Has any one here ever taken Shin Sun Do?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Dr.Alireza, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Dr.Alireza

    Dr.Alireza Valued Member

    Hello every one
    I was wondering if any one here has ever taken Shin SUn Do? If you have taken the art can you let me know as to how you found it?
    From what little I do know about it it is more of a holistic art and is closer to Ki Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi. Just that this art is Korean.
    I also would like to ask what is the difference between Shin Sun Do and Shin Sun ki Do and or Sun Ki Do?
  2. El Medico

    El Medico Valued Member

    Couldn't find anything about it after a brief googling.Your description,which is exactly that of Sun Ki Do,just sounds like yet another cash in on the MA for health thing.Which usually means martial ability is very secondary.

    I do note that Sun Ki Do describes TC as an "ancient" and "medical" MA.Both incorrect descriptions.But common marketing.Also describes his new system as a "true medical martial art." There are health systems,there are martial systems.Medical martial art?-historically,no such thing.Doesn't even really say what the actual curriculum/practices are.Wouldn't be surprised if part of it is another slo-mo form to cash in on TC's popularity.They do teach TKD,Hapkido,and Judo.Which seems to be what you really have to study there to get any MA ability.

    My observations over the years has been that a system advertised as being "wholistic" generally do not hold much of martial value,even if the founder's own martial abilities are good.Which I suppose is why they teach the aforementioned recognized martial systems. Why don't they say they're just teaching some exercises for health purposes?Oh,marketing again.Sounds better presented as a MA.Not unlike TC teachers who advertise health and self defense but your 10 year old sibling could bloody their noses.

    Well Dr. A-if one wants to learn Yoga,TC,Nei-Gong etc,seems better to study such things as practices unto themselves,rather than as pieces of some new "system".

    I note the founder of SKD claims he never got sick way back in '79 due to his training-which is why he developed SKD.Which begs the question if his practice methods were sufficient to work so well for him then,why the need to create a new system ? Marketing again?

    Anyone else note in the last decade or so a preponderance of instructors from Korean systems now teaching amalgamations,or at least claiming to?Is there too much of a glut of instructors of Korean systems?From this type of thing to teaching "all the best" from "all" the MAs, I sure see a lot of claims.Even when they seem to still be teaching primarily TKD.
  3. Dr.Alireza

    Dr.Alireza Valued Member

    thank for the reply El Medico. What you say does make since. I my self have never heard of it before I saw the card of the guy who is teeaching this but sinc I had never been in his gym as he is some what far from me I thought to as it here I googled it too but did not find much their.
  4. Paul Scheufler

    Paul Scheufler New Member

    Shin Sun Do

    I studied Shin Sun Do around 1972. I studied directly with the master and his senior student at UIC. I enjoyed it very much. It stressed health exercises and a focus on world peace. Only studied it for a semester while I attended UIC.
    Master was in the process of publishing a book at that time.
  5. Truself

    Truself New Member

    Shin Sun Do Chicago

    Hi Paul,

    Greg Garrett here from the Peace School. I was helping out with Shin Sun Do classes at UIC back when you were taking classes. I'm pretty sure i have some photos of you too. The instructor who was assisting Master Kim was Choong Shik Lee. Later Song Su Kim took over the class. You were truly fortunate to have taken classes from Master Yu Seung Kim! He passes away in 1999 and his son Charles Kim now runs the school which is called The Peace School. I would love to keep you in the loop or have you join the peace school face book group if you have an account. You can email me at e-mail removed Inhale...world, exhale...peace
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  6. Simon

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    I am sorry, but personal contact details aren't permitted.

    I'd be happy to privately pass on e-mail addresses, but we can't have them displayed here.
  7. Truself

    Truself New Member


    Hi Simon,

    Thank you for your correction and protection of personal information. Please pass on my email to Paul. Thank you.
  8. Truself

    Truself New Member

    Wow, Paul! I just checked our records and your student number was 38! your start date was 9/5/72.
  9. mlands

    mlands New Member

    I took Shin Sun Do, an art that is a mix of Tai Kwon Do and yoga meditation. This was back in the 1970s in Bladensburg, Maryland USA. It was taught at a dojo/dojang by Mr. Ken Smith, 4th Dan and Yung Soo Kim, 8th Dan. Master Kim did not speak English so Ken Smith did all the talking. I was introduced to it when a demonstration was performed at my high school in the gym by these two. Mr. Smith must have been very persuasive to get the school principal to agree to have student body meet in the gym during school hours to see his demonstration and lessons offer. I took lessons first at the high school and later at the location in Bladensburg. At that time I was, and still am, highly involved in Judo. I was asked to stop taking Judo and devote my free time to Shin Sun Do. Instead I eventually dropped out of Shin Sun Do. A year or two later they moved away.
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  10. Truself

    Truself New Member

    Shin Sun Do

    Small world...that's where I started classes too. Actually, I started at Country Club towers apartments in Bladensburg then the store front where you are referring. I studied with Ken Smith until I graduated in 73 then I went to Chicago to Study with Master Kim. I've been here every since then! What is your name? I'm curious to look up your records. I have all the test results given at Ken Smiths studio after 1971. Do you remember the demonstration Instructor ChoongShik Lee, Myself(Greg Garrett), Brian Collins and Dennis Priddy gave in 1973 as a fund raiser for the senior prom?
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  11. mlands

    mlands New Member

    Shin Sun Do in Bladensburg, MD

    Yes I remember Dennis Priddy and knew his Nancy who was iny grade. Back then I was a Sophomore at Parkdale and was eventually bussed to Largo HS in the middle of my Junior year in 1973 (remember that stupidity?) and graduated high school in 1974. I was also taking Judo at the New Carrollton Judo Club and Washington Judo Club. At that time I was a Brown belt in Judo. I was promoted once in Shin Sun Do. Between Judo, soccer, girls and lifeguarding something had to give so I stopped my training in Shin Sun Do. My name is Michael Landstreet now 5th Dan in Judo and 1st Dan in Tae Kwon Do. I stuck with Judo. My dojo is the Arlington Judo Club. Go to http://www.arlingtonjudo.org.
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  12. Ben Hyde

    Ben Hyde New Member

    I took it from 1988 to 1999. I really loved it and wonder where my master is now. His name is Ken Smith. Last I know he moved to Denver with his family. He was central to my confidence and being in the upper mind. I need that sort of focus again in my life.
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  13. Ben Hyde

    Ben Hyde New Member

    Does anyone know if that kind of martial art is provided in the Kansas City area?
  14. BCham

    BCham New Member

    I too studied with Mr Smith and I attended Parkdale('75). It seems you were a year ahead of me. A few of the names in yours and Truself's seem familiar to me. I was the President of the Karate Club at Parkdale my Jr and part of my senior year. I don't know if you remember Mrs. Chambers, she was a guidance counselor at Parkdale... she's my mother. She's the one who encouraged me to try it. The flexibility, conditioning, and mental focus really prepared me for other sports and life.

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