Help Needed Please! - NINJUTSU OR JUIJITSU!!!???

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Macca, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. Macca

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    hi all

    i am stuck for what one of these arts to go for. I understand that they are very similar in terms of being a grappling art, but what are the other main differences between these two arts? (in terms of fighting techniques, i understand differences between samurai vs the ninja in feudal japan)...

    also, are these two arts rough? what do they involve? any aerobical stuff? do they both use pressure points? i havent got the best back in the world, so i have to be careful...could you explain to me about these two please, and what one is best for someone.

  2. sn11

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    Jujitsu from what i understand has many substyles. So perhaps if you stated more the style of jujitsu we could help more.

    For instance i know a school who offers ninjutsu and jujutsu training, jujutsu of goshin ryu. These styles are VERY similar (probably because its the same instructor) but in this particular school ninjutsu is jujutsu but weapons orientated.

    In reply to the 'are these two arts rough', it depends on the instructor... Some will teach "if this technique is done correctly, like this, with momentum then this will happen..." Whereas others take the approach of doing the technique and you know first hand what happens...

    They involve a lot of work. Again the jujutsu class i attended has a large focus on boxing technique and smaller focus on grappling... Odd probably but its different schools teaching different things.

    Aerobical, yet another it depends on the school. You may find a teacher who is really into that particular side, you may find another who is not.. If your more interested in aerobical training you may wish to look else where.

    As far as im aware pressure points do come into play within both styles..

    But now for the questions:

    Are there schools near you that teach both?

    Have you asked the instructors if they are willing to accomodate possible changes in the lesson for your back?

    Have you gone to actually check out a lesson?
  3. Rhea

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    What school are you considering? Certain ju jitsu schools can enjoy getting rather rough ;) (I should know :() Doesn't mean they're not great and you can't have a great time though.
  4. MagnumJoe

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    Ummm, Basically, these arts are very similar in terms of approach. I mean, that they both rely on grappling and so forth as you said. The main difference is the priority of the purpose of the offense.

    I mean, for instance, in Ninjitsu, as a ninja, your first objective, is to kill your opponent as fast and as discrete as possible, which makes it too rough. On the other hand, in Jujitsu, your first priority is to disable an opponent's attack.

    Jujitsu is mainly defensive as it relies more on trapping, and then with that trap, you do whatever you want with your opponent. I am not saying it isn't offensive, but it's mainly defensive. But in Ninjitsu, you are mainly attacking a person, to kill or to harshly disable, not just get him under control.

    Also, Jujitsu uses the pressure points strike to disable you opponent mainly, or to induce pain, or to divert the his energy from a channel to another to weaken the body part you want. But in Ninjitsu, the use of pressure points is... Lethal! Or at least life endangering.

    Also, as my mates said before me, there are many types of Jujitsu, i really don't know them, but i know there are dozens of Ryus (schools) that teaches different sub-styles of Jujitsu.

    I hope i was helpful :D

  5. RentoKill

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    I'd try both schools and see what fits best for you.

    All schools will not be the same.

    But don't go to a ninjutsu school if you are expecting to compete in the ring.

    Define what you want to learn, go allong to all schools in the area that provide the aspects you are seeking and then train a few lessons and see which school suits you best i fully expect you will gravitate towards one school.

    I beleive weapons training in more wide spread in ninjutsu schools that jujitsu schools but best to ask and try.

    Unl;ess someone on here has been to the two schools you are considering no-one will have an idea of what those individual schools offer.

    Have tyhe cshools got weblinks?
  6. Lucan

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    Ju-Jitsu (Brazilian) for grappling. Don't know too much about Ninjitsu but it all seems a bit airy fairy to me. There wa sa guy that showed me some grappling moves in Ninjitsu a few years ago but didn't think too much of them.
  7. RentoKill

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    I dnt know much about kung fu but would not call it airy fairy untill i had some solid experience.

    perfect example of why you should go along rather than ask on teh web.
  8. Sparx

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    Ninjutsu end of :p
  9. I'mKira

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    Do whatever you think you'll have the most fun doing, but Jiujitsu, specifically Brazilian Jiujitsu, is objectively a better choice if you're looking for fighting ability.
  10. Moosey

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    I'd assume, from the original post, that he's asking about Japanese jiu jutsu.
  11. shadow_ronin

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  12. I'mKira

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    Then he's going to have to specify a Ryu. He could still probably recieve better training at a judo club, however, if he absolutely insists on having to memorize the japanese names for things.
  13. Moosey

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    Say what? There are some generic features to JJJ that allow you to make a broad comparison with ninjutsu.
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  14. Lord Spooky

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    Do you? Are you sure ? ;)

    I think you'll have to let us know what you think these two arts are? Then maybe we can tell you what they really are.
  15. I'mKira

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    The first thing you're going to have to do is provide some historical proof of the existence of "ninjutsu" as a seperate school in and of itself.

    The second thing you will have to do is provide some kind of common thread that runs through every koryu jujutsu school for comparison to the above.

    God speed you brave man.
  16. Lord Spooky

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  17. Knight_Errant

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    I'm not making any friends by saying this, but:
  18. Lord Spooky

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    Now say that as if you're from Brazil :D
  19. Knight_Errant

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    Sorry, I've no mastery over the brazilian accent. But ninjitsu is widely regarded as... No, I'm not even going to get into that. Just a word to the wise, that's all.
  20. Lord Spooky

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    Yep Ninjitsu is as generally (today on forums etc) that tends to mean Ashida Kim et al

    Ninjutsu on the other hand could mean many different things depending on who is talking about it. There's a hell of a lot of misconception out there about what is and isn't Ninjutsu today.

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