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Discussion in 'Other Martial Arts Articles' started by Jim, Jul 30, 2002.

  1. Jim

    Jim New Member

    The main picture on the 'Home' main page is of two guys, one with a Lion's Mouth hold on the other's throut. Who are these guys and how long is it going to be before they re-form 'Bros'?

  2. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    Nice Jim...get on the forum and say Hi to the forum owner :)...Steady there Cooler ;)
  3. Ghostsuit

    Ghostsuit Designer

    ROFL that one cracked me up ... oh the stick he'll get for this that'll teach him to call me a wanna be 5ive member :)
  4. Cooler

    Cooler Keepin The Peace Supporter

    Hi Jim,

    I'm the one with the lions mouth grip. Bross! I mean I am insulted.... mutter, mutter. How much is a ticket to Australia these days anyway me and Mark could really use a holiday. Now were did I put that 10" serated knife........when will I be famouse.....

  5. Ghostsuit

    Ghostsuit Designer

    Yeah I suppose on second thoughts Bros is off target more like Right Said Fred .
  6. Melanie

    Melanie Bend the rules somewhat.. Supporter

    Well...that went fairly well...:)
  7. Ghostsuit

    Ghostsuit Designer

    as well as can be expected since I'm still alive at the moment ;)
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2002
  8. Andy Murray

    Andy Murray Sadly passed away. Rest In Peace.

    What intrigues me, is someone from Australia who remembers Bros?

    Jim, you wanna tell us a little about your murky past?

    I bet you have some interesting photo's you could post in the Photo Gallery ;)

    Having known Cooler a while, I can testify that, though he did have Grolsch bottle tops on his shoes in the early 90's, and wore leg warmers and Tukka boots in the 80's. He has never been seen in a Bros T'Shirt.

    Unless of course,.............. you know different?

    (This is where we need someone clever with photoshop to hack us up something incriminating!)
  9. Ghostsuit

    Ghostsuit Designer

    Hmm I wonder who that would be .... Nah don't think my lifes worth that think I'll leave to some not in the striking distance.
  10. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Sorry for taking so long to reply...I've been using Coral Draw to do the Bros thing...(Kidding!)

    There is no way I'm telling you anything about my murky past anyway. Didn't the lead singer from Bros bring out something recently?

    No real offence intended of course, just that I had an interesting conversation recently regarding Scottish and Australian humour. Now if this was an American forum, I'd be expecting that knock on the door, not that they'd know who Bros were anyway.

    Now, the Cure - that'd be something, but sorry Cooler you don't look like Robert Smith.

    One thing though, why don't people put more about themselves in the description page?
  11. Jim

    Jim New Member


    Do you actually call that hold 'Lions Mouth' as well. What style(s) do you train in?
  12. Cooler

    Cooler Keepin The Peace Supporter

    Hi Jim,

    I have studied Shukokai Karate, Jeet Kun Do, Lau Gar which I used to teach, Hung Gar, Tong Long, Hung Fut and I am now back as a beginner studying Wado Ryu Karate and loving every minute of it.

  13. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Yeah, I posted this before I read your other stuff. So you've chosen a Karate style rather than another Kung Fu? Interesting, others I've known have done exactly the opposite.

    No offence really intended re: the bros thing, but if you're intending to come to the land of Oz let me know.

  14. Cooler

    Cooler Keepin The Peace Supporter

    No offence taken Jim :D and if your ever over in Sunny Scotland bring a bullet proof vest. Only kidding if your ever over this side of the world I'll show you the sites. :)

  15. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Why exactly did you start this site?
  16. Cooler

    Cooler Keepin The Peace Supporter

    I actualy started this site out of interest to see if I could do it. I never thought it would grow the way it has. I have been lucky with the members on the boards all of them are down to earth and eager to share there knowledge with others this is what makes the site work. So the way I see it is that this site belongs to the members. Myself and Ghostsuit are just here to keep it up and running. :D

  17. Jim

    Jim New Member

    Are there many costs involved? You see a lot of sites where they have the 'pledge us money and we'll send you a baseball hat' thing going on, but you guys don't have fundraisers or anything.
  18. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    This post needed to be bumped up thanks to Cooler!!

    Enough about the mods & admin (sorry guys!:Angel: )

    Let's here it for our members!:D

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