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    Hehe awesome...

    Back to the thread:

    Japanese Swordsmanship - Gordon Warner and Donn Draeger
    Great intro into iai and JSA in general.

    Flashing Steel - Masayuki Shimabukuro
    Not so good for MJER iai practice, but has some great info on the concepts that are within budo/bujutsu practice...
  2. Brian R. VanCis

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    Katori Shinto-ryu - Warrior Tradition by Otake Risuke

    An updated and more readily available version of the 3 volume Deity & The Sword series in one volume with expanded chapters on yawara (jujutsu) and ninjutsu.

    *The Deity & The Sword series has been out of print for over 10 years in the English language and is sought after as a collectors item these days*

    All of the above are excellent books! Personally I am very fond of Donn Draeger's work! :cool:
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    Why thank you Chewbacca. ;)
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    You never showed me the Katori shinto ryu volumes!!!!! Now that's just mean!
    Mind you, you probably were worried about the drool mark I would leave on them

    The Bear.
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    Just for you bear here is a page. Maybe next time.

    regards koyo

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    Hot off the presses!!

    The release on the second edition of Flashing Steel happend yesterday.
    Sensei brought a copy in today to examine.(that was really nice of him.)
    There have been significant changes in the 2nd edition. Not only are there front views, but alot more side views as well. Shinobu was one kata that stuck out dramatically in technical aspect. There is also in the lineage part that raised some questions, what changes has Hidefusa Soke made in his
    branch.(The styles name was different, heiho not iaijutsu) :confused:
  8. Anth

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    I've just got my copy of this (student loan instalment = 3 war books and this) and so far it looks reet canny. Some "interesting" names and terms in it for someone who doesn't know much about Japanese things! :D
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    Trolling attempt deleted.
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    Not sure if you're serious here, but, uh, not what we're talking about.
  11. ScottUK

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    Please do not doubt Jesus's choice of book. Pride & Prejudice was published in 1813, waaaaaay before the Haitōrei edict of 1876 - and therefore is most definitely koryu.
  12. Cen Garsden

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    I have the book called Kano-ryu Jujutsu (mind you, in very bad condition) which is obviously a "pre-Judo" manual on the same. I'd be curious to know whether it is considered a book on koryu. While I am aware of the difference between Koryu bujutsu and Gendai Budo, I do know that accepted koryu arts like the Takumakai started later technically speaking. I'd appreciate a clarification if available.
  13. ScottUK

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    While Daito-ryu is a koryu art, the Takumakai is just an organisation.
  14. Cen Garsden

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  15. Cen Garsden

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    When I say I understand that I don't mean to be dismissive or unappreciative of your post. I am referring to the Kano book.
  16. macker

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    I have just purchased Ju Jutsu The Science The Art A Study of Tenshin Shinyo Ryu Ju Jutsu by Derek Fairhurst.
  17. Dead_pool

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    It's worth noting, that I belive his school was discussed previously, and it isn't the same as the koryu school.

    Is this genuine Tenjin Shinyo-ryu jujutsu in Chester?

    Derek seems to of removed all the websites that previously mentioned the club and his name too.

    derek fairhurst
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  18. macker

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    Yes i remember reading that thread when i started training with The Tenjin Shinyo ryu in Southend. From research Derek learnt his syllabus from Toshihiro Kubota. The techniques i studied whilst training with Tenyokai International are the same as highlighted in this book.

    The book was also recommended to me by my Sensei, Sensei Tony Bailey who has graded Shodan with Tenyokai international.
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  19. Dead_pool

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    So Derek's training was legitimate, but his school wasn't recognised by the new headmaster? I'm not very familiar with the schools history.

    Are the photos in the book, of Derek and his students or are they of Toshihiro Kubota and his students?
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  20. macker

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    The photos dont have an acknowledgement of who they are, i havent finished the book so i'm unable to answer that question. Also the second part either, i havent pursued my Tenjin training with Tenyokai.
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