighters I felt like my leg might break through the pad. It's a simple extrapolation to know that I would break JK's leg. Gee, did I just say I'd break JK's leg? Am I bullying her? Am I a monster, talking about how I want to break women's legs?

    Or am I a very experienced martial artist discussing awareness of the seriousness of imbalanced training partnerships as a safety issue in martial arts training? Replace JK with a child - JK has a slight frame, equivalent to some children. My 13 year old, for example, is considerably bigger and stronger than JK - I couldn't possible let him spar with her - he's stopped me in my tracks more than once with a good shot. I couldn't even let him do push hands with her - he slaps you if you look away - he'd break someone's nose easy.

    But imagine a child of JK's frame, and here comes Polar Bear, defender against bullies, assuring the parents that as long as he holds the pad correctly he'll be fine as some Yiquan nut case puts holes in it... And ignore the idiot in the corner - he's an ego maniac ranting about ripping people's arms out and breaking legs... Listen - I can hear him now - "be careful, size differential causes injuries... I should know..."


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