Fire Joe Rogan?

Discussion in 'MMA' started by greg1075, Nov 18, 2015.

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    Always a tricky one when a comedian is involved, because their raison d'etre is to mock. There is a lot of unpleasantness in this material that I dislike intensely, because it is quite clearly targeted at one individual, but Rogan has said similar types of things (not about Cyborg per se) in his standup acts over the years too so this is nothing new
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    I find it interesting that people will demonise certain male fighters for very distant doping offences yet will constantly make excuses for cyborg, who's success is in large part predicated on being bigger and stronger than her opponents.
  6. Thomas

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    At first glance, I'd say "no". There is no indication that Chris Cyborg was offended or whether she had addressed it to anyone.

    That said, much of what passes for fight promotion, similar to Pro-Wrestling, is designed to get people to pay attention to, and then buy seats to watch (live or on TV). It's hard to say how much is genuine and how much is staged as 'heel promotion'. Without seeing any sort of statement from Chris Cyborg in the article, I'd say that it sounds like it's all within the normal and typical realm of MMA promotion.
  7. Van Zandt

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    How do you fire someone from their own, independent podcast show?
  8. Smitfire

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    Surely they mean fire him from the UFC?
    There's no way Dane White will sack Rogan. They are friends and seem to share some common views.
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  10. Thomas

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    If her responses to what she perceived as bullying have resulted in her losing work and promotion, then it seems like she may have justification to "lawyer-up" and sue. Granted, she'll have to prove that her response led to her demotion. White and UFC would probably argue that this type of commentary fuels media speculation and is designed to promote fighters and that this is how they normally do it. They would probably look to argue that her health or win-loss record or whatever is what held her back.
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    Her weight is what has held her back. She fights in the biggest WMMA organisation outside of the UFC and the UFC doesn't have a featherweight division.

    Its a joke. It's a crude joke, but its a joke that is based around her use of a banned substance. It's the equivalent of suggesting that a male fighter who took steroids has ball bearings where their testicles should be.
  12. Thomas

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    Good point, similar cases involving other employees would probably figure in. Without a legal background.... I can only speculate.

    That said, is she an employee of UFC? I looked at her record and it showed no fights for the UFC.
  13. holyheadjch

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    No, she's contracted with Invicta. If she makes 135 a couple of times she'll get brought in, but for all her talk, she hasn't managed it.
  14. Mushroom

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    Greg1075..can you please partake with your view as to why you've posted this link.

    Are you in agreement? Are you not?

    You've not posted any opinion at all.
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    I'm in agreement with Hannibal about intensely disliking the piece clearly targeted at a specific individual, however to me being a comedian excuses nothing or as people say in France: The shortest jokes are the funniest. Make it short and funny, then move on already. I used to think Rogan was a meat/pothead until I started listening to his podcast. Then I realized he's a pretty smart guy but on this one I think things went too far and that he showed poor taste and thinking by airing it. Should he be fired? He should at least get talked to. He might be a funny man by trade but as a paid spokesman for a big company, even when off the clock he should be held to standards higher than below-the-belt (literally) jokes and enabling repeated character assassination. Question is, will he? No chance given the meathead at the helm of it all and his own lackluster professional standards as demonstrated by his own comments on Cyborg. White and Rogan are two peas in the zuffa pod.
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  16. Hannibal

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    What I find strange is that Mitrione was canned for similar comments about Fallon Fox, but Rogan - who is lieterally just a PbP man - gets nothing
  17. holyheadjch

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    Fallon Fox is transgender and Mitrione's comments were transphobic, Cris Cyborg is a cheater and Rogan's joke is clearly a comedic reference to the effects of steroids on female athletes.
  18. Hannibal

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    As the UFC currently has several PED heats on the roster I do not think they can claim that as a higher ground.

    It is targetted at an individual and is pretty hateful. Not actionable maybe, but hateful regardless
  19. holyheadjch

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    So...comedians can make jokes so long as they aren't about an individual?
  20. Hannibal

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    In their capacity as a comedian? Not a problem

    In their capacity as a spokesperson for an organisation? Now you have an issue

    If Mitrione had done an "amateur standup" skit about Fallon fox would you be "oh it's comedy?"

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