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    Nice video Fusen, but can you add a little to these video threads.

    The point of the thread, what it is you like etc?

    Thank you.

  3. Dean Winchester

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    What's to like? It's koryu enbu.

    The point? To let us poor sods stuck this side of the world have a look.

  4. Dead_pool

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    Exactly! Koryu by its nature is a rare beast, so having something well shot out there showing part of its modern day culture is a boon.

    For further info -

    edit - ive just looked at the empty minds channel on youtube, many Martial arts clips similar to the one above on there.
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  5. gapjumper

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    Really well made film. Nice camerawork, cinematography, and edit.

    Has a nice feel to it.
  6. Dead_pool

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    I really like the fighting spirit and reigi displayed here:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By8ltAhq16M&list=UUG7bhMrYz11hiUOeLnlMVHg&index=25&feature=plcp"]57th All Japan Kendo Championship 2009 Final - YouTube[/ame]

    note: not koryu but linked to the above discussion.
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  7. pgsmith

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    That's a very nicely made and entertaining little clip. Not what I usually go for though. I like to watch the whole embu from a particular school so I can see what they're doing. This one was more showing the general flavor of the Meiji Jingu embu rather than actually showing any of the performances themselves.

    Still very nice though.
  8. Kogusoku

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    This is a ryūha I have a lot of time for. Most of the members of
    Iga-ryūha Katsushin-ryū are from a fishing town on the coast in Ibaraki Prefecture, so all they do these days is fish, and train in koryū.

    Iga-ryūha Katsushin-ryū jūjutsu 為我流派勝新流柔術 (いがりゅうはかつしんりゅうじゅうじゅつ)

  9. Kogusoku

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    Shōshō-ryū yawara from Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

    This ryūha has some very interesting kata and training methods.
    For training in striking, they use a baseball catcher's mask and chest protector to facilitate full contact atemi.

    A lot of their kata are sengoku-jidai period, so the emphasis is on armoured combat application (kacchū bujutsu - 甲冑武術 or Kogusoku - 小具足), but as we can see in the demonstration, the techniques can just as easily be applied in suhada style (period street clothes - Hakama & kimono).


    Shōshō-ryū has also over time, subsumed a number of smaller ryūha into its tradition, such as Muhen-ryū bōjutsu & naginatajutsu and a form of kenjutsu, making it a comprehensive system of classical Japanese martial arts.
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  10. Kogusoku

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    Takenouchi-ryū kogusoku koshi no mawari (竹内流小具足腰之廻)

    Takenouchi-ryū is the oldest documented jūjutsu ryūha extant in Japan. It dates back to 1532 and despite being famous for it's jūjutsu, it is actually a sōgō bujutsu (総合武術 - Comprehensive martial art) which includes bōjutsu, jōjutsu, kenjutsu, iaijutsu, kogusoku (armed grappling with yoroi-dōshi daggers or wakizashi) sōjutsu (spearmanship) and naginatajutsu among other disciplines. In some lines of Takenouchi-ryū, there are over 500 kata.

    Takenouchi-ryū is transmitted today via three different lines; The Honke, the Sōdenke and the Bichū-den.

    This ryūha is responsible for the origins and development of a lot of koryū bujutsu ryūha (Not just jūjutsu), including Araki-ryū, Fusen-ryū, Fūden-ryū, Hōki-ryū, Katayama-ryū, Rikishin-ryū, Sōsuishi-ryū, Takagi-ryū (Hontai Yōshin-ryū, and other variants), Takenouchi Hangan-ryū and Takenouchi Santō-ryū.

    The Sōdenke line of Takenouchi-ryū



    The Honke line of Takenouchi-ryū

  11. Hontonihonto

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    A couple Bichū-den videos, if anyone is interested:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq__3wdW5zk&list=PL5B3C0297A2E10BE1&index=6"]å¤æ*¦é“「日新館ã€ç«¹å†…æµå‚™ä¸*傅・å¸ç®*æµãƒ»ä»Šæžæ–°æµby倉敷 - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf6DOGrones&list=PL5B3C0297A2E10BE1&index=1"]第18回京都ç·åˆæ­¦é“演武祭 竹内æµã€€è´é¢¨é¤¨ - YouTube[/ame]

    There's something strikingly different about them, but I can't put my finger on it.
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  12. Kogusoku

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    The first vid is from the Nisshinkan dojo in Okayama and the second is from the Chofukan hombu dojo in Kyoto.
  13. beer_belly

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    Excellent, always good to see footage of another school doing jojutsu... especially the kids at 3:24.
  14. Hontonihonto

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    Oh, I meant they leave a distinct impression for whatever reason.

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