From Prize Fighting to Pugilism - by Louie Pastore

Discussion in 'Other Martial Arts Articles' started by wayofthedragon, Apr 19, 2004.

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    anyone read this article yet. A very interesting article. I didn't know that modern boxing originated from a complete martial I know a lot anyway :rolleyes: :D Anyway, Just to express what I think on the article, very interesting article....I wonder why they took so much away from this style. I know that styles evolve and stuff and change over time (and that other styles have made changes too)....but I always thought that it should change for the better, it almost seems as if the style once well rounded has been reduced, and not just a little, but very dramaticly. What do you all think about this. Also, is it possible, or does anyone know if the original style is still taught in certain places? And does anyone know of any other styles that has had changes as drastic, or even more drastic than this one?
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