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    The Grand-daddy of Zombie films and culture George A Romero, has passed away at the ripe age of 77 (believed due to complications from Lung Cancer).

    RiP- Thanks for all the scares

    George A. Romero - Biography - IMDb
  2. Travess

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    Followed closely by Martin Landau - 2 greats gone in a matter of hours.

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    I've been upset all day. Can we post gory gifs or pictures here, just as a one time exception?
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    I'll be honest. I was never really fond of George's work. But he did inspire the best ever zombie movie of all time - and one of my favouritest ever films: the 2004 remake of Dawn of the Dead.

    The thought of Olympic sprinter cannibals scared the bejeebus out of me. That film surpassed the original and has yet to be outdone. Even 28 Days Later pales in comparison.

    Anyway, here's to the man that started it all. RIP George.
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    Did we just become best friends!!

    One of the resident evil films lifted the charactors from that into the second half of the film, Even with Mila J in it, it wasnt a patch on the original remake!
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    Sleepover this weekend?! *squeel* :D
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    I think Dawn of the Dead and 300 remain one of Snyder's best films. I really loathe a lot of the direction he's taken the DC movies in, but you got to give it to the guy, he has a really visual method of communicating big picture ideas. The starting sequence for the Watchmen was awesome as well.

    Romero's films were... well, weird and interesting. Way I hear it, casting a black actor in Night of the Living Dead was a coincidence of fate, one that transformed his movie from simple horror to social commentary, and he kept trying to hit that note for the rest of his career. Dawn of the Dead (the original) was an amazing film, I have trouble thinking of a film as bleak and nihilistic as Day of the Dead, but when he tried to return to the genre with Land of the Dead I think he wound up simultaneously pandering to his audience and offering the most shallow of social critiques.

    On a side note, I think his screenplay for Resident Evil was much better than the movie we got.
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  9. philosoraptor

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    The modern zombie (infected by bites, only able to be killed with a shot to the head, inevitably leads to a decline in civilization) ranks up there with the terminator and alien in terms of movie monsters.
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    Snyder has made some of the most eye orgasmic films in cinematic history. Sucker Punch, for example, had a sucky plot (pun intended) but was absolutely beautiful to behold.

    Absolutely. Hell, Romero has indirectly given us one of the greatest TV shows of all time: The Walking Dead.

    The original Spanish-language Rec. is also a fantastic 'zombie' movie.
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    Dawn of the Dead was the first and favourite Zombie movie I saw, such a great film I've probably watched it a thousand times, they hyper comic red blood and shopping mall scenes with circus music.

    Night of the living dead being my second favourite of all time.

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