Fumio Demura R.I.P.

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    Sad to announce that Fumio Demura passed a couple days ago.

    Some years back I officiated at a tourney where he was the G.of H. and gave a seminar pre tourney. Wasn't in the seminar (didn't know about it nor that he was going to be there) but at the banquet that evening I was on my way to sit with the young black belts but was "commanded" to sit at the main table.(with the other old folks).

    Fun evening.Along with all the usual shop talk among us he told humorous tales from behind the sets on movies,including his multiple pants ripping incidents while doubling for Morita in "The Karate Kid". Like the night fight scene where he said the reason he was throwing a kick with his hands behind his derriere was so you couldn't see the rip. (No,he didn't use the French term).

    He spoke of his daily teaching schedule-1st thing,up at 5AM to go fishing. Then he taught at 4 or 5 places such as colleges before teaching at his own place. Someone questioned his fishing everyday. Having grown up a bit of a rod and gun outdoorsman I said "Well,you gotta keep your priorities straight!".

    Naturally,every one of the guys at the table had purchased his Kobudo books decades before,was bit of a laugh as we each told him.

    Earlier during the tourney due to some scheduling complications I was pressed into doing some TC and Fu Hok demos/apps. While I quite impressed (surprisingly so!) the old Seido BBs w/a Hung form-and didn't see how I could tell them I hadn't done any Hung in 8 years- I regret I did not ask the G. of H. where my general flaws were. Don't ever pass up a chance for a critique.

    Even if it is from a Karate guy.
    But really,

    Sorry to see him go.

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