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  1. britishwarrior1

    britishwarrior1 New Member

    OH yeah

    i been thinking of taking up hapkido aswell, any thoughts on weather it would be worth a wheelchair martial artists time?
  2. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    It can be. I teach a modified "Combat Hapkido" program for a disabled man (TBI, limited leg and arm mobility and balance issues).

    Master Jurgan Schmidt's program (based on Combat Hapkido) has some excellent stuff in it. http://www.defenseability.com/MJS_Bio.htm

    My advice would be to speak with the local instructors (of all available arts) and ask how they could work with you. If you find a place wiling to modify teaching to your needs and willing to offer lots of one-on-one help, try them for a bit.

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