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    The forum rules are clearly shown within the Terms of Service, however, there are few points worth making.

    No personal attacks. We have no problem with people expressing an opinion on an article, video or person's views, but verbal insults are not appropriate and will be removed.

    New threads with random videos, or one line posts such as, "what do you think of this?", where there is no input from the poster or attempt from them to start a discussion may be treated as spam and removed.

    You risk a ban if you continue to post videos or one line posts with no attempt at promoting discussion.

    Please add your own thoughts along with your video or link.

    Jokes about bodily functions will be frowned upon and may be removed. Remember we are a family friendly site.

    Make sure you comply with our no swearing policy. Masked profanity is also banned.

    You are not allowed to write asterisked curses (e.g. "You are a *******" etc) any more than you would be allowed to write the words themselves.

    Trying to circumvent the policy by posting abbreviations such as (WTF, BS etc) is also breaking the rules.

    These rules can be updated at any time and the onus is on you to check in periodically to review the forum rules.
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